Maydays: Ease Up On The Plush Toys #Maydays


Thanks to K.L. Caley from new2writing for hosting the #Mayday prompts. Today’s prompt is something to do with a teddy bear.

Teddy Bear


My Mom tells me I had a favourite stuffed toy I destroyed as a baby. But If I were to remember any stuffed toy I had it would be this white polar bear which held a smaller baby polar inside her arms. She was soft and fluffy and her claws were sharp plastic. I put her on my bed with my other stuffed animals and they all collected dust.

I mention this because people often think a significant gift or donation item to give children are stuffed toys. Unless the child is small, I don’t think this is the case. Kids don’t play much with stuffed animals. Some children have one teddy they like to sleep with but I think in many cases, that’s about it.

Kids who do adore stuffed animals, are often specific about the stuffed animal they want. Such as a child wanting ‘Toothless’ a dragon from How To Train Your Dragon 1, 2, or 3, because the movies are the child’s favourite movies to watch. Mostly, I think each child receives more stuffed animals than they need in a lifetime.

So instead of donating another stuffed animal to a cause, think of a toy your children or the children you know, enjoy playing with a great deal. Think of toys such as Lego, cars, Barbies, something technological, or something to do with a popular movie that isn’t a stuffed toy. Maybe a gift-card to get children’s books on their parent’s IPAD or actual paper books. Let’s ease up on the teddy bears and plush toys.

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Maydays: Flash Fiction – Broken. #Maydays


Thanks to K.L. Caley from new2writing for hosting #maydays prompts. Today’s prompt is something breaking.



He’d given me them on my birthday. “Oooooo, Crystal wine glasses. They’re exactly the glasses I wanted, the qualities exceptional. It will be great to have actual wine glasses to drink our wine out of each night.”

“I’m happy you like them Francine, but there only part of your gift.” Collin said pulling me out of my chair and kissing me. 

Our lips met and sparks exploded and collided between us. He started to remove my shirt and kiss his way across my chest.

As he kissed me I was thinking about the Crystal wine glasses. 

Many woman might think receiving wine glasses as part of a birthday present from your guy is too functional. But Collin had given me a gift card for a place I liked to shop too. Although, I adored the Crystal wine glasses the most.

I brought myself out of my thoughts back to Collin, kissing him back and undoing his belt.


(A Year Later)

“Such a beautiful time of the day. I love dusk, the sky is a purple haze. And we get to sit out here and drink our wine. This Malbec is delicious by the way. It has the right amount of sharpness.” I felt happy but Collin was in an off mood.

It’s good you like the wine, what did you do today?” 

“I’m trying to finish another novel. Sorry, if I’ve been distant. Sometimes I feel caught in my literary world while I write, ” I said.

“You’ve been more than distant Francine. You’re always writing no matter the time of day, and when you’re aren’t writing your distracted. It’s as if a part of you isn’t there.” Collin said angrily.

” I’m trying to spend more time with you but there is only so man hours in a day. I’ve been having lunch and breakfast with you nearly everyday and we always sit out on our porch with our wine at night and talk. It’s our thing and I’d never miss it.”

Collin gazed at me with ire. “I’m a hundred percent into this relationship and you’re only investing fifty-percent because you are too busy writing.”

“What do you mean? You work late all the time at the office? Writings my job, my passion.” 

Collin sat up suddenly. “I deserve better.”He was upset and with a swoop of his hand, swept the table between us free of wine glasses and wine.

The Crystal glasses shattered on impact but the bottle of wine was fine, albeit, some of the wine had poured onto the porch. I kneeled down, picking up a bigger piece of Crystal.

 “Don’t touch that Francine, you’ll cut yourself.” Collin warned.

I peered up at him. “It’s too late Collin, it’s broken. Everything’s broken.” 

I walked into the house and locked the door behind me.


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FabFitFun Box: Introduction Box #FabFitFun

I became interested in this box subscription after I saw what my cousin received from her FabFitFun Box in winter. Even though the box is once every season (four times a year) I felt hesitant to try this box due to price. It is $50.00 plus if you’re Canadian it is an extra $10.00 for shipping. However, they had $20.00 off your first box so I ordered it to see what it is like. You can order the box or check out the concept and magazine at FabFitFun. I haven’t decide whether or not I’m going to continue with this subscription. I’m thinking probably not because $60.00 is a sizeable amount of money for items you’re not sure if you’ll like/use or not.

FabFitFun is not only a beauty box. It is a lifestyle box. So, it contains an array of items. Here’s what items were in my introductory box:


The FabFitFun Box ( Amanda Eifert)
Opening the Box – Total Retail Value – $315.95 – (Amanda Eifert)
Shoptiques $25.00 Giftcard (Amanda Eifert)
WREN 14K Gold-Dipped and Black Sapphire Necklace -$100 – ( Amanda Eifert)
Tibetan Goji Berry Eye Serum -$88.00 – (Amanda Eifert)
FRENDS “The Donna” Earbud -$80.00-(Amanda Eifert)


GORGE “I’ll Make You Amazing” Daily (Leave-in-Conditioner) Spray. -$24.95 – (Amanda. Eifert)
COSMOBODY Co-Branded Jump Rope with FFF – workout videos on ( – $14.00 – (Amanda Eifert)
Zoya Nail Polish in Avril (Dusty Pink) – $9.00 – (Amanda Eifert)
Organic Valley Organic Balance Protein Shake in Dark Chocolate – $2.99- (Amanda Eifert)

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