Fall 2016 Fashion Picks Part 1 – Clothing and Scarves #fashion #scarves #clothes #accessories #shopping

I’ve been doing Fall Fashion picks I believe for about the past three-years. I always think I’m going to do Spring picks too but life seems to be a lot busier in spring. Anyways, hope you like my picks, they are from a variety of different stores and price points.

Everyday Dress in Plum (www.bananarepublic.ca)


Classic Little Black Dress for Worknd After ( http://www.bananarublic.ca)


Shapely Jean Dress for Casual Friday and Weekends

The Perfect Little Stripped Navy Blazer (www.bananarepublic.ca)


Cute Blazer Tied at The Waist (www.bananarepublic.ca)


A Lovely Vest In Plum to Spice Things Up (www.dynamiteclothing.com)


The Classic Cardigan in Black or Any Colour (www.lechateau.com)


An Open Version of the Classic Cardigan (www.lechateau.com)

A cozy thicker Cardigan for cold Days. (www.bananarepublic.ca)


Black Waxed Moto Jacket (www.bananarepublic.ca)


A Bright amd Cheery Wool Coat for the Cold (www.bananarepublic.ca)


Cropped Black Dress Pants with Flare (www.anthropologie.com)


Straight Black Dress Pants (www.lechateau.com)


Flared Black Dress Pants (www.lechateau.com)


Skinny Ankle Jeans (www.bananarepublic.ca


Dark Flared Jeans (www.bananarepublic.ca)


Boyfriend Jeans for the Weekend (www.bananarepublic.ca)


Fluted Navy Skirt Alone or With Navy Jacket (Above). (www.bananarepublic.ca)


Classic White Blouse (www.dynamiteclothing.com)


Pink Blouse with Ruffled Collar – Taking the White Blouse Up a Notch (www.bananarepublic.ca)


Peplum Lace Shirt In Ivory (www.dynamiteclothing.com)


Silky See-Through Black Blouse (www.anthropologie.com)

Classic Black T-Shirt Taken Up a Notch with Faux- Leather Insert (www.dynamiteclothing.com)


Cozy Turtle Neck in Icy Sea Blue. (www.bananrepublic.ca)


Blue and Grey Scarf (www.anthropologie.com)


Printed Green and Off White Scarf (www.anthropologie.com)


The Go With Anything Greyish Scarf with Gold Highlights (www.anthropologie.com)


Purple/Orange/Pick Gradiated Scarf, Bright, the Perfect Outfit Brightner (www.anthropologie.com)


Thanks for browsing. I will be doing a part 2 of my fashion picks tomorrow with jewelry, shoes, boots, and different purses.


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Poem: A L’Arora – “The Wanderer Who Yearned”

Thank you to The Daily Post for the prompt words Natural and Struggle.


A wanderer navigates far on her journey,

She traipses from stars luminous in ink darkness,

Across natural hill she can’t not climb,

In lush valleys sleeping, dreams whispering in,

Travelling far, in-between, in the world down below,

Knowing not peace; restless she artfully treads,

Breathing the life, new civilizations she learns,

Tracing the moon, it dips to to her hands; she treads.

Wanderlust a vise; no peace yet, no worry,

In the sky’s plashless flamingo pink, fire orange stark;

Tranquility masked, in the eyes of young and old; she finds —

Wisdom in their tongues so foreign, not to her akin;

Grass, scented sharp and fragrant; an afternoon’s soft pillow,

She shares not, a fear of ‘what’s out there;’ no dread,

Roaming each day, hopping off trains, nothing her concerns;

Inscrutability of the world hails; she goes wherever, not knowing dread.

In Paris, she didn’t bother climbing the Eiffel Tower leery,

Of crowds, and people overwhelming; she’s a lark,

Free spirit, sweet melodies trailing; requires space to fly, to find —

Her life abroad, journeying towards the sun as it sets in Berlin.

Abundance of pints in Germanic territory; laughter she borrows,

A smorgasbord of people, faces to greet before bed.

Memories composed  in songs of the moments; she burns —

Companionship,she’s persuaded; singed remnants in bed.

Through Italy and Greece she did not falter, clearly —

Used to travelling trails, which ever road ingenuity sparked.

Nothing, exquisite as midnight’s blackness, in her mind,

The ruins of Ancient Greece in Athens alight; interlude in Santorini.

Riches of Rome, what need has God of golden sorrows?

A few nights idle, in soft hotel bed; relaxation as she read,

Of home, the place she missed the most; yet she yearned —

Struggling within; wanting more of the world, of new places read.

Climbing the Alps; mountains so high, a drop shear;

Below the air, not but wind, as she embarked.

Her mind in the beaches of Spain white; now resigned.

Searching forever, not to discover, real truths in the wind,

Traversing, strong, full of vitality; healthy to the core.

Until her ankle, tottered over, with a sprain and scratches bled.

Relishing in the Netherlands, a peaceful place to learn.

Sleeping in, and delighted to pause; until scratches never bled.

Of Nova Scotia’s Atlantic ice cold waters clear,

She gazed on architecture as Europe’s in Quebec, and parks,

Of pristine nature, trees, and flowers; but nature’s blind,

To the tumult of thought occurring inside her; she’s on a tailspin —

To Australia’s Opera House in Canberra; heart sore–

Journeying in the Outback; most treacherous place led,

By tour guides; and journeying in Melbourne earned,

Photographs caught on Instagram; further travels led.

Down to the Dominican, all inclusive; drinking slush and beer,

Reacting as she roamed where Inca’s lived, Mexican landmarks,

Insider herself, she perceived a need to still her being, and find,

Her place in a multicultural earth; her home, she grinned —

Such knowledge absorbed; little she knew, remaining ashore.

 Determining home, in the vast open prairies she once fled,

Traversing infinitely; it was a greed which no longer in her burned.

Home in her heart; she soars, a new trail found, where she before fled.

©Mandibelle16.(2016) All Rights Reserved.


Sunday Flash Fiction: Cast Out

Fort McMurray is an oil town and that means many jobs for those who are skilled at oil wells. It’s camps aren’t the nicest place for a woman to work but at least a girl can make good money simply working in hospitality, managing and handing out the keys to the rooms the oil workers and staff stay in. My boyfriend Jack, works out at an oil well. We drive up to camp together in his SUV.

I could tell on this trip back home to Edmonton from the camp, Jack was angry. He thought I was flirting with some other men the other day. I was just being nice, it’s hard not having many other women not to talk to. So, now Jack believes that I’m always flirting with other men and he thinks I should stay in the city and get a job there.

We are arguing in the SUV loudly. Jack is threatening to throw me out on the highway, even though it’s cold and dark. I beg him not to but he has had enough and he stops the car, comes round to my side, and throws me, my purse, and suit case on the side of the road. 

Now I’m walking down the highway at night. My jacket is thin, my feet are in flats, and no car or truck seems to see me wave. My iPhone is dead, not that it mattered, I can’t get a signal out here. 

I kick the ground frustrated and angry at Jack and my situation and before I can stop myself my foot slips into a hole at the road side. My ankle twists, I scream and hear the snapping sound my ankle makes as it breaks.

Now it’s colder outside still. I can hear the creatures of the night in the wilderness near me. It’s finally twilight and my ankle throbs. No one sees me sitting so close to the ground and in tears as the sun rises. I wonder when they’ll find me. If only Jack had believed me.

Thanks to Alistair Forbes for hosting!