Sunday Photo Fiction: Part 4 – Roman Ruins and Revenge

Part 3: Fatal Attraction

I’ve been in this city before. I remember the buildings and the blue painted doors. Jax has taken me to Rome. I can’t believe I’ve been with Jax four months now and that Graham and I ever existed as a couple. Jax is my dream and he has taken me to my favorite place in the world, Italy.

We are visiting an old Roman building dedicated to the Roman God Bacchus. Was he the God of wine? I’m not really sure, but the wine here is has been fantastic.

Jax squeezes my hand gently and kisses my forehead as I look at the old paintings on the wall of this ruins. “Ready to go my Allie – Cat?” he says. I smile and nod and as an after thought ask:

” Jax when are you going to get the Everett’s money, we sent Graham the ransom note weeks ago?”

Jax smiles,”Allie baby, don’t worry about the money I’ll have it by tomorrow night.” I nod placated for the moment.

” But you’re not going to leave me with Graham are you Jax? I’m your girl now?” Jax squeezes me tight and whispers in my ear:

” Allie, you are mine and I’m never going to give you up. Besides how it must hurt Graham Everett to lose his girl to me, that’s half my revenge.”

I smile at Jax running my fingers through his hair and we leave the old Roman ruin together.

old House

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Sunday Photo Fiction – Part 3 – Fatal Attraction

Part 2: Locked Up

Allie sat a square wooden table in her prison while Jax (her captor) stared at his intricate watch. She wasn’t sure how she was going to help Jax get Cassandra Everett, in fact, she didn’t want to aid him at all.

Allie had grown up with Cassandra and considered her a good friend. Graham (Allie’s boyfriend) was Cassandra’s step-brother. Jax stared at her pointedly when she sighed and broke his concentration.

” Shush Allie, I’m waiting to hear if my men have gotten Cassandra. As you said, she goes to the Good Life Gym on the southside every weekday morning.” Allie smiled convincingly. Really she had no idea where Cassandra was.

When no Cassandra showed up at the gym Jax stopped staring at his watch and took Allie’s chin tightly in his hands so she would look at him.

He was angry with her. ” Cassandra is out of the country, you lied to me.” Allie gulped and flinched at Jax’s bruising grip on her chin. “But” he said, ” I have found out some  interesting news about you, you’re practically engaged to Graham, Cassandra’s brother. I’m sure the Everett’s will pay for you.”

Allie pressed her lips together and said nothing. Jax combed his fingers through Allie’s hair before kissing her harshly. Allie expected to be grossed out but instead found herself attracted to the enigmatic Jax who kissed well.”Your my girl now Allie. The Everett’s will pay more than money to get you back.”

Allie loved Graham, but their was something about Jax that she found alluring. She knew she had to be careful with Jax and Graham because her situation just got a  lot more complicated.


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Sunday Photo Fiction: Locked Up Part 2 – A Night On The Yacht Gone Wrong

Part 1:

I awake to the sound of doves cooing. I can see them through the dirty window of the room I’m locked in. The doves are cuddling and it makes me think of my own partner Graham.

I have a lot of time to think. I’ve tried everyday to break the window or open the door but nothing I try works. So, I am left sitting on the bed, which is suprisingly comfortable and new. Likewise the rest of the furniture in the room. I have the sneaking suspicion it was bought for me knowing that I would be in this room awhile.

I look out the dingy window and the door opens. The handsome kidnapper walks in and looks me up and down. He has an English accent when he speaks and his name is Jax.

” The money has not been wired for you yet, I’m afraid you’ll be with us longer then I expected.” He frowns at this unpleasant news.

” I’m sure my family will send the money” I cry,  ” We have lots, I’ve got awhole trust fund full and so does my boyfriend.”

“It’s not your money I want, it’s the Everetts… You’re their daughter are you not?”

“No I’m Allie Alendale” I say quietly. “Their daughter is named Cassandra.”

Jax looks at me strangely. ” No you’re Cassandra I’m sure of it!” I shake my head.

“Well Allie, you can help me get the Everetts money then. I’m warning you better pull your weight around here.” And Jax shuts me in my prison again. The doves have flown away.


Thanks to Alistair Forbes for hosting!