Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner: Poem – Quadrille – “Tomes and Wings” #amwriting #dVerse #poetry #flashfiction

Thanks to Grace of #dVerse for holding the open mic prompt. Thanks to Roger Shipp for hosting FFftPP.  


Credit: https://www.pexels.com/photo/architecture-bookcase-books-bookshelves-300412/


Whisper firelight, 

Bulbs streaming, echo;

Luminescence down aisles. 

Tattered covers, 

Creased pages;

Stolen dreams. 

Knowledge and eternity, 

Whispy veils. 

Yesterday’s —

Hopes and dreams.  

Today’s yearned for;  

Distant ripples. 

Pools echoing. 

Beloved tomes, 

Wisdom without reassurance. 

Do I break? 

Pinch of courage, 

One must try. 


To rise, 

On eagles wings. 


©Mandibelle16. (2017) All Rights Reserved. 


Poetry: Firelight and Sunshine

Firelight and Sunshine

Words are as the fireflies dancing in the light.
They feed my soul and learn me, but I wonder if you like
The shimmering of fire in the dimming sky, as night takes on it’s darkness and daylight breathes it’s final spiral.
I wonder if you like to say so much at all because silence always greets me when we’re across the distance
When you are there, and I am here, separation anxiety appeares and grasps me round my bloodied heart.
Squeezes me, my heart hurts too much in this starry light to beat.
I see in you a future, I see in you the light, I see in you a story – you and me each night
But time is quick to wale on me to beat me into anger
There is always something wrong with us, when everything’s so right
Communication I don’t want to force it but it’s become a fight I fear. I lose, you always win.
Silent as those words that never cross your lips.
Don’t you want to know me and understand me better.
I’m just trying to see you in the fierce fire light.
You flame and blaze a clear heart beat.
But why are you so silent, that Im afraid you’ll disappear.
Because in the reality of darkness your the shadow of man making tracks to me – then running away as fast as feet will fly.
And I’m all into fireflies and words that make night glow
I see a sensuality in the right words whispered
I get to know someone by the actions that they take. That they meet their word with actions and do not simply disappear.
Make time for me the clock strikes faster, the hands will crack if they go any quicker
Beware my footsteps light as air, creeping through the lighted wood far far away…
You don’t care anymore or are you just unaware?
And I don’t know if you can love me sufficiently enough
My I love you’s go unmet with the emptiness of distance and days.
Connection always fueled by a little less passion a little more torment from you and I will scream, a careful porcelain shattered
Unless you can learn to use your words, to speak, to share, to state
We will finally break, shards of sunlight splintered.