In a Good Place

I am in a good place and it has taken along time to get here, and I cannot say very often that I remain here. But for now in this moment, I am at peace. Now I do not  believe that this is the natural state of the universe. More often, than not, I think we find ourselves in anywhere but our happy place – but while I am here I intend to enjoy it. Things are wonderful, things are magnificent; the world has not suddenly turned perfect but life has that magical pixy dust sprinkled all over it right now and I have a good weekend ahead.

Today I got to go for pedicures with one of my best friends and we chatted and laughed while the nice estheticians took care of our feet making them look perfect; we got coffee after and on the way back to the car I could feel the pink clouds around us. It’s rare to find friends who listen and understand you perfectly just exactly the way you are; It’s rare to have that understanding of someone else so I was thankful that I have such good friend and that we spent the afternoon of her Friday off work together.

Tomorrow I get to have coffee with another friend, someone I have not talked a whole lot with since university, but it is good to rekindle old friendships, to find out where someone has gone in their life, the ‘why’s’ and ‘hows’ and old memories. So I am looking forward to this too. Then there is supposed to be some kind of festival by the farmer’s market off of Jasper so I figure I will go check that out, meander down the market’s booths and find out all about this festival. I especially enjoy all the dogs walking, out with their owners. I am a dog lover through and through and the Downtown farmer’s market has plenty of them.

Sunday is a free day, but I think I will go to church and their be thankful to be in this good place that I am in. Sing a few praise songs, then enjoy a lazy afternoon.  I will go see my Aunt Josie because it has been awhile since I have seen her and I miss her and my Uncle Barrie. And if their is anyone in the whole world who can center me and put in that “a ha” place of understanding, of everything becoming clear, it is them.

Monday I have no class and Tuesday I will for a brief while get to see the guy I am dating. He is leaving soon after for Montreal, and it has been three weeks since I’ve seen hims since he works up North. But I am excited, I miss him and one afternoon or evening will have to suffice. Sparkly dust all around, I feel so pretty and relaxed when I am with him

My good place, my week in glance. Everything I am looking forward to and nothing special in a few moments. But if you look closely enough these little moments are the key to finding your groove. A simple weekend/week, including not enough  wine – but still all the same I am in my good place – for now.

What are you up to this weekend and how do you feel in your good place?