MishMash December

 Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope it hasn’t been a hard start for those of you coming back from Thanksgiving holidays. Last week I had two things to do: Christmas shop online and study for my Residential Furnishing’s Final. I’m happy to say I wrote the final today and although the essay part I found difficult to do, I think I put enough examples and information on Early Moderan furnishings that I formed a good enough essay. I hope so anyways. I received my proposal back and got an A- on that and have an A- on the midterm, so I just need to keep my mark at an A- and I’ll be happy. It would help with some of other courses where I was only able to earn a B-. But it is exciting because my Residential Interiors Certificate is finished and I receive it in June 2017. It’s good to feel a sense of completion, that I was able to accomplish something even though throughout these almost eight years I have been too sick to work. I am still looking into some kind of writing course for the Winter term or Spring term. Now that I have more time tomorrow I can look into what kind of course and from where I want to take it.

My Christmas shopping online was a success, sort of. . . In fact, the only thing I wasn’t able to buy were some clothing I wanted from Banana Republic. But I think I will save that for next pay cheque. Honestly, for the items I had to buy I didn’t find I received that great of a deal. Purdy’s (the chocolate store) had free standard shipping. Indigo books had the best deals. I got three throws for various relatives on sale for $22.50 each and assorted nice looking gift bags all for $2 to $3. They also had an extra 10% off you paid by Visa. As well,  I bought some gift cards and those of course have no money off because they are like cash. I shopped at Lush online but no discount there. Sephora did have some great holiday deals for different sets. I got a Bliss set with hand lotion, body butter, and shower gel for $18.00. The part that was the deal was a ton of free samples from various makeup and skincare lines. Also, they had $13.00 gift sets on Black Friday but none I liked. I really wanted this eyeshadow palett from Tarte but the 25% discount Tarte was offering didn’t apply to their holiday sets. So basically I’m done the shopping part except for some wine from DeVine wines downtown for Christmas Eve, me, and my God Parents. Then I just have to make all the presents look pretty around Christmas time.

I went to a show at the Expo Center in Edmonton; it was called “Make It Edmonton.” The is all about buying local handmade items that various vendors are selling, that have to be of a certain quality. The show goes is in Vancouver too. I picked up some wine tags and a couple of bamboo screened t-shirts with birds on them. They were cute and there were some bamboo scarves with a screened bird images on them that were also nice in several colors. I liked a couple vendors who made silk scarves and dyed them by hand. There was so much beautiful jewelry. A lot of it was simple but I liked this pearl and crystal necklace made out of a piece of an old clock. There were also some yummy chocolate Ganache cupcakes and some gluten free cookies for my Dad. Many of the vendors at “Make It” you might see on Etsy. I am going to the butterdome craft show next Saturday with my Mom and I don’t know how different it will be. Usually, it’s a bit more crafty and has a bit more varied items. Think more wood carving and wool mittens.

Anyway, I came home after my exam today and I felt as if I wanted to clean and tidy things up. I don’t often feel this way so I figured I better act on the feeling. I put all my interior design materials away from my course and cleaned up in the living room where I study. Then I noticed that my room was dusty so I thoroughly cleaned a dresser and one section of my room from expired or barely used beauty products, dust, and clothing that is going to Good Will. I’ll finish off some more cleaning  tomorrow. Cleaning away the old makes me feel as if everything is ready for brand new life events and the holiday season.

In addition,  what came out of my cleaning up are some new beauty blogging ideas over the next few weeks. First, I don’t think I’ve ever done a blog (except on dry shampoo) on my favourite hair products and brands and why I use these particular ones. I also want to link that with The Small Things Blog and include some of Kate’s (the blogger) more recent hair tutorials that I have been doing. So you’ll have access to those YouTube videos.Also, I wanted to share a video on my skincare routine. It’s extremely important to take care of your skin and I am going to share with you the products from Clinique and else where that have worked for me, some since high school and some more recently.Lastly, I have a beauty blog to do on a mishmash of products I have received as larger samples in my Luxebox’s or that I have bought that don’t fit into a particular catagory of beauty products. So, three beauty posts ahead.

Addotionally, I can’t stop being excited about our football league this year, the CFL, and my home team the Edmonton Eskimos who won the Grey Cup (named for the Earl of Grey one-hundred-and-three years ago. He’s also the same earl who earl grey tea is named after). The Grey Cup was Sunday in Winnipeg. The weather was decent. Some years they play in -30 degree Celsius weather outside. But November has been beautiful in Canada. I watched football while I studied and drank red wine to celebrate as we narrowly defeated the Ottawa RedBlacks. It’s also great because my Dad is a Saskatchewan Roughrider’s fan who will cheer for any team but my Eskimos. We beat his team and the team he cheered for at the Grey Cup so that is always a plus.

I know many of you are probably like: “Canada has a football league and it isn’t the NFL?” Yes, we most certainly do and the same way you get many Canadian hockey players in the US, we get football players from some of your universities in the US to come play in our league. Many of our players are Canadian or American and are extremely talented, they have just chosen to play in the CFL out of love. But we also get players who don’t make it on NFL teams or players who are training themselves to be better so they can go on to play in the NFL. Doing this as a player can work but doesn’t always. The biggest difference in the CFL is that we have three downs instead of four. So, what this means is in the CFL you have only three chances to move the football ten yards before the other team gets the ball. There are some other differences too I think some differences with the yardage on the field and number of players but I haven’t looked into it lately. Anyways, enjoy your NFL, many of my friends are in a pool trying to get the most wins from the teams they picked. Let’s just say there is a player with the last name Eifert, and that’s not a common name in Canada or the US, so whatever team he is on, I want my cousin (of however many times) to win.

To end, I will mention that I will as always have other blog topics besides beauty. I am doing a Writing 101 poetry course on WordPress and I’ll just see what happens from there.

Thanks for reading!


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Alterna Bamboo Hair Products


1. Bamboo Smooth Anti-Breakage Thermal Protectant Spray ($28.50 –  What I love about this product is that you only need a very little to put in shoulder length hair and it not only makes your hair so it will not be frizzy or fly away but it is also an excellent styling spray so that if you want a bit of volume in your hair this is an effective Thermal Protectant Spray to buy.

A great aspect of Alterna products, particularly, the Bamboo products, are that they are good for your hair because they are without harmful chemicals such as Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic Dyes, Phthalates, GMOs, and Triclosan. The ingredients are fair trade complaint, eco-certified, and certified organic. Not only that but the product is guaranteed to prevent hair breakage by 87% (Sephora.ca). I really enjoy using this product and find it lasts a long time and is completely worth the price. By far one of the best thermal protectants I have used.

2. Bamboo Abundant Volume Shampoo ($25.50) – Not only is this Shampoo like the


thermal protectant, environmentally friendly and free of some not so safe products for your hair, but it does a decent job as a shampoo. It lasted me about a month and I like how there is just a hole in the top of the bottle where you can squeeze the shampoo out of. My hair felt very clean after using this shampoo but my only complaint is that for my hair, this shampoo is a bit drying. I’m use to and my hair usually needs shampoo that is very moisturizing and this didn’t have enough moisture inside of it. I would use it again but not all the time. I think I will stick with Bedhead Damage Control Shampoo or Bedhead for Blonds. Although, I do have another shampoo and conditioner to report on after I have used it coming next month.


3. Bamboo Abundant Volume Conditioner ($25.50) –  The conditioner for this Bamboo brand was actually a little better than the shampoo. Although, I did find that I needed to use more conditioner in my hair than shampoo. The conditioner moisturized fairly well and my hair felt soft after using the conditioner but even so my hair did not quite feel that it had been moisturized enough. After using both the shampoo and conditioner I felt that I needed more conditioner in my hair, possibly a thicker conditioner, so I was a bit disappointed with both the shampoo and conditioner over all.

The Butterdome Spring Craft Show

jewelry 254
jewelry 254 (Photo credit: Craft*ology)

Last weekend, my mom and I attended the Butterdome Spring Craft Show. The craft show was an eclectic mix of artisan craft items including jewelry, clothing, speciality food items, artwork, pottery, and various other craft items. You can find a variety of interesting things at craft shows to buy or simply look at. The atmosphere at craft show is one of possibility and hope, of being able to find unique one of kind items that are not sold anywhere else. It is similar to the feeling you get at the farmer’s market without the vegetables, plus, the items at the Butterdome seemed to be more of a professional quality – this is not to say that you cannot find similar quality items at the farmer’s market just that ‘farmers’ part of market is less of a reason in a sale like the Butterdome Spring Craft Show. I was quite satisfied with our purchases here and I wanted to share with you some of the special items we found last weekend:

1.The first item I set my eye on was a casual black bamboo skirt from Eco Canadien A La Mode Clothing, a company called Voila by Adreanne Dandeneau. Besides the design, what was especially neat about this skirt was that it was made out of bamboo. Unlike tree’s bamboo is a grass that grows rapidly. Recently, I had done a report on bamboo flooring for an interior design Products class at the U of A, so I was anxious to own a piece of bamboo clothing. Although a bit pricey at $79.00 I was glad I bought the skirt and the Voila booth had many more interesting comfortable and eco-friendly clothing such as fitted bamboo dresses, and flowey tank tops. For more information you can visit Voila’s website at www.VoilaAndrieanne.com.

The second item, we purchased was a beautiful piece of pottery, an asian noodle bowl for my dad that included a chopsticks and a place to stick these chopsticks on the bowl. There were several different pottery companies selling bowls like this but I particularly like the light blue coppery design of the one we chose for him. It was $25.00 and a good deal.

The third item I purchased, was a $15.00 silver ring very plain, with little notches going around the ring. It was nothing special but there were several companies selling a lot of unique jewellery. I just wanted a simple ring to wear every day and this fit both my budget and my taste. We also found other interesting jewellery from a company called Opalescence which was handmade glass jewellery, They are a Calgary based company who sell various colors of glass pendants of different sizes and prices, that can be placed on a chain that they sell, or that you already own. My mom found three beautiful pendants for $10.00 each and got extra chains for $5.00 each. I also found a nice pink pendant for my grandma for $25.00, plus the $5.00 chain. Opalescence writes in their pamphlet that their jewellery is made of “[d]ichroic glass . . . that has two colours, transmitted and reflected. (Dazzling Dichro 1)” This process is achieved by ” applying multiple, micro-thin layers of different metals . . . to the surface of the glass” (Dazzling Dichro 1). For more information visit their website at www.opalescencejewelry.com.

The last company I wanted to share with you about is a company called Those Great Little Books from Ponoka, AB. See there website at www.greatlittlebooks.com. At Those Great Little Books they “re-create” “handbound volume[s] of books using “Coptic,” “Rustic,” and “Contemporary Binding (Those Great Little Books 1). Coptic binding is when  “intricate and painstakingly beautiful stitch[ing]” is “woven across an open spine” (TGLB 1). Rustic binding is a “variation on stab binding” and Contemporary binding is where a book is “cased . . . in a hard cover (TGLB 1). What is so interesting about these books is getting old classics, children’s books, and journals in an old style of binding. For example, I was seriously considering a copy of Pride and Prejudice with Coptic binding for around $30.00.

If you are a fan of craft shows and all the neat and unique items that can be found there, there is another show coming to Edmonton this weekend May 11- 13, 2012 called Make-It The Handmade Revolution. It includes 100 crafters and designers (including the cool book binding company) from all over, plus “live music” and an “awesome” vibe” (Make it Coupon).  Visit www.makeitedmonton.com. There is even a groupon for this, two admissions for $4.00. So if you are interested check it out!

PS. I have pictures of some of the items we purchased but for some reason it is not working to copy/paste or upload to my blog so I will try to post them in a separate blog.

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