Fall Fashion Part Two September 2017: Sweaters, Cardigans, & Shirts  #fashion #style #beauty 

Hello again. I’m here with some more fashion picks this time with sweaters, cardigans, and shirts for fall. Some of them are simple basics, while others are more colourful or have an interesting design. 

Please enjoy! Thank you!



Sweaters, Cardigans and Shirts – (left to right): 

1. Gapcanada.com – Softspun cold-shoulder Tee (White) – $39.95 CAN 

2. Bananarepublic.ca – Machine Washable Merino Boyfriend Cardagin (Blue) – $105.00 CAN

3. Gapcanada.com – Bell Sleeve Sweater (Milk Shake Pink) – $54.95 CAN 

4. Bananarepublic.ca – Button Backed Belted Shirt (Light Blue Stripe) – $95.00 CAN 

5. Bananarepublic.ca – Stripe Bow-Neck Couture Sweatshirt (Blue Stripe) – $74.00 CAN

6. Gapcanada.com – Ruffle Crew-Neck Pullover ( Dull Rose) – $64.95 CAN 

7. ModCloth.com – Cafe Parfait Top in Noir – $29.99 US 

8. ModCloth.com – Back Road Ramble Tunic in White – $44.99 US

9. Bananarepublic.ca – Merino Button-Cuff Cardigan (Cocoon) – &105.00 CAN 

10. Bananarepublic.ca – Silk Cashmere Vee (Raspberry) – $105.00 CAN 

11. Bananarepublic.ca – Machine Washable Merino Boyfriend Vee (Pink) – $95.00

12. Bananarepublic.ca – Machine Washable Merino Peekaboo-Sleeve Crew (Bright Teal) – $95.00 CAN 

13. Bananarepublic.ca – Machine Washable Merino Boyfriend Vee (Robins Egg) – $95.00 CAN 

14. Bananarepublic.ca – (Similar) Riley Fit White Pleated Bell- Sleeve Shirt – $95.00 CAN

15. Bananarepublic.ca – Machine Washable Cashmere Blend Hoodie (Navy) – $215.00 CAN

16. Bananarepublic.ca – Fluted Pleat-Sleeve Sweater (White) Top – $110.00 CAN

17. Bananarepublic.ca – Dillon Fit – Poet- Sleeve Shirt (Pop Pink) – $110.00 CAN

18. Everlane.com – Cotton Crew T-Shirt (Navy) – $18.00 US


See Fall 2017 Dresses and Jumpsuits here. 

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Fall 2016 Fashion Picks Part 1 – Clothing and Scarves #fashion #scarves #clothes #accessories #shopping

I’ve been doing Fall Fashion picks I believe for about the past three-years. I always think I’m going to do Spring picks too but life seems to be a lot busier in spring. Anyways, hope you like my picks, they are from a variety of different stores and price points.

Everyday Dress in Plum (www.bananarepublic.ca)


Classic Little Black Dress for Worknd After ( http://www.bananarublic.ca)


Shapely Jean Dress for Casual Friday and Weekends

The Perfect Little Stripped Navy Blazer (www.bananarepublic.ca)


Cute Blazer Tied at The Waist (www.bananarepublic.ca)


A Lovely Vest In Plum to Spice Things Up (www.dynamiteclothing.com)


The Classic Cardigan in Black or Any Colour (www.lechateau.com)


An Open Version of the Classic Cardigan (www.lechateau.com)

A cozy thicker Cardigan for cold Days. (www.bananarepublic.ca)


Black Waxed Moto Jacket (www.bananarepublic.ca)


A Bright amd Cheery Wool Coat for the Cold (www.bananarepublic.ca)


Cropped Black Dress Pants with Flare (www.anthropologie.com)


Straight Black Dress Pants (www.lechateau.com)


Flared Black Dress Pants (www.lechateau.com)


Skinny Ankle Jeans (www.bananarepublic.ca


Dark Flared Jeans (www.bananarepublic.ca)


Boyfriend Jeans for the Weekend (www.bananarepublic.ca)


Fluted Navy Skirt Alone or With Navy Jacket (Above). (www.bananarepublic.ca)


Classic White Blouse (www.dynamiteclothing.com)


Pink Blouse with Ruffled Collar – Taking the White Blouse Up a Notch (www.bananarepublic.ca)


Peplum Lace Shirt In Ivory (www.dynamiteclothing.com)


Silky See-Through Black Blouse (www.anthropologie.com)

Classic Black T-Shirt Taken Up a Notch with Faux- Leather Insert (www.dynamiteclothing.com)


Cozy Turtle Neck in Icy Sea Blue. (www.bananrepublic.ca)


Blue and Grey Scarf (www.anthropologie.com)


Printed Green and Off White Scarf (www.anthropologie.com)


The Go With Anything Greyish Scarf with Gold Highlights (www.anthropologie.com)


Purple/Orange/Pick Gradiated Scarf, Bright, the Perfect Outfit Brightner (www.anthropologie.com)


Thanks for browsing. I will be doing a part 2 of my fashion picks tomorrow with jewelry, shoes, boots, and different purses.


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One Lovely Blog Award

Thank you to Mark from Colouring Outside the Lines for nominating me for this lovely award.


The Rules:

  •  Thank the person that nominated you and provide a link to their blog. (See above).
  • Display the award on your post of the award.
  • List seven facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 bloggers for this award and comment on one of their posts to let them know you have nominated them.


Seven Facts About Me:

1. I’m currently on an eight-day detox using some supplements that many people have had excellent results with. On the detox you can lose anywhere from five to fifteen pounds. And after, you can continue to lose weight. I’m going on the weightloss program but you can use these supplements to support an active lifestyle, help with issues such as fibermielga, arthritis, high blood pressure, and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They are great products and I plan to do a post on them at the end of the month showing my results. If you’re interested in the redbox before then, let me know 🙂

2. My favourite yoga brand is Lululemon. The company first started in Vancouver,  Canada. The pieces can be expensive but I have found few yoga outfits that compare to Lululemon’s quality. Despite the fact, they too did have issues in the past, for the most part they make fantastic athletic clothing. I’m happy to support a Canadian company and I love to do yoga as much as I can. It makes you limber, stretches out aches and pains in your body, and tones muscle. The meditation aspect of it, while doing certain kinds of breathing, can be useful too.  I meditate on God and pray as I do this, I feel unburdened when I’m finished meditating.

3. I love beautiful art whether it is a fantastic drawing or a painting. One place I follow on my Facebook wall only shows paintings of different artists. It is one of my favourite posts to see when I log on. I love beautiful bright colours in paintings, with vivacity. I love to see all the different styles people paint in according to their personal style. Going to the Alberta Art Gallery is a fun visit some afternoons.

4. My favourite chocolate treat are dark chocolate mint melties at a chocolate store called Purdy’s. On the inside the chocolate is soft and melts in your mouth literally. I used to prefer milk chocolate it now I find I prefer dark chocolate better. Not only is it healthier for you because it is less calories, it has great anti -oxidants, and I love the flavour of dark chocolate. Pretty much anything ‘mint’ from Purdy’s is delicious. I also enjoy Lindt chocolate wherever I might find it. The best place to buy Lindt here (and the most dangerous), is the Lindt Store in South Edmonton Common.

5. My favourite clothing stores to shop at besides Lululemon, for clothes you can wear out (etc.) are RW&CO, Banana Republic, Anthropologie, Le Chateau, Loft, and Simons. I find when I sign up for emails for these stores I can always time my purchases for a time when there is thirty to forty percent off instore or online, free shipping online, spring/winter/fall/summer sales, and a certain percentage off or a gift card on your birthday month.

6. Both my Grandma’s are still alive and I am thirty-years-old as well as the eldest Grandchild on both sides. Grandma is eighty-six-years-old and Baba is ninty-three-years old. Both are doing well in senior’s homes. 

7. I have two younger brothers. The youngest who is four-years younger is in University and doing a degree in Human Geography. He is an avid cyclist and his minor is in German. He is going to Germany this summer for a student exchange program. The eldest younger brother is two-years younger then me and works in IT. He has always been gifted with computers and has worked in the same place since he was a High School student. He received the extra-mile award for his hard work. He loves to travel and has been to Australia twice. I think he wants to go to Iceland next. 


As for nominations, it is too difficult to nominate people I find because many blogs go award free after awhile. So I would like to nominate any blogger who is within their first-year of blogging for this award. I am nominating YOU for this award.


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A History of My Fashion Vibe


Ah, sweet youth. No matter whether you grew up sporting a fedora, penny loafers, poodle skirts, bell-bottoms, leg-warmers, skinny jeans, Madonna-inspired net shirts and rosaries, goth garb, a spikey mohawk, or even a wave that would put the Bieber to shame, you made a fashion statement, unique to you. Describe your favorite fashions from days of yore or current trends you think are stylin’.——–


I think I have always been interested in clothes and shopping. I remember being a small girl helping my Mom decide what to wear when she was going out for dinner or to something with my Dad’s work. We didn’t have a lot of money when I was little so my Mom often sewed her clothes and even some of ours. 

Mom has been sewing since she learned how to sew when she was a young teenager. My Baba and Grandpa Wilson didn’t have much money and Mom could stretch her dollar by buying fabric and thread and not buying something ready made. Not to mention, when my Mom sewed she could sew so her outfit fit her perfectly. She is short so she could make her pants whatever length she wanted and her dresses could be any fabric she chose. 


In elementary school, Mom made my first two winter jackets. The one I remember most was a purple jacket with purple snow pants. I got to choose the color. I never chose pink because when you’re a blond girl whose young everyone wants to dress you in pink clothes. I don’t think I ever wore pink again until high school. 

I went to Brownie’s for a bit on Tuesday nights at this church. I loved how all the girls wore these dresses with big skirts that were frilly. So, my Mom made me this black dress with pink and purple flowers and we bought a frilly white skirt to put underneath. I wore that dress along time. 


As I became older, my Mom worked a bit as a supervisor at our school lunch program so we had a bit more money and could afford clothes from stores more. Also, my Mom had less time to sew. There was this store I liked when I was around eight to ten-years-old called Please Mum and I fit their clothes well. I was stocky as a little girl. We didn’t go to the mall often but when we did my Mom would often by me something. She bought me this white blouse once and it had a frilly clown collar. I told her I would wear it but you know what I hated that collar it was too girly for me then. 

Later, there was a store Northern Reflections for Kids and my Mom bought us clothes there. I was fashionable for the nineties I suppose. I wore jeans in various colours that were ‘Mom Jean’ like in a relaxed fit and went skinny at the ankle. I wore ugly sweater vests and mock knocked shirts.

In grade six I began to thin out and all I remember wearing were oversized T-shirts and flares. The flares weren’t too big in grade six but I remember they got bigger like to “elephant” pants in grade eight. My Mom made me a pair of green cord elephant pants. I also loved these sweat pants I had with a rainbow ribbon down the side of each pant leg and the flare was pretty big coming down from the knee.


In high school for the majority of it, I wore a uniform. I wore a grey kilt, a white blouse, a navy sweater/cardigan/vest and tie. I wore knee socks and dress black shoes. There were casual t-shirts and long sleeved shirts and casual pants but I mostly wore a kilt with little gym shorts underneath with a pair of name brand converse type shoe. I cared about fashion and tried to dress my most stylish on the few non-uniform days we had. I bought my clothes on sale at The Gap or Jacob. I loved Jacob clothes for along time but they shut down in Canada last year. I wore flares in jeans and khaki’s and I liked pink a lot. I wore pink three quarter length shirts and I had the cutest black jean jacket that I received for Christmas with Ruffles at the top of the shoulders. Plus, we all tried to find substitutes for our uniform clothing that a busy  teacher wouldn’t catch. Needless to say, the vice-principal started calling almost everyone to the obvious one day a month and we would all get written up for having uniform infractions. The rest of my high school clothes were gym sweatpants and hoodies, team shorts, and team t-shirts. I played both volleyball and basketball so those things were a must along with good runners. My parents paid for items such as a winter coat or new shoes but everything else including skincare and makeup I purchased with family allowance money. Both my parents had good jobs, in fact my Dad was the principal at my high school, but they paid for my tuition partially because in junior and senior high school I went to private schools.

In university, I worked on campus at the bookstore. I paid for half my tuition, got scholarships, and received my books at cost because I worked at the bookstore. I liked yoga pants and sporty tops especially by Fila and Adidas. My jeans were flared and from the Gap. With my birthday and Christmas money I went shopping before each school year. And I bought other clothes with money earned during the year.


Lululemon became a huge thing in university. Despite being an expensive yoga store, all girls bought hoodies, shirts, zippy’s, and yoga pants/crops there. I still have my first Lululemon top and it still looks good. On the other end of the sporty spectrum was the bar shirt spectrum. We shopped for sexy black shirts and tiny skirts to wear out to the bar. Not to mention a comfortable enough pair of high heels. Somedays in university I dressed up with heeled boots, jeans, and a tight long sleeved top but because I was hauling around boxes of books and going to the gym everyday, sporty clothes were good. We also had one or two formals every year in university so I had a few pretty dresses for formal occasions from Le Chateau. My favorite was this slinky pink dress I got for $13.00 and it had no back. But it fit tight and I paired it with some silver sandals and it looked great. 


After, I left university I looked through my wardrobe and realized I had only two blouses and one pair of dress pants. I wasn’t making much money yet, I was just temping but a place called Ricki’s had a sales rack with pairs of pants all my size, a suit that fit me, and I found a couple blouses at Jacob cheap. That did me for my first job before I became sick and went on disability. I hated how cheap Ricki’s material felt. My Mom always made emphasis on good material but $80.00 for four pairs of pants, a jacket, and a couple blouses was truly a good deal.

When I was sick I lost a lot of weight so at first nothing fit me. Then I gained it all the weight back and then some. Once I reached about 175 lbs I was able to shop. Even though I was on disability, I had more spendable income because it was too hard to go for more then coffee with friends so I wasn’t spending money at the bar or out with co-workers at lunch. I wasn’t even paying rent at that time.

 I bought Lululemon and I had just started to begin getting into Banana Republic for clothes for work that were more expensive but of quality. I started shopping online because it was easier and found that BR clothes went 40 % off often. But I liked how their clothing fit, the material was nice, and if I bought clothes on sale, it was a good place to shop. Skinny pants have come in so I buy jeans and black pants from them. They are great for sweaters or cardigans with wool and cashmere blends. Their shirts fit well. I liked the blendability of the pieces and especially the dresses and skirts. 

I cannot work now,so I dress up when I go out for an appointment or to see a friend. I like Simons too for a little cheaper clothing that is more of a fad. Jacob is no longer, as I said. And I love Anthropologie and its boho look but it is too expensive with the rate of the Canadian dollar.


When I see fashion I think they want us to wear big bulky shapeless sweaters over skinny pants. On most people even if you’re skinny a belt that gives you a waist or a tighter shirt underneath a cardigan looks nicer. I hate the wide wide pants that are trying to come in. I don’t think they will because they are too big and don’t look good on anyone. But I could see flares coming back in as they seem to have a little bit. 

I like that there is colour out this winter, not only black or grey. I think skinny pants look good on most people it depends how you wear them. Sometimes a shirt a little more tunic length looks better but I have seen nice looks with moto leather jackets and blouses too that are shorter. Peplum has been in awhile and I think it is a flattering shirt or dress style. I love pearls and pearl like jewelry and I like to mix my mettle colours of jewelry. I like high heels and tall boots. But I think the shorter boots might be in for awhile now. Booties are good in Fall in Canada but I like the taller boots in Winter for warmth. The problem is it’s hard to get boots for smaller or thicker calf sizes. I like flowy tops that give you a waist and float out and cover stomach problems. But I like tighter shirts honestly most of the time, the show shape. I still like Lululemon for anytime and for Yoga and workout wear. I like to look put together in general and look for classic silhouettes. But I do find a modern thing here or there I like. What about you?

Fall/Winter Wardrobe 2015/2016

I have chosen a bunch of pieces from some of the clothing stores I regularly shop at that I view as key wardrobe pieces for the rest of fall and winter. I hope you enjoy them and find that they build a great variety of clothes you can pull out from your closet and wear with anything.

  1.   I love Banana Republic, especially shopping online. They always have sales anywhere from 25% to 50% off depending on the time of year. I find that their clothes fit well and are made nicely. They don’t shrink or fade easily after being washed. You can go to Banana Republic at your local mall or you can visit: http://www.bananarepublic.ca or http://www.bananarepublic.com.
    www.bananarepublic.ca A great gray peacoat, goes perfectly with all your clothes, and keeps you warm!
    A great gray pea coat, goes perfectly with all your clothes, and keeps you warm!
    www.bananarepublic.ca The best fitting black pant at a fashionable ankle length.
    The best fitting black pant at a fashionable ankle length.
    www.bananarepublic.ca The modern take on a blazer, throw this over your dress pants and blouse instead! Or wear it with jeans and a cozy shirt on the weekend!
    The modern take on a blazer, throw this over your dress pants and blouse instead! Or wear it with jeans and a cozy shirt on the weekend!
    www.bananarepublic.ca A sleeveless silk blouse in the color of wine goes from work to after hours.
    A sleeveless silk blouse in the color of wine goes from work to after hours.
    www.bananarepublic.ca A bright cashmere blend sweater in a lovely pink, is bright and cheery.
    A bright cashmere blend sweater in a lovely pink, is bright and cheery.
    www.bananarepublic.ca Or choose a nice lacey black blouse to keep things all  black but tasteful.
    Or choose a nice lacy black blouse to keep things all black but tasteful.
    www.bananarepublic.ca A fancy skirt could become casual, depends on what you wear it with. Maybe some opaque tights and a cute sweater.
    A fancy skirt could become casual, depends on what you wear it with. Maybe some opaque tights and a cute sweater.

    www.bananarepublic.ca This stunning little black dress with a flirty hem is good for the evening or with a blazer at the office.
    This stunning little black dress with a flirty hem is good for the evening or with a blazer at the office.

Another favorite store of mind, that you can find some more interesting and less basic pieces is Anthropologie. They always have interesting, colorful, and fun clothing. About once a month they will have 15% to 20% and/or will have free shipping. You can also visit Anthropologie at your local mall or http://www.anthropologie.com.

www.anthropologie.com Everyone needs a reboot for jeans. The best ones are dark washed and can be worn anytime.
Everyone needs a reboot for jeans. The best ones are dark washed and can be worn anytime.
www.anthropologie.com A fitted peplum is divine, especially in navy. Where it work or out.
A fitted peplum is divine, especially in navy. Where it work or out.
www.anthropologie.com Another nice long sweater in beautiful light blue, keeps things bright and cozy.
Another nice long sweater in beautiful light blue, keeps things bright and cozy.
www.anthroplogie.com A sweater dress is always comfortable and looks wonderful on most anybody, in a color that is really in teal green.
A sweater dress is always comfortable and looks wonderful on most anybody, in a color that is really in teal green.
www.anthropologie.com Just to get a little funky a skirt that is calf length with pink polka dots. Dress it down or up, but this skirt is sure to give a pop of playful.
Just to get a little funky a skirt that is calf length with pink polka dots. Dress it down or up, but this skirt is sure to give a pop of playful.
www.eberjey.com I snuck these warm pj's in from my favorite pj place eberjey, often anthropologie will carry some of their line, but they are so cute!
I snuck these warm pj’s in from my favorite pj place eberjey, often anthropologie will carry some of their line, and they are so cute!

The last place I have chosen to show you goods from is a local company to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Poppy Barley custom make boots and shoes and ship all over the world. They are one of the first companies to make boots for people with wide or narrow calves or other shoe issues. Their foot wear is an investment, but worth the price for custom boots (for example) that will last a long time. You can visit them down at Whyte Ave in Edmonton, AB Canada or at http://www.poppybarely.com.

www.poppybarley.com A great pair of flat boots is a must, these are lovely in gray, but they're all sold out. Try them in another colour perhaps, merlot!
A great pair of flat boots is a must, these are lovely in gray, but they’re all sold out. Try them in another colour perhaps, Merlot!
www.poppybarley.com The perfect little bootie and it's lace up. Goes nice with skirts or pants alike.
The perfect little bootie and it’s lace up. Goes nice with skirts or pants alike.
www.poppybarley.com Every women needs that sexy pair of black boots. These ones are great half leather/half suede. The heel height is perfect and a little thicker for stability.
Every woman needs that sexy pair of black boots. These are great half leather/half suede. The heel height is perfect and a little thicker for stability.
www.poppybarley.com Something in Merlot, another bootie, this one a little bit more for the weekend or casual Friday.
Something in Merlot, another bootie, this one a little bit more for the weekend or casual Friday.
www.poppybarley.com A nice and funky flat shoe that covers your foot but looks great with most anything; especially due to the hint of snake skin.
A nice and funky flat shoe that covers your foot but looks great with most anything; especially due to the hint of snake-skin.

So, what do you think of my fashion picks? What are your favourite pieces? And what am I missing? Thanks and have a Happy Halloween!

Do Clothes Make The Woman?

Prompt: How important are clothes to you? Describe your style, if you have one, and tell us how appearance impacts how you feel about yourself.

  It has always been important to me to have clothes that make me look good ever since I was a little girl. When we were poorer and did not have so much money I hated that I had to wear second hand clothing from some other little girl but I knew we were poor so I didn’t complain much about it. I have had to buy my own clothes since about grade eight and I did not have much money to buy clothes until I was in university. Before that, Christmas or my Birthday was a grand affair because I got to go shopping and buy whatever I liked at the stores I liked. But I still always bought only clothes on sale to stretch my funds.

Luckily in highschool, we wore uniforms but there was always one day a month where we got to wear street clothes so it was a big deal to have a new outfit every month. I had a bit of money so most often I was able to scrape enough money together to buy a new shirt at least. In university, I wore what I wanted and mostly had the money to shop a bit and buy what I liked every so often. Luckily, my tastes ran to Gap, Jacob, and Hollister and those stores had sales very often. So usually, I could always find a shirt or two and occasionally I would buy an item from Lululemon since wearing yoga clothes to school from Lululemon was a big deal. 


 My style now runs more to what I like to wear. Every couple months I can get an outfit I like and I can buy it from where I would like to which is usually Banana Republic, Anthropologie, Lululemon, or Victoria Secret. I enjoy shopping but I also learned from over shopping about 3 years back, that too much shopping can get you into debt (along with other things). I have a budget of what I can spend on clothes or even makeup and I stick to those budgets.

I think you can tell that appearance is quiet important to me but you have to wear what suits you and looks good on you. I am almost 30-years-old and I’m a couple sizes bigger then what I was in university and I can’t wear the tight bar tops and short skirts I use to on a night out. I can’t wear tummy revealing tops tops to school and I would rather people see me as professional or at least well put together. I would always care about this because my mother taught me to but also because I am sick and can’t work I look a lot more approachable, intelligent, and with it if I dress nice. This does not mean I will always be able to shop at Anthropologie but wherever I can shop I will shop to look nice.

  I feel better if I am dressed nice as if I have my armour on to face the world. I feel more confident, and more like myself. I feel ready to face the day and take on the tasks I need to get done. Even if I am just going to a doctors appointment I dress up and don’t wear yoga pants. This makes me feel I am on the same level with my physician and that he or she knows I mean business and can comprehend well what they are saying because I am educated and have insight into what they are saying to me. Do clothes make the woman? No, the woman makes the clothes and they help her present herself in life.

Spring Fashion 101

It’s only the end of January and I have already begun to pick out pieces I would like to add some version of to my spring wardrobe. The most exciting aspect of Spring Fashion is the introduction of color back into our black/charcoal/and almost black colors of the Fall/Winter wardrobe pieces we have all bought. I have a special affinity for the pastels of spring but I’m seeing some wonderful bright colors already emerging into the Spring fashion line up.

In reality though, we are in a transitional season. It is still January, barely February, and a month ago we were all shopping our little hearts out at boxing day and Christmas sales. It seems too soon to be looking forward to spring but I don’t know about where you live but where I live, we are already starting to receive spring like weather after a horribly cold September to mid January. I am really excited to have the opportunity to share with you these items I want to wear in warmer weather and that in Edmonton, where we have 8 months of Winter, I can already feel Winter letting go of its cold grip even if it is only to -10 Celsius. 

www.modcloth.com  $108.99

1. This is actually a buy I’ve made recently. They just happened to have my size left on http://www.modcloth.com and I love light blue, not to mention having put on a little weight this winter, I was looking for a bathing suit that was sexy but covered up my stomach and butt a bit. My boyfriend and I are considering travelling to Las Vegas in late spring so this seemed like the perfect purchase this pay cheque.


2. and 3. Two really big colors in fall are pink and that lovely mint green that has been popular the last

www.bananarepublic.ca $160.00

couple of years. Since I have collected a lot of mint items in my spring/summer wardrobe I am looking at a couple of light pink items. Although, I am hoping that the pink that is more of a yellow based pink now in early spring fashion will go towards a more blue-pink come late spring and summer, but I did find a dress at Banana Republic that is a perfect transitional item especially if you are working. It is in powder puff pink and I am seriously thinking about purchasing it. The other pink item I want I have only found in Jimmy Choos shoes now and they are a cool light pink pump. I am hoping I can find them in leather later, in a cheaper brand. Around $500 for one pair of pumps is a bit beyond my budget.

www.net-a-porter.com Jimmy Choos $575.00
Jimmy Choos $575.00

4. Another lovely item I actually purchased from the TeamBuy website that is more of a winter item but still a great spring item if the weather is nippy, are 2 pairs of black leggings with some fuzzy fleece on the inside. The fleece helps greatly with the winter winds and I can’t believe I purchased such a great buy off of TeamBuy. I mean, they were $29.00 for 2 pairs of thick tight like leggings. Not to mention, unlike the fleece tights I purchased from Anthropologie, they are not pilling (polyester has a long fiber that does not shed. That is why you get little balls all over your favorite pair of tights, they need to be the right mix of stretchy fabrics.)

I hope you enjoyed my little spring fashion line up. I will have some other pieces when more spring items do actually come out. But while cyber-shopping these are a few things that I have found and been pleased with.



The Next Few Weeks In A Glance

Today the snow as white crystals blankets the ground and pine trees. I am staring through the crack in the curtains and thinking about the week ahead. What does tonight bring? What does today bring? What does the future bring?


I know you all have done your Black Friday shopping. Even here in Canada the sales have caught on and cyber Monday is coming up. But I stuck my money for the month for that kind of thing on my credit card and when I discovered fraud on my card I disgruntingly accepted I would not be doing any Black Friday Shopping. But then. I decided that this didn’t matter much because now it’s December and everything is on sale until the week after Boxing Day in Canada. Plus, the things I want anyways didn’t really go on sale.


There are 3 things I want: this black peplum dress from Banana Republic and lets face it, Banana Republic has sales every second day from November until up to Christmas so I’m not to worried about getting that dress. I just need it by new years to go with a pair of sparkly silver heels. The second thing I would like are these handmade boots from Poppy Barley. The are exquisite! Those are quite expensive though and my boots need not be handmade, my usual Naturalizer Leather boots will do as long as they are wide calf and riding boots that are black. Then I will be quite happy. Good wide shaft boots never go on sale! My third thing I want, well guess what? It’s a tattoo. I’ve finally found the perfect picture. And although my tattoo will be 2/3 the size of the one in the picture I will provide and on my back I’m excited to have found that perfect picture.  I am thinking on it a week or two before I actually call for a consultation but there is no doubt in my mind I have found the perfect picture. So artistic and beautiful and probably painful but I am quite interested in getting this tattoo done. I am told it should take 3-4 hours. So those things will be on my shopping list this December. If can throw a couple good priced tops in the mix I will be ecstatic!


As for how I will be keeping myself busy? Well I try to keep most of the days open when my boyfriend comes to Edmonton. So he will be up this week and I think I will spend a couple of days being lazy with him and maybe get him to take me out or take him out for a dinner I promised. It all depends on how fast my credit card gets to me, since I put most of my funds on there ahead of time. I would like to take him to Olive Garden because it is so yummy. Pasta and chicken Marsala yum. Salad and bread sticks too. I don’t know if he’s been but I want to take him for a nice relaxing meal for Christmas because he’s been so busy at work and deserves it. Maybe we can go dancing too if the weather is not too bad.

Sometime I have to get out and get all this blood testing done to make sure I don’t have hypothyroidism or these other diseases that make one tired. I am feeling antsy about testing. In some ways I hope to test positive for something that’s treatable such as the hyperthyroidism or at least high enough that it warrants looking into, because that means there is an easier solution to my health problems then I thought. If not, it means more looking and physical testing and even though we are doing all this testing I’m so scared that the doctors won’t find anything wrong with me and I’ll have psychiatrists and doctors who both say – we can’t help you. ( PS as I am writing this my dog has decided my computer is a very good place to lie and scratch her back. I have removed her but I can’t promise she won’t stay off :)) images (6)

Also, I am very excited for Christmas! Only 3 weeks to go now! 3 weeks! Time to start baking. I have the most amazing recipe for homemade peanut buttercups and of course I’ll need butter for shortbread, to make Christmas tree cookies (spice cookies) and ice them, and some other stuff I’ll have to look up – chocolate turtle squares anyone! The irony of all this is I will not be able to eat any of these things, maybe one thing a day if I don’t have my daily Pepsi.

That is the other thing I’m trying to stop. Drinking Pepsi except maybe at my night class in Spring because I need that Pepsi to stay awake. But I am drinking too many a day so I think the way to go is to stop cold turkey. I think I will lose those 3 or 4 lbs I’ve gained from summer If I stop. I’ve just got to stick to my diet and stop treating myself so often. I have to be hard-core! (Nikki has rolled over on the computer again she is on her back tits up. It is very cute but irritating! ” Look at me” she is saying.) Now that Nikki is gone I will say goodbye. Enjoy your weeks everyone!

Fall/Winter Fashion Loves

I am a fashion junky and if I had the money I would probably be shopping a lot more than I do. Then again, all the clothes piled in my closet and dressers sometimes don’t seem all that wearable. Maybe it’s because they are all sitting there in my bedroom in a pile ( a big dark pile because winter clothes are dark). And maybe it’s because clothes just seem so bright, shiny, and new in stores and so old, used, and worn at home. But you know what? Clothes in your closet and dressers can seem lovely again too. One way to do this is to truly only pick pieces you love each season. Don’t go overboard when you go shopping because you can only wear so many clothes anyways. And if you want something that is just a fad, don’t spend a lot of money on it. Wait until it goes on sale mid-fall or at Christmas, and then buy your desired fad clothing. But there are some classic pieces of clothing you can spend more money on each season.

In this article, I intend to show you some of the things I believe are classic this season. These are clothing  that you can keep in your wardrobe to wear again somewhere down the line, next year or the year after that. You should be able to find these items in every price point. All it takes is a keen eye and actually spending the time looking for quality items of clothing in classic shapes .

Classy Half Leather or Pleather Leggings

www.modcloth.com $59.99
http://www.modcloth.com $59.99

Yes, leggings are still in and as comfy as they are, let as remember that they are not pants.  Leggings are more like tights and your rear end needs to be at least partly covered when wearing them, especially if you tend to be a little more curvy such as I. Leather leggings can be found simply in leather or pleather but a smarter buy is to get a thicker pant type legging with pleather or leather on the front. That way your legs can still breath in your leggings too and do not stay sweaty all day. You maybe able to pair your pleather pants/leggings with a shorter top depending on how thick the material of your leggings are but your safest best is always going with a tunic, a longer shirt, or at the very least a structured jacket so your leggings do not look so casual.

A Real Leather Jacket

If you are going to get one of the hot biker cropped leather jackets that are in now, go for the classic choice

www.danier.com $299.00

and get the real deal. In fact, you will find that the pleather jacket will almost cost you as much as the real leather jacket. Just keep your eye open and look for something on sale if you don’t have the cash on hand. Choose something that is more of a classic cut that is made out of good quality leather. It can be cropped but you might want to get a jacket that has a good body hugging shape to it and that can be worn for multiple seasons. So a jacket without studs and all those little things that make something more of a fad and less of a piece you want to keep around a long time is a must. If you can’t afford leather, there are also some great cropped jackets around in army green, shiny black, quilted grey, and other options if you don’t want to go with the leather jacket. Why pleather leggings and a leather jacket? Well you’ll probably have the jacket longer than the leggings and the leather leggings also seem to be a bit more pricey then the jackets, some I’ve seen around $700. Choose where you’ll spend your money wisely!

www.anthropologie.com $168.00

A Classy Black Dress
Practically, every fashionista is going to tell you to pick a black cocktail dress to put in your wardrobe. Anthropologie is one of my favorite stores for fancy dresses but I think that choosing one of their more simply cut dresses has some advantages. I love this dress that has a floaty fitted shirt that is peplum and an attached skirt because it’s classy. But the flirty top takes it up a notch yet it is simple enough to leave plane for an event or dress up at different levels with sweet jewelry such as pearls, chunky bracelets, slim black boots (or even red) or sexy heels. A little black dress, or a few black dresses are also great to wear for an evening event or to work to look polished and put together.

http://www.thebay.ca $125.00

Heels with a Cuff
Every girl loves her heels and guess what ladies there all coming on sale this Christmas season and Black Friday. Pumps are great because they go with everything and you can buy them in any color. It is always interesting to me to see the little changes basic pumps go through each fashion season. Sometimes they have a little chunkier heel, sometimes the heel is a little cute kitten heel, and sometimes it’s va-vavoom red heels that make your legs look crazy long and are hard to walk in. This season I’m obsessed with pumps with a cuff. Some of these cuffs are more like thin little straps but the best one’s are thicker such as these cute NineWest heels in black and fashionable nude. Why not get a pair in both?

www.bananarepublic.gapcanada.ca $85.00

1 or 2 Well Made Sweaters Here’s what I’ve learned after buying season after season of crappy sweaters that fade and look awful by the end of January: spend your money on sweaters made of natural fibers with some stretch and good natural fiber blends such as silk, cotton, and wool. Why should you do this? Because natural fibers breath and hold in heat better and they are also cozier. Not to mention that these sweaters will last you all season if not longer, maybe 2 seasons. One of my favorite stores to buy sweaters and cardigans at is Banana Republic because a great number of the materials they are made out of are natural fibers. The color holds better and I have had these sweaters to layer and keep me warm 2 to 3 years. Every year I add 1 or 2 in the latest style or color but I can pull out an old one too and it looks almost just as great as it did when I bought the sweater originally. Even though that sweater may cost me $85 to begin with its better than those acrylic and nylon sweaters that are equally expensive or less expensive and wear out easily. I just got a couple of Banana Republic sweaters today and am pleased to say I even got them sale as Banana Republic often has 25% to 40% off sales on certain items at different times.

So those are my classy fashion picks for the winter. Some of them such as the black dress and silk, cotton, or wool sweaters are seemingly simple things to think of to buy but all my picks are classic and I guarantee won’t end up in that pile of clothes on your chair or floor but will see you through until you can add your classy spring pieces to brighten up your dark winter wardrobe.

What are some of your favorite classic picks for winter? What pieces have you bought in earlier seasons that have lasted you through more than one winter season?

I’m So Sick of Shopping and Fashion!

There you have it! I have uttered the words I never thought I would say. I am not just sick of shopping and fashion, I have become a junky. You see there is a certain high you get, a rush of endorphins, from buying that beautiful dress or that fine silk shirt. There is an addiction behind every Pinterest post in Women’s Clothing, to see where that lovely pair of shoes came from. There is an addictive quality to every issue of Instyle that I pour over; I trace that pretty dress back to the website it came from loving its supposed uniqueness. And as I browse through the mall I feel like I have to get something, just a little something – I need that hair spray varnish that makes your hair shine; I need that lace skirt because well it is a-line and that is hard to find in a skirt, plus it’s lace and that is so ‘in’ and so lovely.

I think after the month of picking out the perfect Christmas presents – I
have had enough of the mall at least. Today walking through the mall I only bought what I needed. I bought bus tickets, stamps, Christmas cards, and hair volumizer because I really did actually need that stuff. I am becoming better at the mall, ignoring Jacob, Banana Republic, Le Chateau, Sephora. It just seems I am always buying stuff and I’m sick of it; yet some things I really do need!

And do not get me started on the Internet. On line shopping has become an addiction that I cannot shake. Unlimited or nearly unlimited selection and sizing. Easy returns that include return shipping labels and or free shipping for $50.00. Groupons and Living Socials to Spas – sometimes they save money but let’s face it I’m addicted and bored and when I start not receiving those packages in the mail and deals to the spa; I feel empty – that shopping high fades and I’m left with that empty feeling: what does a girl with health problems, whose ability to work and do physical activity is not very big do? I do not know how I will just stop but I know now after my last order comes in that will be it for the shopping of clothing and accessories; this time I have to break the habit and find that high somewhere else, where I do not know. Writing helps but I used to get that rush of endorphins from exercise so now where?

I have these lofty goals you see. To save and pay off my credit card- it’s not too high but high enough! I want to save in tax free savings. Save so in May I can actually spend just a little bit on shopping in Montreal. I need to save for the future. But this shopping addiction is dangerous for me – I just need more things to do, less things that involve browsing the Internet for clothes. It has become a hobby, has always been one and I still want to be fashionable but I want to follow my budget too. I need to learn how to do this now for life. So yes, I hate shopping and fashion, the thorn in my side!
But what is really in the balance here besides financial stability is self control; and one must always have self control to some extent. In this case, it is okay for me to buy an outfit once a month, it is not okay for me to do this every week.

I feel very disconcerted admitting this. But think of it as an early New Years resolution; but it’s better to just start doing something, than to wait and do more damage. Along with the usual ‘do more exercise’ I will do almost no excess shopping. I’ll buy only what I need and ignore those longings for spring dresses, holiday cuffs that sparkle, and silky lingerie – I love Victoria Secret – but no longer. I have built my dream wardrobe, all the clothes I never could buy before – funny thing is being ill- I often have no place to wear them. Life is ironic.

So anything like shopping, you find addictive ( besides drugs) any advice about gaining self control and financial stability? Let me know.