Saturday Mix/ Photo Challenge: Poem – Lunes – “The Raven’s Kaw” #poetry #saturdaymix #photochallenge

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Credit: Laura Makabesku


Such blackness here, wild fears, 

Cannot be helped;

Once I paused, and saw —


His Raven eyes spellbinding me.

Tapping the window, 

Glass shattering, I’m breathless


Bedroom door locked, all asleep —

But for I, 

Raven kaws, advances towards me.


I’m prey, what he desires, 

Shapeshifting bird becomes —

Enchanting man, tapping tappered fingers. 


“Stop playing games and come away,” 

But in my —

Dreams of week’s before I —


Dreamt the Raven ripped out —

My throat raw; 

I became his dark companion.


Life was grand but I —

Lost myself, 

In him; was loved but —


Destined for a fate I —

Scarce imagined with —

No place of my own. 


When his world became too —

Much, I required —

Thinking space, some breathing room. 


So when the Raven man, 

Of my dreams, 

Arrived — I knew him well. 


And while he stared with —

Fascination at my, 

Coffee eyes purple-bruised, I —


Begged, if he was going —

To love me; 

I required a quiet space. 


I couldn’t be his mistress, 

His everything without —

“A room of [my] own.” *


Without, I couldn’t function well, 

And soar with –

Him at night; unless he —


Promised to stay outside my —

Head, my. mind, 

And leave my thoughts alone.  


We both needed some privacy. 

So with shiny, 

Wings bold we together flew. 


Before our flight, he gifted —

Mint-sapphire ring,

Binding us both in our —


Promises — me that I had, 

Quiet space; he —

That I was his companion;


His forever mate; loved well —

Our life together,

Shapeshifters seek dawn — Ravens night. 


*Virginia Woolf – A Room of Her Own 


©Mandibelle16. (2017) All Rights Reserved. 


Poem: Lauranelle – ” The Vivid Seductress” #amwriting #poetry

Credit: by Patricia Murciano


Her smile is in her entrancing blue eyes, 

Sky of ink blue enhanced, purple, red, and pink. 

Wild child bites her ruby red lips, desires —
You, captivates you, takes you to the brink. 

Rainbow nails, smooth hair of brilliant hues too. 

Locks deep teal, sky blue, purple fuchsia inked

She’s a work of art, life sparkling through, 

Claret brows rise, she’ll admonish you; 

Leave her to pout; childlike tears will ensue. 

Life of party; her disdain ends soon,  — 

She’ll glide back, scarlet heels, winged shoes, 

Her petal skin glows in silver moon, 

No shred of innocence, pride taken, she woos. 

Lush sweet lips overcome your instinct to fight, 

She’ll take all you have and more, but to prove

She can have all she wants; life in black and white — 

Misses the intensity of multicoloured hues. 

Her life shines with saturation so bright, 

Chromacity, most vivid colours known, 

They overwhelm her form, rainbow explodes. 

Her smile is in her entrancing blue eyes, 

Wild child bites her ruby red lips, desire. 


©Mandibelle16. (2017) All Rights Reserved.

Three Line Tales: Poem – Septoplets – “Purpose to Explore” #3Linetales #amwriting #quotes #poetry 

Thanks to Sonya from Only 100 Words for hosting #3LineTales.


Credit: Andrew Neel via UpSplash


That’s the, 

 Joy of, 

Life; Every —




Chance to, 

Explore possible, 

Paths; accomplishments


Finding revealed

Your purpose

In life, 




Goals meant, 

For you. 

Other’s not;

Your purpose


Hopefully, to —

Help someone.

If not, 

Don’t —



Them as, 

You explore, 

Life’s adventures


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved. 

Friday Music Prompt:  Poem – A L’Arora – ” Obesssion Deludes” #amwriting #poetry #music 

Thanks to MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie for hosting the Friday Music Prompt. Friday’s song was, “Waiting for Tonight” by Jennifer Lopez.


“Waiting For Tonight” – Jennifer Lopez


Credit: Art Nouveau VSCOcam, painting art on Instagram

(Her View) 

Tonight’s the night he’s meeting me here later

Passions ignited, we’ve fires, need sating

All the desires of our time together, at last met

I’ll be shaking, moaning, chasing the stars

Caught in the moment, we’ll shatter as glass

Wrapped in your strong arms, I’ll have a blast. 

Waiting for tonight, excitement beaming

When you and I are lovers holding,  fast. 


Preening, applying makeup and shaking

Preparing for you, our first time creating. 

Ensuring our night’s perfect; it’ll end complete. 

Skin grazingcaressing, nothing sub-par

Lovers busy enjoying repast

Perfect lingerie, beneath a gown fast

Becoming a favourite; it’s perfect and tight

Rip it off, no need to be so classy


Waiting for tonight, our love embracing, 

Perfection between us, this night for our sake. 

I’ve planned it exactly, we’ll not overstep

Each moments vital, at the finale beseech. 

Give into our lust, marvel in love far —

Better than any you’ve ever had; here we’ll last, 

Until mornings stunning rays of light

I wait for him, he’s mine; trembling, my hands clasp.


(His View) 

Tonight it came, the nightmare couldn’t wait

She’s obssessed, unstable, any day she’ll break.

Better to stop, was never invested, not set

On staying with her; she’s a whale beached.

Though thin like a beanpole, not nice at all

Loathsome personality, running fast —

Driving passed; her obsession frightening

I was ‘nice’ once or twice, now there’s an impasse.  


Need freedom, her annoying voice I hate,

Can life be normal again? Not Hell made? 

Can I touch the one I love, and not regret

Bringing him into drama; twice I cheated, 

Boyfriend enraged; a dumb girl caused my fall. 

 Told her, “I like men most;” but left aghast —

She doesn’t care, spoiled girl; not smart, no insight, 

Traps into engagement; I’ll always pass


© Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved. 

Poem: Free Verse – “Windows, or Opportunities”

Thanks to The Daily Post for the word prompt window.



Windows, or opportunities?

Soft winds blowing in, kiss your cheeks,

Tangle through your hair, airy fingers.

Wind chimes jingling, every slight gust.


Windows, or opportunities?

Walking a certain path, changing direction.

At a crossroads, which trail to take?

Each road leads to whimsy, grace, ideas.


Windows, or opportunities?

She saw a warm soul beneath his icey cold,

They nurtured the tiny flame as it grew,

There were fireworks and heat to enliven them both.


Windows, or opportunities? 

It wasn’t her dream, not the one she pictured.

But life moves, people change.

Dreams, our desires, can change in an instant.


Windows, or opportunities?

He cheated on her, too many times to count.

She tells herself, ” I stay for the kids.”

The greatest gift she gave, taking them all away.


Windows, or opportunities?

A window is a second chance,

When a door shuts before you, look to the side,

A window awaits, but you have to decide to climb out.


Windows, or opportunities?

One in the same, you’re climbing down to the unknown.

Leaving locked doors on your way.

Outside is a ethereal magnificent place


Opportunity and new beginnings await.

Don’t forget to look for the windows in life. 


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved.

50 Shades of Grey: What Makes It So Appealing?

In the novel 50 Shades of Grey by E.L. James, a 21-year-old university graduate Anastasia Steele, finds herself caught up in a whirl wind relationship with the enigmatic 27-year-old billionaire Christian Grey. Ana  meets Christian while awkwardly interviewing Christian  in place of her bestfriend Kate for a newspaper article for the Vancouver WSU student paper in Washington where Christian will be conferring degrees on Ana’s graduating class. Ana, who has never been majorly attracted to anyone before, finds herself enthralled by Christian. The chemistry between them is immediate and charged.

Ana finds herself in a difficult situation, however, when she discovers after coffee with Christian that he is not into typical relationships. The only type of relationship Christian has ever had and wants is a dominant – submissive relationship where he is the dominant and controls his submissive in every way when they are together and often a part. Anna wants Christian Grey and has strong feelings for him and even though Christian does not realize it, he has feelings for Ana too. This changes the dynamic of the relationship because eventually Ana wants “more” than a dominant-sub relationship from Christian and Christian gives ‘more’ to Ana even though he has never wanted more from any of his submissives before. In fact, Ana gets away with a lot more than any of Christian’s other submissives ever have.

But what is it about E.L James book that makes women (particularly) love The 50 Shades of Grey series so much? First, it is sex and the idea of a unique S&M relationship that develops into love for Ana and Christian; second, it is the character of Ana, who allows Christian, a deeply controlling and broken man inside, into her life while most other girls of her age and sexual experience would have run away; thirdly, it is the thoroughly brilliant yet clueless character of Christian who ends up falling in love with Ana and experiencing many firsts with her. Despite his preferred S&M lifestyle, Ana becomes the most important person in Christian’s life and they fall in love with each other.

Sex is the most immediate thing that comes to mind when thinking of 50 Shades of Grey. Not just sex but sex that is taboo. Christian is not just attracted to Ana immensely. He does not come into their relationship wanting the typical relationship that develops into a  “white picket fence” marriage. Christian does not even image that for himself in the beginning of the book series. He wants Ana as his submissive to control, keep safe, and use for his pleasure. Ana wants to be with Christian and break down his walls. She wants a pleasurable and enlightening relationship with Christian. She wants Christian without all his baggage. But she is very curious and taken a hold of by the sexual part of their relationship. She even finds it very pleasurable when Christian introduces her to his kinky lifestyle.

Sex of course is frequent through out the entire book. It is through sex (and banter) that the entire relationship of Christian and Ana develops. Christian first introduces  Ana to sex by making love to her because she is a virgin. He is shocked that she has never had sex before and Ana is surprised he has never had vanilla sex before. Christian invites Ana over to his home in Seattle and shows her all the usual and unusual ways of having making love and Ana thinks this is double chocolate with triple fudge on top sex, not just usual sex. She is always aroused for him and he always want to touch her. It is a wonder she can still walk by the end of the first weekend.

A week later, Anna agrees to try S&M sex with Christian. She has a dream where Christian uses a leather riding crop to hit her and make her have an orgasm. Although she is afraid of the pain, Anna allows Christian to flick her with the riding crop, hand cuff her to a track that leads to a giant X against the ‘playroom’ wall, and have sex with her hard. Christian also makes Ana hang on to the bed post while screwing her really intensely again even though she is exhausted. Through out the ordeal Anna finds herself extremely and shockingly turned on and must address Christian as ‘Sir’ or he will smack her hard with the riding crop if she does not. She is told she is be quite and sit by the door in only her underwear kneeling submissively in any sexual scene Ana and Christian get into in the playroom. Christian is thrilled with the way Anna reacts to the sex scene he had planned out and carries her to sleep in her bedroom. I think the fact of being vulnerable and giving yourself over to be sexually pleasured is something many women could relate to with to Ana. Christian is very knowledgeable and skilled about sex and he does promise not to hurt Ana at this point. Even when he does hurt her, and spanks her, she is turned on and Christian makes sure to take care of her with aspirin and lotion/baby oil afterwards.

The third, sexual situation Christian and Ana find themselves in is again in the playroom where Christian blindfolds Anna and plays iPhone music in her ears and cuffs her to the bed. He whips her with a flogger and finds  she enjoys being flogged. Ana finds it very seductive and entrancing. Even though she is feeling a little pain it is okay because of the sexual chemistry and sexual awareness that she is experiencing with Christian. Plus, she trusts him by this point. Sometimes I wondered  in the book why Ana did not stand up for herself a bit more and not agree to call Christian Sir and be so acquiescing. But it’s because she  likes what’s happening to her sexually and that Christian likes doing what he is doing to Ana that she allows the situation to continue. Not only does she trust Christian she is falling in love with him. I’m sure many guys can imagine doing similar sexual things  to a woman  or women can imagine having these things done to them. That whole sexual fantasy aspect plays a huge roll in the book’s success. What Ana cannot tolerate though is real painful punishment from Christian. Her acceptance to experience it one  time to give Christian a chance because she loves him, and then her choice to leave Christian, leads him to the realization that being without Ana is even more painful than being thoroughly lashed with a belt and punished as she is in the end of the book.

Additionally, the chastity and goodness of Ana is very important in the book. She goes about handling Christian with her wits and her innocence, and this beguiles Christian. Having never had any boyfriend and little sexual experience beyond kissing before, Ana is chaste and Christian likes this because it makes Ana completely his. It also makes Anna open to trying a lot of things other girls wouldn’t have been open to trying because she has no frame of reference but Christian. Christian is floored that someone as beautiful as Ana has never had sex before and is quite happy to show her how several times. He is thrilled by her and her innocence. Not only her innocence in being willing to have sex but her willingness to try S&M sex with him just after reading about it on the internet and after reading through and reluctantly saying what she will and will not do with him in a relationship, in a contract. Ana is shocked by some of the things listed in this contract.

It is also Ana’s wit and wisdom that makes her so appealing to Christian. She jokes with him that he is her stalker because he is always worried about her and wants to know her whereabouts and if he does not know where she is, he will track her cellphone. She jokes with Christian in bed and deals with him gently, even though he is a very damaged man. She knows this is the closest he has ever come to a ‘real’ relationship and even though she isn’t keen on the idea of pain she is willing to be vulnerable to him because she likes him and believes he has potential as a person and a partner. She is also in lust with him and this develops into love. Moreover, when she falls in love with Christian she hopes that he sees that she is willing to sacrifice for him. She listens to Christian and encourages him to talk about his past even though he does not like talking about his experiences, especially his early childhood and his toxic relationship with Mrs. Robinson that warps his views on sex. Ana also respects that Christian doesn’t like being touched in some areas on his body and Christian later lets Ana touch him in the second book, something none of Christian’s submissives had ever done. Ana becomes Christian’s girlfriend, rather, then his submissive.

Lastly, Ana is a good influence on Christian and an interesting character because she finally does set limits for him, something no one dares to do. She will not allow Christian to hit her and punish her like his old submissives. She cannot live with that. She lets him know that his issues of liking punishment are issues he will have to deal with because she will not accept that he is a masochist or permanently destroyed person . If he wants her, loves her,  than Christian has to learn to control himself. That is why she tells him to “get it together Grey” when he belts her over a bench in the playroom at the end the first book. It  is her or his urge to punish and control her, not both.She decides she will not be his submissive of punishment is required.

Thirdly, it is the character of Christian Grey that especially makes 50 shades of Grey intriguing. Christian is a mystery. Why is he so dominant? Why does he feel he needs to punish his submissives? Why is he so controlling? It is also his growth as a human being that is fascinating coming from his circumstances. He is a 27-year-old billionaire who can do what he wants and he picks seemingly plane Anastasia Steele and thinks she is gorgeous. He cannot stay away from her and he goes to visit her after their interview at the hardware store where she works. He makes all this effort to explain his lifestyle to Ana who is a virgin to begin with because he is completely bewitched by her. This has never happened to him before and Ana is someone he could be compatible with for life, despite the fact that he is an angry and a possibly masochistic man due to his past. Christian lets Ana talk and have an opinion because he likes her wit and  he enjoys that she is smart like him. He introduces her to his entire family who is shocked at first by the existence of her as Christian’s ‘ girlfriend” because he has never brought a girl home before and they assumed Christian might be gay. Moreover, his family genuinely like Ana and comment at the good change Ana causes in Christian. She opens him up emotionally to herself, his family, and to love.
Additionally, Christian wants and is willing to give Anna the ‘more’ she wants. He shows up at the Hotel  Ana and her mother are drinking at on vacation because Ana misses him and he takes her on a gliding plan after a night of talking and making love. He even gets to the point that he does not much care about the sexual contract between Ana and himself.  He just wants her submissive in the playroom and obedient. She is free to be herself otherwise, something he never allowed with past submissives. Then again he never had a girlfriend before. He even feels more comfortable when Ana sleeps beside him and tells her the most comforting thing he has ever heard was when she said  in her sleep that she would never leave him.
Christian’s failing of course, is believing that Anna will be obedient to his will. She is not a very submissive person, not to mention she is  a person and you shouldn’t even punish an animal by hitting it when it does something you don’t like.When Christian punishes Ana so she will know how bad it can be to be hit,  he fails to realize that Ana will do anything to avoid intense pain, to avoid punishment. She does not understand Christian’s need to punish her and really hurt her even though she loves him. When he belts her hard several times, Ana ends up leaving Christian putting Christian in intense pain. For 4 days he lets the love of his life walk out on him and the pain of not having her to love and be with is more pain than he’s ever experienced in his life. It gives him the sickly taste of what Ana feels about punishment. He soon realizes in 50 Shades Darker, that he must get Ana back because she is the light in his life. Ana is the best thing that has ever happened to him, his only release from the pain without her, and the release from the pain of his dark past. Christian’s intense, sexy, but remorseful character makes him likable and attractive. He becomes a better person because of Anna and because he can be saved by her and by himself. Because of this, he is redeemable, despite his love for punishment and darker desires.

In 50 Shades of Grey by E.L James women and particular find the book extremely appealing. The strong influence of sex, often taboo sex, makes the book interesting for many people to read as well as the innocent and loving character of Ana, and the enigmatic, suffering, yet forgivable character of Christian Grey. Although, Christian does not understand until the end that he must choose between his love of punishment to stay in control or his girlfriend Ana, he soon realizes that life without her is a far worse hell than he could have imagined. Both Ana and Christian are a mess without each other and in the following book both characters and their strengths and weaknesses are exposed so that Anna truly realizes how strong love must be to love someone as tortured and hurting as Christian. It is her ability to love despite his giant flaws, her patience to give, and Christian’s unexpected love for Ana that make the series so appealing.