Luxebox Fall 2016 – MishMash of Items. #beauty #makeup #haircare

Today, is part 2 of my Luxebox, a quarterly beauty box. I received two boxes in one for Fall 2016. This part is my actual Luxebox. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to pick a theme, but the other free Luxebox balanced out with this fact. Anyway’s enjoy! 



CoastalScents Blush and Bronzer Mini Palette (



Jingai Velvet Shine Lip Jewel: Champagne (S(Jing-I) noun – Pure Love ( – Loved this! Actually tried it, the colour is less champagne and more nude, a brown-nude, but very moisturuzing and stays on well!



Bellapierre Cosmetics – Coral Cheek and Lip Stain ( and Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer – Pore Minimizing/ Oil Free — I’m not a fan of any, Smashbox Primers, except their under eye cream primer. I will use rhis, but only under my eyes, otherwise, the brand makes my skin breakout!



Gorge – I’ll Make You Look Amazing Daily Spray – Leave in Conditioner and Heat Protectant — I tried this stuff before, its amazing but hard to find! Also, Ciate Paint Pots Nail Polish in PP208 – Mural Moment — Not my cup of tea, but it might work on an accent nail?



Eyeko London Fat Eye Stick in Smoke – Intense Colour and Glossy Finish (


Well, that’s it until the winter box. Thanks for stopping by! 


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Three Line Tales: The Ferry to Hades #3LineTales #greekmythology #ferry

Thank you to the lovely Sonya of 100 Words or Less for hosting 3 Line Tale prompts each week.

Charlie Hang

Come ride the ferry cross the Acheron, the boundary between earth and Hades; come all souls, Charon assures you may enter; your relatives paid your way, placing in your mouth a coin; once entered Hades in the gorge, you can never leave.

Come ride the ferry where the five rivers meet – Styx, Phlegethon, Acheron, Lethe, Cocytus – converging in the marsh called Styx; the river, the marsh, the goddess, all gods swear upon it when they make their oaths, to keep their promises; come ride the ferry dear ones.

Come, where they say, the goddess Styx has healing powers, bathe in her river Styx, become invulnerable; see how Achilles mother dipped him in the Styx, so no enemy could end his life, there was just the exception of his tiny heal; come lost souls take the ferry to Hades, eternity of joy or pain awaits.

Source: Wikipedia Styx

*To give credit: Angie Trafford doing TLT this week used a bit of Greek Mythology and the character of Hades in her TLT sentences. Check-out her blog in the link above. Thank you to Angie for the idea of using Greek Mythology and the afterlife; your idea allowed me to explore the concept in a different direction. 

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FabFitFun Box: Introduction Box #FabFitFun

I became interested in this box subscription after I saw what my cousin received from her FabFitFun Box in winter. Even though the box is once every season (four times a year) I felt hesitant to try this box due to price. It is $50.00 plus if you’re Canadian it is an extra $10.00 for shipping. However, they had $20.00 off your first box so I ordered it to see what it is like. You can order the box or check out the concept and magazine at FabFitFun. I haven’t decide whether or not I’m going to continue with this subscription. I’m thinking probably not because $60.00 is a sizeable amount of money for items you’re not sure if you’ll like/use or not.

FabFitFun is not only a beauty box. It is a lifestyle box. So, it contains an array of items. Here’s what items were in my introductory box:


The FabFitFun Box ( Amanda Eifert)
Opening the Box – Total Retail Value – $315.95 – (Amanda Eifert)
Shoptiques $25.00 Giftcard (Amanda Eifert)
WREN 14K Gold-Dipped and Black Sapphire Necklace -$100 – ( Amanda Eifert)
Tibetan Goji Berry Eye Serum -$88.00 – (Amanda Eifert)
FRENDS “The Donna” Earbud -$80.00-(Amanda Eifert)


GORGE “I’ll Make You Amazing” Daily (Leave-in-Conditioner) Spray. -$24.95 – (Amanda. Eifert)
COSMOBODY Co-Branded Jump Rope with FFF – workout videos on ( – $14.00 – (Amanda Eifert)
Zoya Nail Polish in Avril (Dusty Pink) – $9.00 – (Amanda Eifert)
Organic Valley Organic Balance Protein Shake in Dark Chocolate – $2.99- (Amanda Eifert)

Thanks for reading! 



Two Sentence Horror Challenge: The Hunt.

Her clawed hands ran over her face and body as she touched the textures of fur, sinew, and teeth. Sensitive hearing caught the echoes of humans hiking near by and she salivated, while razor sharp fangs and her muscled wolf body prepared to gorge on throats.

Thanks to Amirhosein  for hosting.