Music #9 /Photo Challenge: Poem – Blitz – Liabilities Now Shed” #musicchallenge #poetry #amwriting #photochallenge 

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Credit: MKA photography

Lords – “Liability” 


You’re a little much for me, see 

See you’re a liability 

Liabilities are costly 

Liability, that’s you baby 

Baby hurt me so much

Baby left me crying 

Crying in the taxi 

Crying until I reached home 

Home, it’s what I though we had

Home, what’s one broken? 

Broken I’m shattered

Broken, he doesn’t need to know

Knowing me, mistake were made 

Knowing little, he couldn’t handle trying  

Trying to dance in my storm 

Trying not to be poisoned 

Poison, he said that’s what I was

Poison, that’s what he is 

He is poison destructive to me 

He is the maker of harsh demands 

Demands — I only meet my own now

Demands are so tiring 

Tiring, he’s too hard to please

Tiring, he says I’m diseased 

Diseased, he’s the one, making ‘us’ decay

Diseased, the man I knew gone 

Gone amd there’s no more dancing 

Gone, no more love in the dark

Darkness, I’m alone swaying 

Dark and alone, dancing alone

Alone too much for him 

Alone I’m still dangerous 

Dangerous truth: he treats me as a toy 

Dangerous and too boring 

Boring after doing exciting tricks

Boring after our perfect summer

Summer in my heart hurts  

Summer’s turned cold 

Cold eating me alive, 

Cold cause, you’re all gone 

Gone so I’m on my own 

Gone, I accept I’m a liability 

Liabilities must be forgotten 

Liabilities must be shed

Shed so as not to him expose. 

Forgotten so I’m never loved. 


©Mandibelle16. (2017) All Rights Reserved 

Sunday Photo Fiction: An Adventure Alone #amwriting #flashfiction 

Thanks to Alistair Forbes for hosting SPF.


Credit: Sascha Darlington


Six-year-old James was excited. He was at a giant amusement park with a fascinating complex modular domes. He tried to rush past his parents but his Dad grasped James’ hand firmly. 

They entered the first dome and there was a huge race track inside. James squeeled while driving with his Dad in a go-kart. The next dome had a mini-golf course. Half-way through the course James decided he was bored and that it was time for his adventure alone; he crept off when his Dad was putting. 

He spent his day playing in a giant indoor playground and then went outside to where there were rides for kids to go on. He made friends with another boy named Paul whose parents thought James had permission to ride rides with them. 

After a while James felt sick because he hadn’t eaten. He returned to the mini-golf course to wait for his Dad. He sat there for hours but he never saw his parents. He thought they had decided they didn’t want him.

 Then he heard his Mom’s angry voice: “James William, where have you been?” He hugged his Mom and cried into his Dad’s shoulder when he picked James up. It appeared his adventure alone was more than James had bargained for. 


©Mandibelle16. (2017) All Rights Reserved. 

Friday Fictioneer: When The Wheel Stops Turning

Thanks to Rochelle Wiseoff-Fields for hosting FF.

Credit: Sandra Crook

Bruno’s days were spent turning the wheel, bored and physically exhausted. At night he returned to his hovel, barely awake enough to eat thin gruel. In the day there was mead to ensure the serfs didn’t rebel.

But the mead wasn’t helping today. Bruno glared at the the serf master, upset he didn’t even know what or why this wheel turned.

One day when the serf master tried to whip them, Bruno reached out and caught the whip grabbing it and knocking the serf master out. He ran as far away as he could run.

Bruno heard in the east, a landowner was giving out pieces of property in return for part of the proceeds; he thought this would be a much better living — at least, he hoped.

©Mandibelle16. (2017) All Rights Reserved.


Writing 101:  Tessa’s Anecdotes Meeting Men #everydayinspiration #amwriting

Today’s prompt for Writing 101 is to write a series of anecdotes or vignettes which are defined as ” short, episodic scenes or moments that together read as variations on the same subject/story.” Therefore, each vignettes needs to have a similarity between them which ties each vignettes to the others. 



Tessa feels afraid. Life has become unmanageable for her to take a risk in love because she can’t calculate the damage another man could do to her. One guy Ryan, she talked to for a year and he wanted be with Tessa but she was in a relationship at the time. Tessa told Ryan, she loved her boyfriend. She only wanted to be friends with Ryan. He wasn’t interested in being friends. The thought of not talking to and seeing him anymore, made Tessa bitterly sad. 


Tessa was single and free. It felt wonderful to not have to go out and spend her weekends at her boyfriend Ted’s place, not doing much of anything. When she was out, Tessa wanted to be doing something, not laying around all day. A nap was one thing, but sitting and watching the same news channel hours on end as Ted did, Tessa couldn’t handle it. She wanted to visit their couple friends and go to fun events on the evenings and a week night once in a while. Her now ex-boyfriend Ted always sat on the couch, eyes on the news or searching the Internet. Tessa left Ted, never looking back.


Freedom flowed through her veins. Tessa was happy and her life was fulfilling. She was working hard each day. Doing the best she could, developing a career. But there were always men who wanted something from Tessa. She didn’t want to be mean and say: “I don’t want anything from you. You’d only mess up my life and I like my life how it is right now.” 

To say that would be too honest and being too honest can sound brash and thoughtless and get a woman labelled. Tessa didn’t want to damage her career, but often it meant putting up with men, their sexual inuendo and advances.


Greyson is messaging Tessa again. No real conversation occurs between them. He doesn’t talk about his days or ask much about hers when they go on dates. Greyson gazes at her and says, “I like you. I like talking to you. Don’t you like me?” Tessa is tired of his games.

 She tells Greyson, “We’ve been through this. You don’t want a relationship and I do.” 

He remarks, “Let’s sleep together and see how it goes.” 

Tessa is angry, her attraction to Greyson wanes and she ceases talking to him.


She is dating Phillip now. A new guy who keeps calling her at all times. Phillip won’t stop. He’s a stranger who somehow had her number in his contacts. Tessa recalls she hasn’t  had her new cell number for long. 

Phillip tells Tessa he is into having a relationship with her but with him too, it comes down to sex.  After they have sex he tells her, “We’ll see how things go.” He is suddenly non-committal and distant towards Tess, except when he wants to sleep with her.

Tessa is exasperated. Isn’t she valuable outside the context of sex? Isn’t there a guy who will like her for her personality too and want to get to know her!? 

Now, whenever Phillip texts or calls Tessa deletes any trace of him from her cell phone.


Some man starts talking to Tessa outside her hair salon, grabbing her arm. She doesn’t like it when people she doesn’t know man handle her. But Tessa attempts to be polite. 

 The stranger tells her she’s beautiful and keeps complimenting her. She’s not attracted to him in the least and he won’t let her leave. He keeps stepping in front of her as she tries to take the stairs down to the train. 

Tessa had worked in the morning and taken the afternoon off to have her hair done and now this weird man won’t let her go home. It’s only 4:00 pm but Tessa smells the liquor on the stranger’s breath.

 “Let go. Leave me alone. My boyfriend wouldn’t like you bothering me like this. I need to go home.” She tells the man.

The stranger acts offended and she shivers in disgust at his repulsive corporate ego. She hates having to lie to protect herself. To ensure her own security.


Tessa meanders in a popular shopping district, alone on a Saturday afternoon. She’s in a boutique and is enthused the clothes are stylish but not overally expensive. Tessa models a blue halter dress and she hears a deep voice remark: “I’d take you out in that dress. You’re gorgeous.” 

Tessa turns, regarding the man who complimented her. He’s a bit older, but it doesn’t bother her. The handsome man’s blue eyes are breath-taking, bright against dark hair and attractive full lips. He wears dark jeans and a blue t-shirt matching his eyes.

Suddenly, Tessa realizes she’s been staring at the attractive man and hasn’t responded to his compliment. She blushes and her skin goes red.”I’m happy you like me in the dress. I wasn’t sure about it, but you’ve made my mind up for me.” 

The attractive man chuckles and comes up to Tessa, running a hand gently down her arm. She’s surprised his familer touch doesn’t bother her. He gazes into her eyes and smiles. 

“What’s a pretty girl like you doing all by herself shopping? You need a guy to hold your bags and make sure douch men don’t bother you.” 

Tessa laughs. “Are you offering to do the job? Because I would definitely have to take you up on that offer. I’m Tessa by the way.” She holds out her hand which is shaking a bit and his strong hand engulfs hers and shakes it firmly. A firm handshake, Tessa is impressed.

She smiles as the attractive man runs a hand through wisps of her loose hair. “What’s your name?” She asks him.

He grins at her question. “I’m Blake and I’m a university professor in economics. What do you do Tessa?” 

” I work in HR for a company. I like talking with different people and helping them.” Blake stares at his hands in his jean pockets, smiling at Tessa before touching her cheek with the back of his hand. 

Again, his touch doesn’t bother Tessa. She craves it. Blake smells wonderful, like the ocean with a note of sandlewood. Blake and her are standing close and Tessa’s breathing is picking-up speed with Blake’s breath.

“There you are.” An elegant woman in a red dress sweeps in. She’s thin and willowy and seems like she’s a model, on trend and waifish.”Who’s this?” The model asks, regarding Tessa as if she were a peculiar creature for Blake to be flirting with.

The model’s eyes rove over Tessa and back to Blake. Blake sighs and he doesn’t appear glad to see the model, in fact; he seems annoyed. He gazes at Tessa appearing apologetic. Tessa has pity on Blake.

“Oh this must be your girlfriend you were telling me about.” Tessa remarks to Blake. “She is stunning and you’re lucky to have her. I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch. I’ve been busy and I know you have been busy too. I’ll let you get back to your girl.” The model gives Tessa an odd look and then giggles.

Tessa can’t help but feel she’s missing something and that the model is making fun of her.”Lovely to meet you, ” the model says.”I’m Cherise.” 

“I’m Tessa and Blake really loves you.” She says. Cherish chuckles and so does Blake.

Cherise smiles at Tessa and Blake. Tessa doesn’t know what to say. She feels miserable. because she has met a nice guy and he isn’t actually a nice guy. He has a girlfriend named Cherise who’s laughing at her.

 Tessa was hugely attracted to Blake and wanted to know him better. He pressed the back of his hand to her cheek as Cherise walked away to look at a dress. 

“I’m going to try this on,” she tells Blake who nods at her. But his blue gaze is focused on Tessa.

“Why did you do that?” Blake says, laughter in his voice. ” Cherise is my younger step-sister. She’s not my girlfriend. It’s gross thinking about her that way. We have the same Dad and I grew up with her.” 

Tessa’s face turns bright red. Redder than it was before. “Oh, I didn’t realize. I was trying to give you an out because I thought Cherise was your girlfriend. But I’m glad she’s only your sister. You had me worried for a bit.” 

Blake chuckles again.”Are you going to let me take you out tonight in that dress you’re buying? I have to drive Cherise to her boyfriends but I can meet you down the street at the Manterra Hotel dining room at 7:00 pm?”

Tessa smiles genuinely. “I’d love to have dinner with you, Blake.” She leans up towards Blake and kisses his inviting lips gently for a few moments, keeping her lips against Blakes  a meaningful second before walking towards the cash register. 

Blake repeats behind her: “7:00 pm at the Manterra Hotel.” 

Tessa looks back at Blake and smiles.”You bet.” 


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved.

Maydays: Flash Fiction – Lost Keys #Maydays



Thanks to C.L. Kaley of new2writing for today’s #Mayday prompt: a little lost.



“Where are my keys?” Jeremy muttered. “I can’t find my keys. They were hanging on the key rack and now they’re not there?”

His friend Jake shrugged. “It happens man. I lose my keys all the time.”

Jeremy scowled at Jake, “Why aren’t you helping me search? They’re on a blue key chain with a skull. There’s ten keys on there and many of them from work. We won’t be going to that concert soon if I can’t find my keys because my car key is on that ring.”

Jake appeared bored but dutifully began searching for Jeremy’s keys. After ten minutes he gave up and sitting on Jeremy’s couch, flicked on the TV, turning it to a hockey game in progress.

“What’s the big deal with your keys?” Jake said to Jeremy. Jeremy looked at Jake irately.

“It’s expensive to replace them all and I haven’t got a lot of extra cash laying around right now.”

“No one does, bad times mean no jobs in the oil field.”

“I don’t work in oil Jake. That’s you. I work in an office downtown and I have keys to the whole office. Even the places where most people aren’t allowed to go. I need my keys.” Jeremy shouted.

“We’re going to miss the concert,” Jake said. “We should take a cab and look for your keys later. ” Jeremy rolled his eyes at Jake’s obtuseness.

“I have to lock my condo up Jake. I can’t leave it open.”

Ignoring Jeremy, Jake took out his phone to call a cab despite what Jeremy had said. He started to dial the cab number when he felt something hard and uncomfortable under his left leg. He dug between the couch cushions and found Jeremy’s keys.

“Hey look what I found Jeremy.” Jake said triumphantly.

Jeremy was stunned.”You mean, you were sitting on my keys the whole time you were on the couch?”

Jeremy attacked Jake, playfully punching him in the nose.

“You idiot you had my keys under your leg,” Jeremy said laughing and shaking his head at Jake.

©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved.




Too much or Too Little to Do

How do you fill all the hours in a day? For some people, this is a easy question to answer because there aren’t enough hours in the day to complete everything they need to get done. But for some people, the tedious hours of the day go on and on. There never seems to be enough to do and there is always time spent waiting with nothing to do to fill that time.
A lot of times it seems, the media and other people focus on the people in this world who are busy. These people don’t know how to slow down and don’t know how to take it easy, we are told. They go from one activity to the next hurriedly and always aware that there is a time limit for r every activity before they have to go on to the next item on their busy daily calender. You and I all know these people, some of us are these people, and some of us want to get out of being these people. Simply put, just because you are crazy busy does not mean you wouldn’t appreciate some free time.

I used to be this type of person. I panicked if I had free time and would try to fill it with any activity I could think of doing. When I wasn’t moving from place to place in life, I was filling my mind with books. I read as much as I could, but it seemed as time went on time to read was less often the more I had to do. When I became ill and was faced with inevitable days where I was too tired to do regular activities or my brain at that time was too injured to concentrate for long or stay awake, I became very aware of how long a day truly was and how much I had been filling my life with, so much that I finally broke down.

I think we need to take time in our busy lives to relax and breathe. Little routines such as having a cup of tea and taking 20 minutes to sit down and think can make all the difference. As much as I shunned it, I never knew how much 20 minutes of meditation could do for me, not to mention 40 minutes of yoga that would stretch out my kinked up limbs and make them longer, leaner, and stronger.

Some people like to take an hour a day and just write. This can be great because one can release a lot of ideas and hopes onto paper and plan and dream through these ideas. This can also be bad because as good as it is to release negative pent up energy, you can also just end up rehashing the bad things that have happened to you and never solve any of your issues. So whether writing works is up to the individual person and how they treat their writing. Personally, I find writing very therepeutic and idea inspiring but I have found myself in a trap of never facing problems I needed to look head on at because I kept going over them in my writing and in my head.

Another idea I found really helpful for relieving stress was exercise that was intense. This released endorphins and made me happier but also allowed me to clear my mind. Scheduling the odd vacation also helped. I would go on one grande vacation but because vacations can be stressful I also would go on a couple little trips such as to Las Vegas or to the Spa in Edmonton. I would make my own package up at a local spa or look for groupon or team buy deals and take a day to be pampered. You could also go up to the cabin or camping some weekends, stay a weekend in a B&B or nice hotel somewhere relaxing and warm, or go visit friends and/or relatives in near by cities or towns.

All in all, when faced with a never ending flux of activities the best idea is to take time to chill out and maybe say no to some of those activities and take some days off.

As for the other end of the spectrum, people like me this past semester who don’t have enough to do in your life, or if you are prevented from doing activities you would like for health reasons, developing a routine of activities you are able to do can fill your day. For instance, I spend the first hour and a half of my day getting myself ready – doing my hair and makeup, showering, etc. so I feel like I can accomplish some activities in my day because I feel prepared to work. I eat breakfast before that and after preparing myself for the day I study whatever class I’m taking for 2 to 3 hours. I work on projects in this time, read textbooks, and take notes. In the middle, I have lunch and after I have stopped my studying around 2 pm I attempt to exercise for 20 minutes. By this time I am tired and a bit fatigued so I sleep for an hour.

After, or during this time I do activities around the house such as putting away dishes, laundry, cleaning the bathroom, cleaning my room, walking the dog, and other chores. By 4 pm I’m ready to just relax and watch TV. Some of my medication wears off so I experience some withdrawal and rest. After resting, sometimes I prepare supper or if someone else makes supper, I clean up after supper. Then at night I read or watch prime time TV. During the day I also go out sometimes to appointments, to do errands, or to visit people. I can handle going out 1 to 3 times in the week depending on my energy levels, for half a day. Sometimes I do this at night and take it easier during the day.

Routine has helped me a lot. Not having class this semester really disrupted that routine. I have spent far to much time on the internet and doing nothing much. Also, I neglected to mention that on days I do not do homework I write for a couple hours just for the hell of it and for practice. Not to mention, in your daily schedule, one can always break routine, in fact, I recommend doing that sometimes. It helps if you have a lot of time on your hands that life does not become the same all the time. But it is nice to know that you have plans in the day and that having plans makes you feel much more balanced. Routine is key.



A Hard Day Doing Nothing

Today is a very hard day. It is difficult because today is one of those days where I am stuck at home with nothing to do. I have gone through the motions of the day extra-carefully today, especially getting ready. I am getting portraits done in the park at 5 pm and I love having my picture taken when it’s professionally done but I am just waiting, and waiting, and there is nothing else to do or maybe I do not have the motivation to do other things; I don’t know.

This morning I put on my makeup which I usually keep more natural, but I did it more like going out makeup so thick black cat eye’s and extra coats of mascara. I put a finishing powder on my makeup and am even wearing lipstick. I am shimmered and bronzed and my brows are darker. Then this afternoon, I took a curling rod and half curled and/or made my hair wavey. I turned my head upside down and shook the waves out a bit and now I have the perfect hair style. In the shower I shaved my legs and underarms and put on a bright turquoise blue dress that has been sitting in my closet for a year. It has an interesting back with a visible zipper and triangles on either side of my back. The front is very gathered and pleated and I put a bright pink belt with gold clasp around my middle to give me a waist. When I get pictures I will post if they are good. I have two pairs of black heals to try with the outfit and a pink and gold necklace. I hope the photos are fun because the waiting is long.

Flurt didn’t have an article list to choose from this week, so no Flurt articles. My room is organized, the bathroom is clean, the living room is clean, and I’m not feeling like I want to concentrate on scrapbooking right now. I have spent a lot of the past 2 days listening to a book on my iphone but today not really into that, or reading a book. I am really fighting a temptation to shop.

I discovered this store I have seen but not often gone into at West Edmonton called Anthropologie and they are online now. I have already chosen what I would like to buy when I get paid again. But then I think, I could probably put the money to better use, it’s just more lingerie and a darling robe. So having absolutely no money to waste right now I cannot buy anything and as I’ve mentioned buying is something that’s really easy to do online when you are bored so I am really fighting it because I am trying to keep my budget. I also have to watch the money I spend on cabs right now.

I am not happy about it.  I suppose if I was not getting pictures ( I can’t handle the trip to and from downtown and pictures) I could bus downtown but everyone is busy going back to school and doing whatever. I don’t mind having coffee by myself and I even have Starbucks gift cards but then, I haven’t been so good on my portion control diet lately and I am trying not to cheat on that. So not sure what to do?

I start Green Design next Tuesday thank goodness and their is always reading to do for that but well, some courses you need to read for and some you don’t so I am the typical procrastinating student who will wait to find out which kind of course this is. But I am really looking forward to have something to do. Plus, you need stuff happening in your life to write about right! I have a blog in the works coming besides this one but I really need to edit it and work on it (it’s an essay on a book in the news) and I am just not very good at concentrating right now.

I walked my dog for a short while; I can’t do do yoga in my dress; TV is dull; I can’t get interested in Madmen Season 6 that I downloaded this summer on itunes; I’m not going to go on facebook again; but oh you know what I did do? I cooked chicken breasts for lunch and for the next few days. Half a chicken breast is about 2.5 oz the perfect size, 1/2 a protein and different from Greek yogurt which is my other important protein (6 oz), Also, I can have 2.5 oz for supper since Dad is bringing back a roasted chicken and those are gross and overbaked.

This is turning into a stream-of-consciousness blog – I guess there is laundry to fold and I am kind of hungry maybe some greek yogurt would be good. And why are their so many spider’s around, I get itchy every time I go outside?! I think tomorrow I will bus to kingsway and return the makeup I bought at Sephora which is the same shade as the other Lancome makeup I have but a completely different color because it’s a different kind? Weird! Yes, that’s what I’ll do otherwise I will go crazy at home. Which is what is

happening today.

Just be happy you are busy and have a job and are able to work. I know it’s a busy time of year but it’s so much better than having to come up with things to do and the waiting, it’s really killer.