Monday and a Crazy Time Change
Hi everyone!  It’s Monday and I think Monday’s are always difficult even if you don’t have to go to an office. There is just something about Mondays. The world just doesn’t run the right way at the beginning of the week. Everyone is tired, and it’s hard to get into your school work or job work.

Especially with this fall time change, we know it will be an accident-prone and less productive work week for people from countries who participate in the time change. Yesterday, I learned that it is not because of farmers that we have this time change. In fact, the time change was started by Germany in 1915 to conserve energy. People would spend less energy lighting their homes because they had to get up an hour earlier. Much of Europe, the US, and Canada followed suit with Germany. Ironically enough, we spend more money on energy now because of the time change in Canada at least. The CBC has an interesting article on the time change here.

Also, how did your Halloween weekend go? Facebook was flooded with images of children and families (including pets) all dressed up. It was interesting to see the variety of costumes and how many good natured parents and grandparents dressed up with their children or grandchildren. I don’t recall my parents doing that (LOL) but I don’t blame them for it. I think dressing up your kid or pet is difficult enough. Some parents go all out, especially if your family has a “theme.” Some Moms were thinking ahead this year when they planned their families’ costumes.
What I would like to try some year is to paint my face-up artistically as a deer or lion (some type of animal.) Face painting has become wonderfully realistic since the nineties. With contouring becoming popular in regular makeup and better face paints besides those sticks that have been around forever, people can paint their  own or their child’s face fantastically! I wasn’t up to doing a lot this Halloween. I had planned on attending a scary haunted house at Fort Edmonton but the tickets for the event sold out fast. I should have put more thought into that earlier.
But to tell you the truth, I was just too involved studying for my Residential Furnishings midterm (that I thought would be as intense as the Art History midterms and finals I experienced in University) that I didn’t think about Halloween including a costume, face paint, and/or buying tickets for an event. But I did hand out candy to the thirteen kids who came to visit our house for candy. We are close to a park called Rundle Park, it’s lovely especially in the Summer  and is picturesque in Autumn. But it seems the kids trick’o’treating don’t come down far into our neighbourhood. It’s a shame because the kids who did come received a fistful of candy. We are generous at our house. Better that someone else’s kid should eat the candy than any of us.

Additionally, I was getting bored with the theme of my blog so I went through a few different themes this morning and settled on one. I hope you like the new look of the blog and that the header of the red shoes that is a painting, isn’t to blurry and close up. I still have a few things to fix on the blog, but for tonight it will do. Let me know what you think of the new theme? Is there too much on the bottom header where my biography is located? 

I am also about to start a paper and project for my class. I have to choose a certain amount of furniture/art from different eras and design a showroom with brochures and an essay on the theme. I’m thinking about doing it on pieces from a certain periods for example, the Gothic era and then the revival of the Gothic era, Gothic Revival (in the Victorian Era). I think it would be fascinating to put the actual time period of something together with other pieces that tried to emulate it years later. So, that’s the main idea and I need to start tomorrow.  I only have three weeks of time to complete my project.

IMG_0399Is it bad that I have started to think about Christmas? Not to diminish Rememberance Day November 11th here in Canada, but I think the birth of Baby Jesus has a great deal to do with veterans. 

Anyways, every year finding gifts for people seems to get harder. It’s always hit and miss with gifts because one year one person likes their gift and another person wants to return their gift. I think for 2015, I am going to give gift cards. Some people think it’s impersonal but I think that people often have ideas of what they want sometimes and would prefer money or gift cards towards that item or service. Christmas cards take the longest time to write, especially if you are trying to say something personal. I try to write something meaningful. I don’t look up a Hallmark quote and throw it on the card. At least the card can be personal even if the giftcard with it is less so. 

Moreover,  I am anticipating Friday. The new James Bond Spectre is out in the movies.Danial Craig I enjoy Daniel Craig as James Bond. He brought something unique to the part,  grittiness , and great live action chase scenes, that some of the other James Bond movies didn’t contain. I wonder who will play the next James Bond? They need someone to start out at a bit younger age than Daniel Craig did, so he can be in more films. Tom Hardy, was one name I heard was being considered but I don’t really think he has that suave demeaner that James Bond encompasses. Who do you think should play James Bond after Daniel Craig is finished the role, after the James Bond movie after Spectre ? Any other movies you are looking forward to? I can’t wait for the last Hunger Games movie Mockingjay Part II. Jennifer Lawrence is amazing as Katniss and I love Liam Hemsworth who plays Gale too. Katniss should end up with Gale, not Peta.Team Gale!

Enjoy your week everyone. I will have the regular picture/word prompt stories and some poems coming out. I am thinking about some pieces I can do that are different from my regular posts. Since last month was National Poetry Writing Month, I am considering going back and doing that this month. I love poetry! But I am not sure, I also might be doing Writing 101 to keep busy. Cheers!

December Tidings

Happy December to you all. Are you like us up here in Edmonton? Covered in many inches of snow and just starting to come out of a cold snap that reached about -31 degrees Celsius with wind chill? I shouldn’t be complaining I’m an Albertan and use to this season we have called Winter. It lasts 8 months after all, and 10 months if you look at last year.
Not to mention I have been able to remain snugly warm in my sweaters while others have had to drive and go about their daily business.
A plus side for me to being constantly ill. Additionally, I don’t have to shovel snow, nor would I be much use at it as it is.

But enough about the weather I’d rather talk about the fact I managed to finish my Christmas shopping 2 weeks ago when A was up and that combined with a few on line orders did the job. Most of my presents are in gift bags with tags and cards in my room and I just have to receive one last parcel and then I really am finished shopping, even for myself. I need to order a pair of tall boots and that will be my present to me since I have to actually get them made due to the fact I fit neither wide calf or extra wide calf boots; I am right in the middle. It will take a month to get those puppies made and believe me they will last me a long time.

I am going with my brother to this Choklat place on Whyte Ave tomorrow night. We will get to see how the store makes chocolate and then have a wine tasting with chocolate. Some of you might think that is too sweet of a combination but I think it is just about perfection; Choklat is putting together two of my favourite items. It was a Groupon event and I just had to go so I purchased a ticket for my brother and I and now I can’t wait. I think the process of chocolate making will be pretty interesting in addition to the wine and chocolate tasting.

Also, it turns out my 4 month Proofreading course is only a 3 week course. I have finished 1 module and have 2 more to go before proofing an exam worth 85%. It has put me into a panic but I will just have to memorize and study hard for the final. The other 15% is made up of online posts, just answering questions the instructor asks about the modules, that’s the easy part. But I will be pretty busy until those modules are finished December 9 and then while I’m studying for the exam that needs to be finished before December 23. I tell myself at least that’s another editing course finished and done fast. The next one, Copywriting, takes place in April.

Also, looking forward to finally seeing a rheumatologist to find out whether I actually have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I think it’s a good bet I do but that depends what the doctor says and what kind of testing he gives me. But at least another step to unravelling what illness or illnesses that have been giving me grief often enough. Not looking forward to seeing the sleep doctor so much as I think it’s probably time that I require another sleeping medication. Gabepentin has done the trick for a year but I feel it’s effects waning at maximum dose. It has me afraid I will get another medication that will cause weight gain or won’t help me sleep deep enough. A deep peaceful sleep cannot be taken for granted given its effect on your whole day.

I have also started my fourth UBlogging course with WordPress, Writing 201 long form writing. I’m not sure how much writing I’ll actually get done but I am interested in the information each day’s topic will provide. I’m trying to write a book and am stuck on Chapter 3. I just need to sit down at Christmas time and organize my plot line and then just write. I’ll put the chapters up as I finish and correct them to my best ability. But, it may take awhile until How Was Last Night For You starts coming together.

Thanks for reading!


Comings and Goings

I am so excited right now! My guy is flying into EIA as I write. He has been gone on a long overdue trip home to Morocco and then to Paris, France and Spain. Yesterday A was trying to find a flight into Edmonton from NY so I’m psyched that in 15 minutes, approximately, he will be landing. I know it’s been a long trip for him home and that he’s going to require 3 or 4 days rest but he is in the same city now and I will get to see him soon. A has been gone 2 months! That’s forever in ‘dating’ time. Almost an entire summer went by and I saw him twice. Once before my birthday and once before he left in July.

I am apprehensive about our relationship. Things were not going well before he left, and before that and we barely had time to make things right before he went away. It was good though, to have all that time to think and consider things, to figure out a direction I want to take with him. It was nice not to worry about the relationship when I was having health troubles this summer. But all in all, I’m excited to see A and can’t wait for us to be us again.

I have also extremely enjoyed the Writing 101 course I have been participating in through WordPress. I highly recommend to anyone who blogs. Any kind of education you can get to improve your work or your hobbies is beneficial and it’s exciting. I always found in school I learnt more in classes where the professor and the students participated and gave their opinions. I think that is what I find with the mini writing course. Having the input of so many peers and having the ability to read and learn through all the work of your peers is very helpful to one’s own writing. Not to mention, all the different prompts or topics and challenges we have been given have definitely stretched my comfort zone and improved my ability as a writer. I look forward to each writing challenge and I have found that writing for 20 to 30 minutes a day is not hard, even if you have to go back and make corrections through out the day for certain blog posts.

The Writing course has filled a void left by editing courses I did not sign up for in time from Simon Frazier. I did not realize I needed to sign up 2 to 3 months in advance and that you had to be signed up for all the editing courses you wanted to take all year. So at least I have a beginner’s copywriting course from April to July. I would also especially like to take my final course at the U of A for Residential design even if I miss half the classes due to health issues, in January. At least then I’ll be done that certificate and receive it in June 2015. All I need is a B.

Also excited for Brewfest — a pop up market and Beer thing next Friday and lunch with my 25-year-old baby brother Wednesday. Tomorrow I finally get into the doctors and have a bunch of paperwork I need filled out there and in November, time to Christmas Shop. I get mine done ahead of time and I think this year maybe a gift card year, we’ll have to see.

Talk to you in the future!