Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer P1: The Liberty of Choice #amwriting #flashfiction #music 

Thanks to Priceless Joy for hosting FFftAW. Apologies this is a longer piece than should be but sometimes pieces develop into much more and there is also a second part to this prompt.


Credit: Mike Vore

Part 1: 

Evangeline was a child prodigy playing songs on the piano from the radio, by ear, at age six. Her mother, Ruth, had dreams of her daughter being a classical music concert pianist.

Grudgingly, Evangeline passed all her Royal Conserveratory piano exams up to the tenth grade when she was only nine-years-old. Although forbidden from playing popular music, when she was home alone, she sang along to her Ipod and wrote her own songs with vocals.

Then, Ruth forced her daughter to travel the world playing classical music concerts.  Evangeline’s classical piano arrangements were powerful and exhilarating to hear because of her resentment and hatred blended into every composition.

After graduating with an honours BA in music while touring, Evangaline refused to do more university degrees in music or to tour playing concerts. She had never been given a choice about how she wanted to use her talents or live her life. Her mother calling her ‘selfish,’ pushed her over the edge.

She left home and didn’t look back.

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New Flurt Articles: Perfect Eye Shadow, Graduating, Abercrombie Scandal, and Montreal

Hey Everyone? What do you think of the new blog theme? I am not so sure about it but haven’t had the time to change it to something I like better. I miss my picture being front and Center – the red shoes and red apples. So, I’ll have to get that back. Anyway’s for your reading pleasure some of my recent Flurt articles

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How Much Do We Love Jennifer Lawrence, Finding The Silver Lining In Life, And Here’s to Your Graduation

Well it has been a while but I have 3 more Flurt articles for you to enjoy. The first a piece on the wonderful and talented Jennifer Lawrence followed by a review of her great movie that just came out on Shaw On Demand a couple weeks ago, Silver Lining’s Playbook. Lastly, a piece with a few bits of advice for high school and university graduates.

(On a side note: Happy Mother’s Day Mom I can smell all the flowers we gave you around the living room and Happy 56th Birthday Dad ( yesterday).)

Please enjoy the articles and remember you can buy the iPad or whatever tablet you have edition of Flurt Spring 2013 on the Flurt Application. I have 3 more articles in there on Beauty, Mental Illness, and Designer Hrissa Soumpassis from Elika Designs. There are also some other wonderful articles from Flurt writers. It’s $4.99 for the issue, the application is free, and all profits go to empowering young women through Flurt and Flurt events as we are a non-for- profit magazine.

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