Saturday Mix: Poem – Octain/Double/High – “The Beauty of My Love” #amwriting #poetry #saturdaymix 

Thanks to Teresa of MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie for hosting Saturday Mix. Saturday’s prompt was to write pasturel poetry (Fiction/no fiction) which is essentially poetry written about nature in an idyllic way. 


Credit: Eden Hills


The beauty of my love is sweet, divinely prized. 

Through fields of wildflower I follow her steps, 

Her milk white skin, soft, supple; she knows best,

How tiny goat kids, and dog’s pups will thrive. 

They bleet, whimper, for her hands petting coats, 

Feeding them drops of milk reviving life’s hope. 

So they wil live glorious in pastures kind; 

Become adults frolic, following my queen. 

The beauty of my love is sweet, divinely prized. 

The beauty of my love is sweet, divinely prized, 

She gathers the chickens eggs to feed, 

Those who grace her kitchen with smiles pleased. 

Finds the dairy cows, milks them all beguiling. 

She’s a feminist, believes we never stop learning. 

She chose to farm, grows organic food, serves —

Customers desiring; at market they find hers first;

My love works hard, adores our life, she’s pleased. 

The beauty of my love is sweet, divinely prized. 


©Mandibelle16. (2017) All Rights Reserved. 


100 Word Wednesdays Flash Fiction: Poem – Lunes – “Pushing On” #amwriting #poetry #flashfiction 

Thanks to Bikurgurl for hosting 100 Word Wednesday Prompts.


Credit: Stephanie of La Photographie


Gazing into my pretty face, 

Seeing mere woman —

No different than any other.


But if you peered deeper

You’d find a —

Woman greater than ‘classified’ gender. 


I’m a person deserving equality;

Because I’m feminist

Doesn’t mean I’m against men.


Required for me are but —

Same wages, salary —

For the same position worked. 


Provide me access to healthcare, 

Birth control; doctors —

Of all specialities needed whenever


I’m a working woman, educated —

well; the Mom —

Driving her kids to hockey. 


Tidying the house and hoping, 

My ‘modern’ husband, 

Helps me because shared chores —


Equal happier relationships –less fighting. 

Don’t talk trash, 

Hurt and abuse; I’m strong. 


But your sexist comments hurt;

Our Grandmother’s mother’s, 

Began fighting for women’s rights. 


Are they rights only in —

Writing? Yet I —

Push their battle on so —


One day my daughter doesn’t, 

Have to fight;

Ignored for being a female.


©Mandibelle16. (2017) All Rights Reserved.  


How do I say this nicely, I am not really one of those girls out their on the edge challenging all the issues. I wish the best for everyone but I cannot deal with the problems of every minority; I have my own issues to deal with and they are quite enough for me to handle. It is not that I am unsympathetic, that I do not feel people’s pain from their own unique plights. I like everyone else have issues I care about and issues I could care less about. For instance, I do not feel that every gender specific issue needs to be focused on. I am aware that their is discrimination against gay people and yes I agree that it should stop, now. But I mean what about straight people we have as many issues with different kinds of discrimination, just not in the same way. I am happy you are gay and proud but you know I am straight and proud and I do not get a parade? That’s just an example, but there are other issues in this world, poverty, hunger, war, torture and those justly deserve as much focus in newspapers and magazines.

And as I said before, I’m a mediocre feminist and I believe in gender equality but I also know there are things most girls will never do, and a lot of guys will. Girls probably won’t play in the NHL it’s just that getting bashed into the walls by a 6’5″ 240 lb guy is not really fair to the 5’6″ 140 lb female who is pitted against him. I’m not saying some woman out there couldn’t, just that it is unlikely. I write articles for females sometimes about amazing females and females who face the worst injustices, and I am very proud to do so. But I find it hard sometimes to have pity for the average girl, including myself when all these things are happening.

It’s a type of apathy I suppose, I want to care, but like any person I am wrapped up in my own life and problems. Depression is a Bitch, winter is too long, finances suck, and dealing with my own curtailed hectic schedule is difficult. But there are too many problems in this world to deal with them all. And in disgust, I pray to God that He would take all my problems in his hands, and all the problems of the world and just take them away. Then I read some article about some girl who does not see God in the way I have been taught and is a better girl/women/feminist because she has dropped religion and I feel sorry for her. But then there are many people with many views on religion and religions but sometimes I feel people just throw away the old way of doing things just because they can.

All I want in this world is to function in way that I have as much energy as any 27 year old so that I could do more and care more. To not have to be responsible like a child, but be responsible as an adult and treated like one. Instead I just feel trapped and I hate that feeling….before I used to feel as if there was so much possibility before me, now I am not so sure. But today is just one day and tomorrow will be better…