Notable Quotes: November Part One #quotes #pinterest #cursebreakerenchanted #melindakucsera

Before I give you my first round of monthly quotes for November, I would like to tell you all about a special event my talented friend and writer Melinda Kucsera is holding for her newly published book: Curse Breaker Enchanted. 

From November 13 to November 19, Melinda is holding her ‘Kindle Count Down.’ You can purchase her wonderful fantasy tale for 99 cents during her count down. To visit her page please click her book title above or click HERE


On to the quotes. My apologies if there are any repeats from the Three Quotes for Three Days Challenge: 
































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A Little of This and Some of That.

Well it’s American Thanksgiving already, so soon. It means that Christmas is upon us in full swing. I have my list items I want to purchase Black Friday. Some of it is presents and some of it’s personal. I like to do most of my would be ‘Boxing Day’ shopping now because the deals and selection of items is better. Items tend to be picked over at times after Christmas. So, I have an order for Indigo,  with some cozy throws and Christmas gift bags. I have to send two more boxed gift sets from Lush to two of my close friends. I need to do an order to Purdy’s online for chocolates for everyone. I need to purchase a gift card for my Mom. I was hoping Loft, but I can’t get the gift card buying option to work online. So, I’ll have to see about what I buy for her. Maybe, Cleo’s ? And quite importantly, I need stamps  for Christmas cards. Then for me, there are a few items of clothing I would like from Banana Republic

In Residential Interiors, I am half-way through the furnishing slides I need to know for my Final on Modern Furniture. Starting with Frank Lloyd Wright in 1909 up to a few prolific modern designers in 2013. I need the notes from tonight’s class fast. Then once I have those, I can transfer that information onto the paper copies I am using to study the exam slides. Some of the slides I will have to go look up more information on as the note taker didn’t provide good notes for some pieces of furniture. Then I have to read the remainder of the textbook, three or four chapters I think. Followed by me going through all the modern day slides and comparing them with the notes so I know about those slides incase they are on the Final. Then I need to memorize the information on the final exam slides. So, that is going to be a lot of work. Thank goodness I write in the afternoon next Tuesday. I am looking for a course to take next semester, but so far no such luck. I would like to do something in Winter because it gets so dark outside and you feel stuck inside so it is great to keep busy. I applied for graduation so I will receive my Residential Furnishings Certificate in June 2017. 

I read a book called Wallbanger a chick -lit book by Alice Clayton, last year. Clayton wrote a sequel to this book called Rusty Nailed and a short novella sequal to that called Last Call. In the same series, there are also some other books about different couples. But the three books I have fallen for are about Simon, Carolyn, and Carolyn’s cat Clide. They are hilarious books especially the first one concerning how Simon and Carolyn and their friends meet and end up coupled off. The next two books are about Simon and Carolyn getting together despite the issues of the past, the issues of their friends (who are also in each book), career issues, and cat issues. I’m not a cat person but when Clayton writes at the end of each book from Clides view point it is so funny. So, if you are into literature for women that makes you laugh and you like love stories, check out this triplet from Alice Clayton. If you’ve read her books before, what did you think? 

So, starting to plan into December already. I am meeting my friend for coffee Thursday and going on a date Saturday. After my exam, I will be going to lunch with a friend and later to see Mockingjay Part II with my youngest brother and his girlfriend. I also want to see the new Starwars: The Force Awakens it seems more interesting then the last set of movies they made about Starwars. Need to make it to a wine store sometime in there too. Going to get my haircut in December too, so it’s nice for Christmas and all the festivities involved in that. Also, who can forget holiday baking. There is just my parents at home and I now so I’ve cut down a lot but I’m thinking shortbread, spice cookies, turtle squares, and some chocolate chip cookies. We’ll see how much I get made. 

Have a lovely week. 


Something To Say This Night

I don’t have a lot to say tonight but I might ramble on a little bit. I find writing a post up at night can sometimes be soothing when you are trying to get to sleep.

I spent Wednesday and Thursday at A’s apartment and gave you a little glimpse of my life there on Thursday. After that post I made chicken wings in the oven with a frying pan since A does not have baking sheets. But the spice A put on them tastes pretty fantastic, so I enjoyed eating them and so did he. He ate them fast so I think that’s a good sign. Around 5:30 pm I got a ride home from A and today was just useless.

I managed to correct my Writing 201 piece where you write about teaching someone about something. I chose: How to Get The Perfect Manicure or Pedicure. It’s posted on my blog. I fixed it this morning only to find that I didn’t fix it enough this afternoon. So now I hope it’s finished. And I’m looking forward to next weeks long form assignment. There are only two weeks left so that means two more assignments. You don’t have to do the assignments for this course but I don’t know about you but I learn better by doing.

So, tomorrow I believe I should start the first section of the open book final I have to do for Proofreading. I hope I can get at least a 75 percent mark on the exam. Also, I’m going out out with A. We are going to go hang out at pub or some bar down Jasper Ave. I want to wear this sparkly gold Lululemon shirt I bought, the only Black Friday purchase I made. It has a very interesting design but I find myself asking: Am I to old to wear Lululemon shirts to the bar? Can anybody really tell the difference? Ordered a couple long sleeved shirts from Lululemon as well later. I had a gift card for part of that. But there will be nothing left there come boxing week so best to get clothing I like now.

I’m sad to miss out on a Christmas Celebration with my ladies at the Druid. My doctor (one of them) moved my appointment up until Monday and my body can’t handle going out on Sunday night and going somewhere Monday. So sad to say, I must pick the doctors since it took half a year to get the appointment. But later in the week I have a good appointment for a manicure and pedicure ( thank you groupon) so that will be good and in between I may finish my final.

Have to get some chocolate for my brother Nathan and his girlfriend too. Not sure where, I guess Purdy’s or Lindt at Shopper’s Drug Mart. I need a couple things from Revlon, so Shopper’s might be a good place to go to first.
I have to stay up until 11 pm tomorrow, that might be hard but that’s when A is coming by so I think for now I’ll sleep.