Poem: Shadorma – “Sleep When You’re Dead” 

Thanks to The Daily Post for the prompt word Saga.


Norse Sagas (www.medevilists.net)


A saga

Harrowing epic,


Legends live, 

Norse stories of old reborn, 

Each night by firelight. 


But times change, 

Now it’s a detailed —

Story with depth, 


Words you wish a person kept;

Instead they went on.


A saga

I wish you would say, 

What you need —

To say in–

Fewer words.

Time is wasting away friend;

I love to listen —


But you’ve breadth, 

I need brevity.

I care what — 

You say to —

Me; but I space out when you, 

Can’t cut your tale —


Down from the —

Length of an epic.

Hook me or —

Don’t; now my —

Mind wanders and I want to —

Be a good friend too.


I haven’t —

Ages to sit by a fire;

As our kin–

Folk eons —

Ago; there is work to be —

Done; I’m responsible.


Love your tales, 

Adventures lived large.

But I have–

My own fights. 

My own epic sagas to —

Live through and survive.


So you’ll please, 

Excuse me when I drift, 

Full of thought.

For your tales, 

Remind me, all I must do;

One can never rest.


Was it the

Vikings who said, 

“You can sleep–

When you’re dead.” 

A realistic saying, 

I’ve found it too true.


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved.


Day 12 – NaPoWriMo- Descriptive Paragraph Dismembered – “Mother”

Sitting with bright blue-grey eyes, cheery and smiley. 

Small and thin like a tiny bird, she’s only a size four and 5’2″. 

Her hair is of the lightest brown with blond highlights streaking through.

Pretty, petite, and classy. 

Laughing  gregariously when something on TV is funny. 

Working especially hard sacrificing hours on the weekend and after work. 

In a job where she’s the one who knows.

Detailed, meticulous, and to the point. 

Loving and caring, the one to make all things better. 

Practical , knowledgable; she hates being treated unfairly.

 Wearing small dark jeans from the Gap and a navy and off-white sweater. 

Shopping carefully for the right fabric, cut, and shape. 

Telling me everything will be alright.

 I’m not sure how I’ll ever leave her or live without her. 

She is my mother and part of me too. 

She is in my soul like buds bursting into bloom, she blooms in me.