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They say that, 

Real heros have capes, tights;

Uniforms and Bat lights. 
They shoot webs, 
Like spiders but from, 

Their palms. 

Flying and leaping, 

Over tall buildings. 

Their technology is —

Top of the line. 

They’re stoic, tough, 


Male bonding and showmanship.

Strong shields guard,  

Robatic armour too. 

Glowing hearts of uranium, 

And flying suits. 

Hands pulsing lasors. 

With green hoods, 

Piercing arrows. 

Strength that’s incalculable

They’re ages old, 

Hundreds or Thousands. 

There human or from, 

Other dimensions, worlds. 

Becoming angry, 

Mean and green. 
Are blinded but powerful. 

Yet few will notice, 

Female superheroes, 

Their tough outer layers. 
They’ve a solid insistence, 

For the good of mankind. 

They sacrifice as a —

Black Widow or a mutant, 

Causing storms. 

The Mockingbird or a Scarlet Witch.

The Wolverine’s friend, Rogue. 

Women know, 

How being gentle, 

Is as mighty as Thor’s hammer. 

How sensitivity with honed, 

Physical skills, 

Has an authentic glory. 

Not understanding, 

Why men keep warring. 

Even though —

They know they must. 

So, they do too, 

Wonder Womans and —  

Super girls, 

Their skirts shorter. 

Slipping into —

Dark corners, 

To hide their tears;

Heroic tears 

As in a man’s world —

Most men don’t recognize, 

The first Wonder Woman, 

In their life, 

Gave birth to them. 

Nurtured them, 

Their superpowers hidden, 

To be the best — 



©Mandibelle16. (2017) All Rights Reserved. 




©Mandibelle16. (2017) All Rights Reserved. 


The Dark Knight Rises, the most interesting “Dark Knight” movie yet.

Katie Holmes as Rachel Dawes and Christian Bal...
Katie Holmes as Rachel Dawes and Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne from Batman Begins (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What I believe is really clear about the ‘Dark Knight‘ series of batman is the realism of emotion and suffering  in the characters and citizens of Gotham cityChristian Bale as batman, is not some invincible yet far removed character in the movie, he genuinely cares about his city, suffers like a human being, and is not just showing off his batman skills. Alfred also does not just do whatever Bruce Wayne tells him to, and the bad guys as you can tell from The Joker in the last movie, are genuine psychopaths (in a realistic, not black humoured kind of way) – or have become that way for some reason or another.

In the beginning of the Dark Knight, we learn Batman/Bruce Wayne has been in hiding for 8 years. He is sickly, battered from his batman injuries, and happy to disappear into Gotham’s history as he had decided with Commissioner Gordon ( Gary Oldmen) years earlier. Batman is what the people of Gotham needed him to be – some monster, but in reality he is hiding the destruction of Harvey Dent who turned into a monster himself. The Harvey Dent act has allowed the police of Gotham to put all criminals in jail; the truth about Harvey Dent is what both Batman and the Commissioner protect. All this begins to change when cat woman (Anne Hatheway), breaks into Bruce Wayne/Batman’s private suite stealing his mother’s pearl necklace and most importantly his finger prints. Bruce Wayne slowly and painfully rises from hiding in his house to go out and public and find out why cat woman has stolen his finger prints. What he uncovers is the rise of villan named Bane living inside the sewers, who would allow Gotham free of all its wealthy and educated people, and policemen, to help and let Gotham destroy itself; then to finish Gotham it off with a huge bomb – created from Wayne Enterprises hidden technology division.

Batman is weak; he cannot defeat Bane physically due to his past injuries and self imposed incarceration. Thrown into  prison, a hole,  he is forced to regain his strength slowly and watch the destruction of Gotham on a TV  Bane has placed in his cell. The only way out of this prison hole is climb, and it takes Bruce Wayne many tries, and much learning to make his way back to a burning Gotham. Along with the help of a cop (Joseph-Gorden -Levitt), Cat woman, and the head of his old Technology Division at Wayne Enterprises ( Morgan Freeman) Batman must save Gotham from Bane’s reign of chaos, the impending bomb, and save himself in the process.

I really enjoyed this movie, the plot development is excellent, the acting is good, and in as realistic way as a super hero can be, batman is portrayed. My favorite part to this movie is  a happy ending. It would seem to me that not many super hero’s get them, especially in a the crime ridden horribly corrupt city of Gotham ( or any crime ridden city for that matter). But you will have to see that for yourself.