Three Line Tales: Missed The Rocks #3LineTales #fiction 

Thanks to Sonya of Only 100 Words for hosting a#3LineTales:


Credit: William Bout


Darkness was stealing the light of day, taking my weary breath away; I prayed while the cold, careless ocean ripped my feet from the pathway of stone I stumbled down, attempting to reach the lighthouse door. 

The storm raged and the sound of thunder, a giant drum rumbled and the clash of lightening frightened me; but above me the lighthouse torch glimmered, a shining beacon glowing in the dark for any passing ship –in my heart grew hope dimly. 
I wondered how the Captain of the grand ship approaching, could see when the night was black and the shadow seemed to overcome us both; but I, as was the ships Captain, was blind to think darkness could swallow light; as the gleam of the lighthouse blended with the dawn, I was thankful to have survived a dreadful night, stuck outside the lighthouse door, no one to hear my quivering knocks; the storm surrounded me and roared while I witnessed the grand ship barely miss the rocks — the lighthouse torch grew brighter, just in time. 


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved. 


Poem: Rondel – ” Frivolity “

Thanks to The Daily Post for the word prompt frivolous.

Rondel form: ABba abAB abbaA


Not sure, I need frivolous lies,

Frivolity means you’re careless with life,

Your actions they present dire strife.

You turn away with a quiet sigh.


Anger builds within me, you don’t try.

You’re frivolous with time and life.

Not sure, I need frivolous lies,

Frivolity means you’re careless with life.


Not going to let you just fly.

You are like fruit overally ripe.

Spending time frivolous you gripe.

You’ll never know simple sighs.

Not sure I need, frivolous lies.


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved.

Heart Breaker

Blank space, blank choice, little child of angelic voice.
Blank tape, blank hate, person of all brilliant things.
Make way, make haste, if you have a voice speak it now.
Cause you are the tone of a thousand rings.
Self-assurance, security.

Blank song, sing along, blank heart so desolate.
Black choice, blank ring, play the ringtone cut off the song.
Cause you are the moon in my sky, light up the sky all big and bright.
Stole away my heart that sings, cause your a coward, I hope that stings.

Blank voice, blank eyes, lying spies that betray my sight.
Blank hate, blank fate, how will you face me now you think?
Cause you are the child that never grew, selfish boy I’m talking to you.
Say what you say, when you want to sing. But you’re a liar of broken dreams.

I thought if I said it, you’d here my song.
I thought if I meant it you’d show a little strength.
I thought if I vented, you’d end my suffering

All these blank pages, I’ll write alone.