A Connection to Fictional Characters – Derek Shepherd 

Have you ever cried when something horrible happened to a character in a book or maybe a TV show? I don’t know exactly how to describe it just there is something so relateable, nice, compassionate, and something called gumption having to do with this character that you can’t help feeling as if they are in a sense real and part of your life, that you morn when they are hurt badly, especially when they die.

At the end of Allegiant the final book in the Veronica Roth series that begins with Divergent, I bawled when Triss died at the end learning the true meaning of sacrifice. I also cried a lot when Patrick Dempsey’s character Dr. Derek Sheperd died this past Thursday on Grey’s Anatomy. Literally, for two days I felt sniffly and I still think about his death in shock.

Here’s why: Derek is Meredith’s person. She keeps losing everyone in her life her mother, dad, sister Lexi, and now she loses Derek. Derek survived a plane crash where Lexi died and later his best friend. He was shot at a hospital shooting, pulled Meredith out of the water when she tried to just let go and drown, and he has survived so much more. Not to mention Shonda Rhimes has spent the ten years he was on the show developing this heart wrenching relationship between him and Meredith from day 1 of the show. So, why kill him? No one I’ve talked to is impressed. Rhimes promised to have Mer and Der end up together now Derek is dead from a car accident a year before his contract as an actor on Grey’s expires? Not cool. 

So, why does this bug people so much that less then a week later 70 000 people have signed a petition to get him back on the show? Because in reality situations in life are really bad sometimes and things such as books and TV shows bring us through the bad times. It can get exciting on a show and more minor characters can die but not the male lead, the handsomest guy on the show, and the protagonist, Meredith’s husband and father of two children they had together. People want hope and people want that happy ending. 

So, I don’t personally think this petition will go anywhere unless it picks up speed but because I want to see Derek finish the show out and I want Shonda Rhimes to regret writing the episode where Derek dies, I want her to fix it — I want this petition to epically do fantastic. I want Shonda to fix the happily ever after she promised Derek and Meredith when she first introduced us to them in 2005 in episode 1. I want her to bring back our favorite character who keeps Meredith together, Derek.