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Day 20 – NaPoWriMo/A to Z Challenge/SPF: Poem – Italian Sonnet – “Dragons and Quiditch” #poetry #AtoZChallenge #NaPoWriMo #flashfiction 

Thanks to Alistair Forbes for hosting Sunday Photo Fiction. Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt is to “write a poem that incorporates the vocabulary and imagery of a specific sport or game.” The A to Z Challenge GoodReads quote author’s name begins with the letter Q. 


Credit: Jade M. Wong


“Time present and time past are both perhaps present in time future. And time future contained in time past.”  ― T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets


Quidditch played above the ground below, I zoom, 

Avoiding bludgers on my sleek broom stick. 

The beaters nearby to keep me safe, I’m slick. 

No one thought to ask why the dragons so loomed, 

Why there coming pronounced such grave doom. 

The chasers zoom ’round, to find the quaffle, 

While the keeper guards the goals, I waffle. 

Snitch in view, I, the seeker on my broom. 

But the roars and the fire reach closer, 

We’re becoming antsy as such fearsome —

Dragons fly into the field, some they screech. 

No one sees, how short a lifetime is made, 

When you’re flying for your life, no exposure, 

If revealed, dragons will take you to keep. 


©Mandibelle16. (2017) All Rights Reserved. 

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Tale Weavers: Poem – Wrapped Refrain – “On Resolutions” #amwriting #poetry #taleweavers

Thanks to MindLoveMisery’s Menagerieor hosting last week’s Tale Weaver’s prompt on a story of keeping/making resolutions in the New Year.

Credit: Abstract Art –

It’s difficult, keeping going in —

The face of rejection given. 

I’ve learnt be fortified; than —

My cave won’t fall in strengthened

I’ve succeeded at some tries, failed at many others,found, 

Resolution; one must, keep pushing all boundaries.  


So, what do we resolve, anything new

We continually have goals in view. 

Hoping we’ll achieve something great. 

Or make it through each day, not wait —

Wondering if the grass is greener, if inspiration

Can take flight, provide meaning, when we require.


Do we lose weight, eat less sugar? 

Walk more, live our lives with vigor? 

Do we spend time with loved ones, 

Knowing we’re here, short while for some. 

Do we travel somewhere far away or give home —

To pets from the shelter? Strangers who are unknown

We can resolve, try much harder, 

Do better, be specific, guard —

Ourselves, take baby steps to —

Goals we want achieved through, 

A change in habit, will it happen or will we —

As every year, change only when life forces free —


What we truly need to change and be, 

Beyond ourselves, have self-belief, 

We will actually take a step, glean —

Some knowledge from the year, lean

Far from our own circles to celestial dreamscapes

It’s difficult to be grounded; worse to not create


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved. 

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Three Line Tales: Poem – Septoplets – “Purpose to Explore” #3Linetales #amwriting #quotes #poetry 

Thanks to Sonya from Only 100 Words for hosting #3LineTales.


Credit: Andrew Neel via UpSplash


That’s the, 

 Joy of, 

Life; Every —




Chance to, 

Explore possible, 

Paths; accomplishments


Finding revealed

Your purpose

In life, 




Goals meant, 

For you. 

Other’s not;

Your purpose


Hopefully, to —

Help someone.

If not, 

Don’t —



Them as, 

You explore, 

Life’s adventures


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved. 

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Noteable Quotes: Part One – January 2017 #quotes #pinterest #newyear

Happy New Year 2017!!!!! Here are some quotes to start the new year off right. I look forward this year to exciting challenges to learn from, experiences to be present in, and new people I will have to pleasure to know and meet both out and about and in the blogging/writing world online. 

 Thank you to all of you who follow my blog and/or read my blog posts and writing. Thank you for your support and for your time! It’s much appreciated as are your likes, comments, and follows on WordPress, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Facebook!!!! You are amazing!!!! Hoping 2017 is everything fantastic you hope it will be! 































©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved. 

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A List of Quirks #amwriting #lists

This week Le Duchesse D’Erat‘s list prompt is a list of our quirks.


1. Lists – I make lists for most everything, to remember information, to remember items I have to buy at the store, to make note of something I want to research more, etc. It’s a memory tool but I also feel such gratification when I can cross items off my list.

2. Spiders and bugs – I despise them. Spiders are the worst but I’m not fond of any kind of bug. I wish they would stay outside, all of them good bugs or bad. 

3. Dishes – I like to wash them in the dishwasher. I don’t understand people who do their dishes by hand when they have a new working dishwasher (unless it’s a pot or large dish). Your dishwasher uses hotter water to wash your dishes to kill bacteria and not to mention, it uses less water than you do washing dishes by hand. Washing dishes which could go into the dishwasher, is a waste of water.

4. Organization – I’m quite organized. You may not be able to tell I’m organized but I know exactly where I put things and why, so I get annoyed when people try to organize me because it pretty much puts me into chaos and then I have to go and fix everything. So, if I do something a certain way, I have my reasons.

5. Clothes/Makeup – I like to look put together and stylish. I know in the end clothes and makeup are things but when I dress nice and my makeup appears nice, I feel better. I feel prepared and I feel like I can face whatever will come my way. Also, having to attend medical appointments or whatever kind of appointments, and meetings, I have found looking your best effects how you are perceived and often treated. I like to look as if I take care myself well and my appearance matters.

6. Eating – I’m a picky eater. I’ll leave it at that. I don’t eat carbohydrates almost at all. And when I follow a diet, I do better eating healthy, than not planning my meals.


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved.

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Poem: Wrapped Refrain – ” You and I End, But I Survive.” 



Inside me I hope you see my soul,

Dreaming accomplishment, goals.

I wish you could reach deep within, see —

See beneath the visage, me.

There’s more then what is visible, in a sunrise —

Lost in the spaces of memory, arising.


I hope I can reveal to you,

Treasures of thoughts, giving you clues.

I’m a women capable of love,

I take, I give more; push and shove,

I spoil you because you’re a vision, my best-friend

Depending on you, it’s difficult to do, in the end.


Not sure what this says about my mind,

That I cannot trust; hurt inside.

Little by little I’ll give you more,

I’m afraid you’ll see me out the door,

I’m dreaming, being comfortable together.

Both in our sweats, and me cuddled in forever.


You get nervous, when I go beyond,

Physicality, a skin bond.

You give me looks at certain times,

Staring into my eyes, I’m moon shine.

But then, ignoring me because I did something wrong.

I don’t read minds, ever heard the tune of that song.


At times, I believed we were going,

Places, you and I, showing —

Each other we can do this spring,

We can be special, mean something.

Then you tune me out again, until you want “it” again.

I’m sad, I feel knives; leaving you, I lose but gain.


I’m strong on my own and thrive.

Demonstrating I survive.

Wires of energy feeling vibes.

Turning away from us, describe —

The beauty of being alone, peaceful, and free.

Inside me, I create my own happy place, you’ll see.


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved.

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3 LineTales: Directions in Life

Thank you to Sonya for hosting 3 Line Tales. I took the quote route this round:




1. ” Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex . . . it takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction” – Albert Einstein

  • Going against ‘the heard mentality,’ is difficult. We learn from a young age to ‘conform’ to others, so we fit in and don’t get beat up. When we’re older I think our differences, the aspects of us that are special and unique, are vital to our success as adults. It is easy to maintain pace with the heard, to want to be like other people, forgetting your own talents and abilities. But as Einstein says, it takes courage and genius to take the direction, you’re meant to go in life, to go against what other people are doing or think you should be doing.


2. “Sometimes the greatest act of love is to walk away, so that the other person can find their true self and direction again.” –

  •  Sometimes you are with someone ‘romantically’ but you know in your heart you’re not meant to end up together, even though you are comfortable as a couple. Comfortable is not amazing, and you should want amazing for both your partner and yourself. I learned comfortable is not the best situation, even when the other person doesn’t see it. You have to be the one to leave and let them find their self and the direction they’re supposed to take in their life. You need to find that for yourself as well.


3. “I have learned that if one advances confidently in the direction of his (her) dreams, and endeavours to live the life he (she) has imagined, he (she) will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.” – Henry David Thoreau

  • We all have dreams and things we want to accomplish in life. Sometimes it is a challenge to see those endeavours through because while you try to complete your goals, life happens. I think Thoreau has a point that we need to with confidence approach our dreams. Hopefully, what we’re meant to do in life includes our dreams or what we end up doing becomes our dreams. It is my hope we have success in life, that we can experience it in the the hours we are granted.


©Mandibelle16. All Rights Reserved.

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Poem: Clerihews: My Try at a Three. 

A Clerihew is a comic verse consisting of two couplets and a specific rhyming scheme, aabb invented by Edmund Clerihew Bentley (1875-1956) at the age of 16. The poem is about/deals with a person/character within the first rhyme. In most cases, the first line names a person, and the second line ends with something that rhymes with the name of the person.

Please see Shadow Poetry here.
Justin Trudeau the new Canadian Primeminister

Got Liberal seats, in a land coloured Tory blue, how sinister. 

He lives at 24 Sussex Drive, high class.

Giving tax breaks to the middle class.

The hero of the Edmonton Oilers McDavid

Broke his collar bone; but this Christmas he skated.

He’s our number one draft pick and scores the goals.

Racing to the net of the other team, right through the five-hole. 

We all know Alice in Wonderland,

Was only a child, when she saw a white rabbit with watch in hand. 

She fell into the rabbits hole and ate cake that made her grow.

Meant a Mad Hatter, a March hare, made the Queen of Heart’s head blow. 


©Mandibelle16. All Rights Reserved. 

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A New Year with Small Obtainable Goals

Every New Years we ask each other that inevitable questionable ‘ What’s your New Year’s Resolution?’ It’s an annoying question actually. Why, you ask yourself, should I make another goal I can’t keep? Why should I make any goal at all? And believe me I ask myself the same questions every year. The past 3 years it’s been lose and keep off 10 lbs. I actually half managed that one last year but disappointingly failed in the keeping if off as soon as I started a brand new medication and started eating Christmas treats towards the end of 2013. But I have had many New Year’s resolutions and I think everyone has, that have been hard to keep and basically unattainable.

This is why most experts advocate making small obtainable goals and not large vague goals. So instead of saying ” I’m going to get that job promotion this year,” break the goal down into steps or small goals that you can keep. For instance you might start by saying ” 1. Be extra detailed on the projects I am working on now. 2. Ask for help when I don’t understand something instead of just winging it and screwing up the project 3. Take on new projects to show that I am interested in taking on more work 4. Mention to my associates that I am interested in moving up 5. Ask my boss/associates how I might be able to get a promotion/move up at work . . .”

So instead of just making the large goals that seem impossible to keep, make small goals because these are the one’s you will be able

to keep and say in 2015, ” I kept my New Year’s Resolution,” last year, to all those people who stopped trying to complete their goals after the 2nd week of January.

What do these small obtainable goals look like for you? What do they look like for me? I will share with you some of my personal goals for the The New Year’s: My first goal is to get a B- in my Editing 110 class by 1) working on my class 3 to 4 days a week for 3 to 4 hours 2) Taking excellent notes 3) Triple checking my writing and editing for assignments 4) Memorizing test material starting 2 weeks before the test so the material is 2nd nature. That’s goal #1. Goal #2 is: Losing 7 lbs so I weigh 180 lbs which I will do by 1) Watching my diet by a.) drinking no more than 2 Pepsi a day b.) Fall the Herbal Magic Diet plan closely c.) Measuring out all portions of food d.) Making healthier eating choices when eating fast food or restaurant food d.) Allowing myself 1-2 eat whatever I want meals a month e.) Going on the elliptical 2 times a week for 20 minutes if I can manage or at least doing 20 min of Yoga 2 times a week to stay limber.

Those are my two goals and how I have broken them down in order that they might be achievable goals. Now it’s your turn. And I think you can do it!

As for other things, I will have a beauty blog coming out in a few days or so on a couple LUSH products I received for Christmas a hair mask and face mask I have used for about a year now. Both are amazing. Also, once things start up again for the semester I will have a general update about things that are going on in my life.  As well, I will just have some of the usual blogs that just occur to me in the moment.I am trying to come up with some more interesting topics. I will be getting a Birchbox  beauty basket each month and plan to share the interesting products I receive in my box each month. As you can see, I do love beauty. Also, I would like to write to you just some more general interest stories such as what is going on in the News, Celebrity pieces, fashion pieces. and whatever else.

Take care and good luck making your New Year’s Resolutions obtainable!

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Love is a Many Splendored Thing – Poetry and Setting Goals

This morning I thought I’d share a couple poems with you. Just some poetry on the topic of love. A poem that I wrote looking back on some kind of love years ago and a poem I wrote considering love recently. The third poem is a poem on another kind of love that confuses me. I am not in love; I do not think I have ever been but maybe it’s the spring air or all my friends taking the wedding plunge, it’s been on my mind just a bit.

But what is more important then self love? Don’t people say you have to love yourself first? I have found in my later twenties that I am a lot more comfortable being me than I was in my early twenties. This is despite the fact that meeting new people always means explaining my health issues at some point. But I have made awesome new friends and I have also found that there is always things we can do through out the year, and through out our lives, to improve ourselves. I read that it takes 21 days to break a bad habit and later saw on Pinterest that a perfect way to track your progress is to put up 21 sticky note flags numbered 1 to 21 and rip the days off the wall as you become closer and closer to breaking that bad habit.

Today I put two rows of sticky note flags up ( I have a ton so they must have some use since they do not make good page markers being all flimsy). The first goal I made is my ever pressing goal to stop my shopping, especially now that Montreal is a month away and I want to shop at Simon’s there and I want to break my shopping habit. I have complained and explained before how I do thus because I love fashion, I don’t think, and I get bored and it’s something easy to do – shop online. So starting tomorrow I stop for 21 days completely, except for Shopper’s Drug Mart necessities, cab faire, and certain events I already have planned.

The second row of sticky notes goal is a fitness/ health goal. I really love Pepsi. Yes it’s bad but I have been drinking a bit too much lately so for 21 days I am not drinking Pepsi and I will do 15 minutes of yoga 5 days a week. This is my easy goal. A week without Pepsi I will be fine and doing yoga is not bad at all. So that is my self love , self – improvement for the month of May. I already failed both goals today but tomorrow will be better. Now with out further ado, my two poems:

I can’t forget

I never knew you, But I can’t forget
Those days when I was just 19
When the moon rose like fire
Diamonds shimmered in the flame
A look shared between us, set the world ablaze

I never knew you, we shared waves
But you made me something I can’t explain
A girl you shaped and moulded
A women now, but never yours, again
You didn’t know it, but I prayed for you anyways.

I never knew you, It seemed like I did.
There was innocence hiding in my smile
But you chose not to talk, you threw me away
I never forget you, your apart of my life
You remain in a way, I don’t want you anymore.

I still don’t know you, you hurt me all the same
8 years ago is such a long time, I struggle in my world
You shine like you always did, false smiles
Dimples genuine, deep down a charmer, a good guy
You wrung me dry, because you never explained

You never left my life, you ripple through the days
I am not your girl, but you never did say
Anything to make the wanting go away
To seem like a human being who cared
You are magician, you tricked me the worst of ways

You never ever leave me in peace for long.
Because you were significant in some small way
Showers of pearls and tears and rain
I’ll never see you as just some guy
You never even knew me, but you mark me anyways

You’ll probably never acknowledge me
You never really did, I’m the girl spellbound for life
Tricks, twisting, trailing down my heart
You’ll never make it right, and you’ll never know
The girl you can’t explain, now she’s far away and free.

What Could They Have Ever Wrote

What could they have ever wrote
that made love seem unbroken.
No you never fight every single time.
No you never argue about insignificant things.
No he’ll never force his will on you and see that you push back.
No he doesn’t seem to see a night with him is better than it’s ever been.
And no you’ll never fall in love at exactly the same time.
He could force you quietly or he could hold you tightly.
But you cannot say I’m in love with you
until it’s something that you breath,
until you feel it with every finger tip, every eye lash, with your innermost depths.
Love is such a complicated thing and togetherness all the more.
Being together meets I like you a lot,
be prepared for sparks to shimmer,
for pleasure that hurts as much as it heals;
For a closeness so near you never want to break skin contact.
Be prepared to use it and abuse it’s power,
to be decimated by that power.
Be prepared to simply dream that he’ll ever get it right.
Until he does and you scream a touch so binding,
it makes the love and togetherness hard to separate.
It makes those wild nights and afternoons,
a way to confuse, to confound.
So watch and see yourself fall in line,
love is patient, love is kind.
The idea of love kind of blows my mind.
It makes me whole and splinters me like ice.
Love is many splendored thing.
If he answered your questions,
told you his plans
and let you touch him in public just a little bit more.
Love is such a broken thing,
how does one know that you have chosen well?
How does one know what the future brings?
I’m afraid to love it could depress me, change my life, make the future difficult.
So I never say I love you until I know all these things,
until u say I loved you first.
And I say it when I know it.

I am Confused By This World

I am confused in this world
Astounded by the hate
All the different kinds of enmity
Kill me very quietly
All this prejudice leaves me empty

I’m not the kind of person
That you would really notice
I am just one person standing still
Admist all this delusion
And all this hate its humbling

And I’m not a girl
Who would let what’s in the world control
They way that she should act
When everyone else is crazy
I think you all should listen a bit

I have some things to say:
Here are my worries, myself laid bare
Because this world is made of glass
And we are all but shards
What do you think of prejudice?

I wish you’d stop hating
People are just trying to make it right
To them it feels right to love one another
A piece of the puzzle falls into place
Be that person of same sex or different

And everyone is raising awareness
But we all know it already
I never proclaim loud and proud that I’m straight
Don’t you get it, it’s just as hard being one way
As it is another

That’s why it really irks me
That you always have to have parades
And talk in such a way that you have it worse
I don’t know why the whole world
Celebrates your freedoms

If you are naturally born this way
Then let yourself just be
As all the others are just the way they are
Your LBTG issues important as they maybe
Are not the be all end all

When people are dying every where
When others are starving just to eat
When their is much abuse
When there are racial retaliations
Terrorists plotting destruction

It’s beautiful what makes us different
But even more astounding is that we’re the same
That there is a need to look beyond you and me
To see the shady world beneath
Not just the issues oppressing you

The one’s I hear far to much
But everyone has a cause
I guess that cause is just yours
But I wish your little bubble would pop
That you would see the truth

There are issues loving a boy being boy
There are issues being a boy loving a girl
And those issues deserve equal representation
It’s hard for everyone
Hate is nothing special

Iniquity and sin is a burden we all bear
Pray that we all find peace
In the arms of someone we love
That the violence in the world ceases
And we all do better, cause we can