Sunday Photo Fiction: The Exception #amwriting #flashfiction 

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Credit: A Mixed Bag


In their years of friendship, Alise and Janelle never fought except over Chaz Monroe. He dated Alise in high school causing a huge argument between the girls. 

“I liked him first you know that Alise,” Janelle had said. “Why are you still seeing him?” 

“We’ve been going out three-years Janelle. We’re planning a life together.” They’d been drinking vodka and Janelle threw hers on Alise. 

Then Chaz left for university and broke up with Alise. He dated another girl and Alise and Janelle reconciled over their disgust of Chaz’s tart

Ten- years later, Chaz came back to town. He was still handsome and Alise and Janelle had both secretly been in contact with him.

 Chaz visited Janelle first but when he came to Alise’s he told her, “I missed you so much, Alise. I’m sorry I ever broke up with you. Would you consider giving us a second chance?” 

Alise agreed, she loved Chaz. But when Janelle found out about Alice and Chaz she invited her friend over under false pretences of congratulating her. 

Janelle mixed neat vodka’s for them both and threw candied cherries in their drinks. Alise took a few sips, choking on the weird tasting cherry. She was shocked to see Janelle slumped over dead as she too succumbed; Janelle had poisoned them both. 

They had always been bestfriends except when it came to Chaz Monroe. 


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Moral Monday’s Flash Fiction: Gossips Not Friends

Thanks to Nortina for hosting Moral Monday’s. This weeks moral is: “Judge Not, Lest You Be Judged.”


“What’s wrong with her?” Kara said, watching her former BFF Darla open her locker.

“Yeah I know. She’s doesn’t care about her appearance anymore. ” Madeline added.

“We’re all best friends since sixth-grade. Darla used to dress well and wear makeup. She didn’t used to ignore us on her phone, or when we tried to visit.” Kara said miffed.

Darla looked up: “I can hear everything you guys are saying. My family died and you didn’t help me. You talked behind my back and spread rumors. They’re never coming back. Don’t you understand? You deserted me too.”

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