Award: Epically Awesome Award #amwriting

Thank you to Paul of wwwpalfitness for nominating me for this award. I don’t do awards often but I keep getting brand new visitors to my blog from Paul’s nomination post. So, I should probably do the award. Thank you Paul it was very kind of you.




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1. What made you choose WP as your blogging platform?

I chose WordPress as a blogging platform because a friend on Facebook used WordPress and I read her blogs all the time, and enjoyed her blog’s appearance and content. I had dabbled with some other blogger sites before, but I like that the WordPress site had many themes to pick from and appeared professional. Learning to use it was also fool proof. My second choice of a blog site would be Tumblr but the Tumblr blog site is a bit simplistic. I do link my blog to Tumblr. My user name is: Mandibelle16 

2. Introduce yourself and tell us about your blog?

My name is Amanda or Mandi, whatever you wish to call me on here. I’ve been blogging for about four-years now. You can read about me on my About The Author Page here or on the right side of my blog I have another short About Me section from my Gravatar Profile. I’m from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and I began my blog to improve my writing skills and share and use my blog as a platform for a mental illness I was dealing with, and am still dealing with. 

These days, I’m more interested in writing creative fiction, poetry, and a few nonfiction pieces. I finished my first draft for my novel, last week. It’s a paranormal romance called How Was Last Night For You. Yesterday, I made sure from chapter 1 on, you can link to the next chapter at the bottom of each chapter. 

I also write a lot of flash fiction and I have been experimenting and learning new poetry forms this year. Additionally, I did NaPoWriMo in April, #Maydays prompts in May, as well as I’m finishing another round of Writing 101.

3. Are you a once in a while blogger or a daily one? I have become a daily blogger since I first started taking WordPress writing and blogging courses. Those courses helped me to develop my writing and to write something at least once a day. Usually, I think I post three times a day, but every once in a while I skip a day to work on other writing. You have to plan your writing schedule, it’s vital to being a blogger. I might be missing blogging days as I get into editing my novel in second draft.

4. Do you wish to publish and if so, what type of book? Yes, I wish to publish my novel. On my own through Amazon or with a Publisher I’m not sure yet. I’m collecting information and researching this right now. I think the novel will eventually be a series of three books all of the paranormal romance genre. 

5. What is your favorite thing to do besides write? I like to be doing something with a friend or relative. Having drinks, sharing a bottle of wine, coffee, lunch, meeting at a Pub, doing some activity such as seeing a play, or going to the spa myself on a Groupon every once in a while is fun as well.



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Please Note: I don’t know which bloggers do blog awards and which don’t. So if you’ve the time and want to do the award, by all means do. If you don’t have time, there is no pressure, you don’t have to do the award. But please know I love all of your writing 🙂 


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Massage Day – Universal Contour Wrap

Massage in Frankfurt, Germany

Mmmmm…. massage day, one of my favorite days. I have a spa on Jasper Ave I go to called the Beauty Lounge they are a fabulous, reputable, and a relaxing place to get a massage at. Not to mention, they have had some great deals on Living Social and Groupon where a girl on a budget can get a massage for an unbelievable price. The atmosphere is decadent, black and white decor, with lounge chairs, mirrors, black beaded chandeliers, and black and white vases. The vibe is a little different than other spas, less muted and more funky. I like it there. The massage was great as usual, although I always do forget that therapeutic massages hurt a bit; but you feel so much better as the masseuse works out the knots in your body. So I completely recommend The Beauty Lounge for a great 1 hour massage.

Moreover, I happened to notice an eye-catching brochure on one of their glass side tables as I was waiting for my appointment to begin. The brochure was for something called the Universal Contour Wrap. You can visit these websites: and if you want more information. But basically, this special wrap of clay, minerals, and bandages, guarantees you at least a 6 inch loss in body inches in just 2 hours; however, some women’s testimonial’s on the back of the brochure’s said they lost as much as 11 to 18.5 inches. The universal contour wrap website recommends you go for 3 treatments for best results but you can go for just one if you want. Additionally, they guarantee that this 6 inch loss in body size will last for 30 days or you get a free body wrap. So this is not a permanent solution, but if you are looking to decrease your dress size by a size or two for your wedding, or vacation, or some special occasion it seemed like a worthwhile option. The only thing to consider is the price, the website said it cost about $200 for one body wrap and up to $600 for a set of three. I do not know how much this would cost at The Beauty Lounge as their website did not quote an actual price. But I would totally consider getting this procedure if I was getting married or going on a big trip somewhere. Although, exercise I think is still your best option if you can manage the work. I am not sure exactly what all these clay and minerals do to your body other than “detoxify” it so if there are an implicit dangers in this procedure I have no idea. Maybe getting the Universal Contour Wrap would be a good option in conjunction with exercise, to smooth everything out, or lose that last stubborn bit of fat. What do you think? Would you ever considering getting a beauty procedure such as this at this price? Do you think it’s safe? Please comment below or on Facebook.