December Tidings

Happy December to you all. Are you like us up here in Edmonton? Covered in many inches of snow and just starting to come out of a cold snap that reached about -31 degrees Celsius with wind chill? I shouldn’t be complaining I’m an Albertan and use to this season we have called Winter. It lasts 8 months after all, and 10 months if you look at last year.
Not to mention I have been able to remain snugly warm in my sweaters while others have had to drive and go about their daily business.
A plus side for me to being constantly ill. Additionally, I don’t have to shovel snow, nor would I be much use at it as it is.

But enough about the weather I’d rather talk about the fact I managed to finish my Christmas shopping 2 weeks ago when A was up and that combined with a few on line orders did the job. Most of my presents are in gift bags with tags and cards in my room and I just have to receive one last parcel and then I really am finished shopping, even for myself. I need to order a pair of tall boots and that will be my present to me since I have to actually get them made due to the fact I fit neither wide calf or extra wide calf boots; I am right in the middle. It will take a month to get those puppies made and believe me they will last me a long time.

I am going with my brother to this Choklat place on Whyte Ave tomorrow night. We will get to see how the store makes chocolate and then have a wine tasting with chocolate. Some of you might think that is too sweet of a combination but I think it is just about perfection; Choklat is putting together two of my favourite items. It was a Groupon event and I just had to go so I purchased a ticket for my brother and I and now I can’t wait. I think the process of chocolate making will be pretty interesting in addition to the wine and chocolate tasting.

Also, it turns out my 4 month Proofreading course is only a 3 week course. I have finished 1 module and have 2 more to go before proofing an exam worth 85%. It has put me into a panic but I will just have to memorize and study hard for the final. The other 15% is made up of online posts, just answering questions the instructor asks about the modules, that’s the easy part. But I will be pretty busy until those modules are finished December 9 and then while I’m studying for the exam that needs to be finished before December 23. I tell myself at least that’s another editing course finished and done fast. The next one, Copywriting, takes place in April.

Also, looking forward to finally seeing a rheumatologist to find out whether I actually have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I think it’s a good bet I do but that depends what the doctor says and what kind of testing he gives me. But at least another step to unravelling what illness or illnesses that have been giving me grief often enough. Not looking forward to seeing the sleep doctor so much as I think it’s probably time that I require another sleeping medication. Gabepentin has done the trick for a year but I feel it’s effects waning at maximum dose. It has me afraid I will get another medication that will cause weight gain or won’t help me sleep deep enough. A deep peaceful sleep cannot be taken for granted given its effect on your whole day.

I have also started my fourth UBlogging course with WordPress, Writing 201 long form writing. I’m not sure how much writing I’ll actually get done but I am interested in the information each day’s topic will provide. I’m trying to write a book and am stuck on Chapter 3. I just need to sit down at Christmas time and organize my plot line and then just write. I’ll put the chapters up as I finish and correct them to my best ability. But, it may take awhile until How Was Last Night For You starts coming together.

Thanks for reading!


Late Night Wanderings

I think I’m asleep now, maybe in a moment. Okay now I’m asleep. Okay not yet. Perhaps now. No not yet. I think I’ll try some more melatonin. That ought to do it. If I dissolve them underneath my tongue there is a much greater chance I’ll drift off to sleep . . .

Okay still not asleep. I guess I didn’t dissolve the melatonin properly in my mouth. Should I try a few more tablets?

Hey, I wonder how I should get my hair done tomorrow? Definitely going for the dark brown lowlights and I think the haircut from that picture of the blond on Pinterest. But longer then hers. I have to keep it long enough so I can put it up in a bun or chignon or braid it how I like. Speaking of which Kate hasn’t had very many new hair tutorials lately on her blog? I’d like to learn some new ways to do my hair but ever since her babies she just mostly talks about her baby David and the one in her tummy. I guess babies keep you extremely busy, never mind the lack of sleep . . .

Still not asleep! I wonder if I just shut my eyes and make myself sleep maybe it will happen. Too much napping this afternoon. But I was very sleepy around 5 pm. Okay, not asleep, did I take my sleeping pills, all of them? No maybe, I missed a couple. But tell the doctor that and they bubble pack your Meds like your elderly and living in the home.

I wonder what kind of picture I’ll need to take tomorrow? Maybe I should check now since I’ll be out. Hair then flu shot and drugstore. Last time I got a needle the pharmacist made me bleed. That was weird, I didn’t think needles did that except for blood tests.

NOT SLEEPING! Okay definitely didn’t take a couple sleeping pills. 200 mg Gabepentin stat!

Three minutes later . . .

Friday Mints

Xyla Mints Yum!
Xyla Mints Yum!

Yesterday, I showed you pictures with short descriptions on beauty and lifestyle items I had received from Luxe box. Was I impressed with all the items I got? Not necessarily. I was expecting more makeup — eye shadow or eye liner — something that I could try out a little more and actually buy again. The Fekkai shampoo and conditioner was average. But I expect more than just shampoo or conditioner samples from a subscription service, the nail Polish was ugly, the primer is good enough to use on my eyes but not my face, the cologne smells great on my boyfriend, and I’ve almost eaten all the Xyla mints they are delicious and gluten free if you’re interested  — they also are the title of this weeks blog, and the headband was a bit small. I’m hoping next season’s is better. Also, I definitely will reserve the good Luxe Boxes with all these cool makeup products for an extra 5 bucks next time. Had I done that this last time I would have had much better products. But live and learn.

So, I’m back on the Gabepentin and am sleeping well. I am going to ask my psychiatrist to let me add a bit more Dexedrine in the middle of the day to improve my concentration for my April Lighting class. I have gone down hill this past year in 2013 health wise in terms of ability to concentrate and do activities so something must have happened but maybe I can get it corrected. Health is difficult I’m finding that I am losing my nurse and could still very much use her to help facilitate issues related to my illness.

But I’m looking forward to Spring and going to a course with students again. I also am looking forward to finding out my marks from

Editing 110 now that I have finished all assignments. I can’t wait to finish another course in summer and do even more editing courses until I can have confidence that I can actually edit some clients work professionally. That’s the second reason I’m doing this Editing Program because I want to edit freelance. The first reason I am doing it is to improve my writing of course. I’m really thinking next in the way of Education for me will be the MFA at UBC in Creative Writing. So, I have to make my writing better too.

So, I’m just hanging out at my boyfriends while he is out for an hour or so. Yesterday he spoiled me again at supper with a beautiful salad and thin steak with mushroom sauce and mushrooms. It tasted wonderful. It is second to last weeks chicken dish. We slept great he was so cuddly last night I was secretly pleased because he’s not usually like that. Maybe it was cold? Everything between us is going great but I’m sure going to miss him when he is gone this summer when he goes home to Morocco.

Myself, I think I may end up going somewhere with airmiles but I’m not sure. My Dad said I could use some of his. And I have a bunch of airmiles saved up as well. But I’m hoping to save mine for Quebec next year maybe with my little brother? And I know there is snow on the ground but I can’t wait for summer festivals and warmth!

Tomorrow I am going out with my boyfriend and his cousin and the cousin’s friend. I am getting my haircut and colored and getting a facial this Wednesday and going to Divergent with my brother. I have to start reading Divergent before the next movie comes out. It is supposed to be fantastic. Any other suggestions of good books to read? I also have some scrapbooking that has been sitting on my desk downstairs forever. Time to work on a special Wedding Album for a friend’s wedding last summer! Plus, I have Montreal and Random pictures. But lately I haven’t taken so many pictures. It’s been disappointing after being scammed out of my DSL camera.

That’s all! Take care! I hope you find your Friday Mints — the sweet little treats in life that get you through the week!