Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers – The Boat

I live in a condo down by the boats on the waterfront. It’s a gorgeous place to live and the inside of the condos are spectacular and comfortable.

But what I love about the waterfront is the boats, our boats. Little fishing and yacht boats that we rent out to people. I love going out on my own and guiding a boat home just as twilight hits.

But my husband is always telling me to wear a life jacket. I hate those constricting things. Then one day my boat jerks sharply and I fall out of the boat. I’m not a good swimmer in these frigid waters and I feel myself getting numb. My splashing and hollering becomes less and less. Then hands reach out to pull me out. They are the hands of God and I realize I am dead.

Word Count: 141


Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers: Our Apartment

Everyone knew about the apartments around the tennis courts. They were old and decrepit and most people didn’t want to live there. But the rent was cheap, really cheap and my friend and I decided that it was the perfect place for two university student’s trying to save money. Plus, there was a liquor store right around the corner and nobodycared if you partied here.

They apartment was clean enough or so I thought, until one day I see this rat scurrying across the muted yellow living room carpet. ” A rat” I screamed, at my roommate Laura, ” a rat.” I hated rats and so did Laura. We chased it and left traps for it with peanut butter.

At night in my room I was so thankful the carpet was right against the crack in the door so no rats could get in and I always left my room door closed. But suddenly something fell onto the bed right on my head. I screeched and turned on the lights. Sure enough a rat had dropped from light fixture in my room and he had three little friends up their with him.

Word Count: 189 ( Sorry I know a little long but I’m working on it!)

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – The Empty Bookstore

‘Main Street Books’ the sign read. But a giant problem existed in this once thriving bookstore — it was empty. It was the middle of the day, the sun was out and shining like the orb of light it was. People were out walking around the shops in the neighbourhood. There were mother’s with kids, people going to and from work,, teenagers, and lazy vacationers. You would have thought someone would come into that bookstore just to browse the selection of books.

But there was a problem for small  bookstores these days and the words that best described this problem were: Ipad, Kindle, and Kobo. To few people read paperback books anymore. It was killing the business and killing a part of history with it. You couldn’t get back erased computer information but you always had a paperback book (or a hardcover) piled up around the house forever.

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