Fiction: What A Million Dollars Won’t Buy #amwriting #fiction

Here’s another piece from my course, edited of course.

Credit: Paul Paul @ProdigyPaul via Unsplash.

Eugene steps onto the plane as his stomach summersaults. In Eugene’s seat, fellow author Jerry Norman, reclines.

“I need the legroom, let an old man have the aisle.”

Eugen shakes his head ‘no.’ He stows his carry on and sits. “Thanks a million for not making this difficult, Jerry. The aisle seats are quicker to leave from when the plane lands.” Eugene winks.

Jerry’s eyes narrow. “I’d watch it if I were you. I don’t like you sassing me.”

Eugene grins, then his stomach flips. The plane’s wheels come off the runway, and he buries his face in his hands. He swears under his breath between prayers until the plane achieves flying altitude.

Jerry laughs, “Think you’re some tough guy, eh? You take an old man’s seat than can’t handle take off?”

Eugene rolls his eyes. He notes Jerry’s red face with sweat gleaming. His hands are fisted tight around the armrests. “I don’t think you’re such a flier yourself. You’re a bit of bullshitter, aren’t you, Jerry?”

“That’s neither here nor there, Eugene. I’ve ridden on a plane that’s nearly crashed. Stop being such an asshole. I’m not a bad guy.”

Eugene snorts. He removes his iPad from the seat pocket and closes his eyes to the latest Avengers movie. When he awakes, screams of terror resonate. His stomach lurches as the plane nose dives, rattling, bumping up, and down as the left engine sputters.

Eugene believes he’s having a nightmare. He blinks, and everything around him occurs in slow-motion. The breathing masks tumble down, and Eugene gulps in oxygen at a slow even pace.

Beside him, Jerry has knocked his head on the window and passed-out. Despite Eugene’s dislike for him, he stretches as far as he can. He displaces his oxygen mask for a moment, and attaches Jerry’s. Then, he does the only thing he can think of doing, he smacks Jerry across the cheek to wake him.

“Jerry, come on. Your head’s bleeding, and you can’t sleep until you see a doctor.” He watches Jerry’s pupils dilate as he sucks in deep breaths of oxygen. Eugene’s numbness permits him to remain calm as the plane alters from a nose dive to a straight position above a grassy field. The landing is rough and jars everyone. At the end, Jerry catch’s his eye. Both mean realize the plane nearly crashed.

Eugene’s numbness fades as his nails dig blood-filled crescents into his palms. When they leave the plane and slide into a verdant feel, he turns to Jerry. “Stay awake, we need to find you an ambulance before you fall down right here.” The other author leans against Eugene, as he supports him. They find a paramedic who checks them both over for injuries.

Eugene thinks of the million dollars he could’ve had for arriving early to the writer’s conference both and he Jerry were attending.

“All that money wasn’t worth this.” Jerry fumbles over his words, but Eugene knows they are the absolute truth. He nods at Jerry lying in a stretcher in an ambulance waiting to leave for the hospital.

“I’ll come with you, Jerry, might as well. Someone has to call your family and let them know what happened.” Jerry makes a noise, Eugene assumes is agreement.

He closes his eyes for a moment. One million dollars.

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Day 29 – NaPoWriMo – Review – ” Review of Airplane Ride”

Today I’m reviewing the last trip I took on an Airplane. To start off, the line to check in was extremely slow and I didn’t understand why WestJet didn’t have more staff on because then we had to wait in line at customs forever. 

Custom’s did not have a great many staff on either so there were three huge line ups of people all trying to get into the U.S. and only one person each to see the people in each line. Custom’s asked many questions which were quite annoying, I mean why do you think we’re going to Phoenix really? Could golfing have anything to do with it, maybe some outdoor touriste activities? We’re only gone 10 days and have you really ever seen blond haired blue eyed terrorists? I can’t say any of this aloud, God forbid, but finally we make it to Gate 39 and find out the plane is delayed an hour. 

By this point, I don’t care but am aghast when Starbucks isn’t even open, it’s 10:00 am what could be the issue? We all grumble about the lack of coffee but the plane does manage to arrive in forty five not sixty minutes. Eventually we board the flight and I am the odd person out sitting alone instead of with my buddies, and sitting down beside me is the largest man I have seen in sometime. I’m glad I at least have the aisle seat. But I really don’t get much seat and I hate having my thigh being rubbed against by the large man. 

He is a typically big guy too lots of snacking on bad food, having to go to the washroom every ten minutes because his soda is giant, and lots of sweat dripping on me. That perfume I put on was unnecessary because I now smell like armpit. 

The flight attendants quickly do their thing, no one is paying attention and that doesn’t bode well. The Captain is friendly enough and the flight attendants helpful as I have trouble storing my belongings away. But they can’t seem to find me another seat as I explain my issues with my seat mate. They kind of shrug and move on. 

Atleast the flight is short and I’m up front and off the plane quickly. The pilot didn’t crash the plane that’s fifty points for him for that and getting to my hotel resort is quick and painless. 

I soak in the shower along time trying to get the stench of man sweat out of my hair. The people I’m with go on a horse ride, it’s about 1:30 pm I head to the spa to get a massage as the seats on the plan were far from comfortable because of my seat mate. 

Although, I was looking forward to Phoenix that has got to be about the most awful check in and airplane ride I have ever experienced. I will make sure I’m not the odd woman out and fly with a buddy and arrive extra early to check in next time. I give the entire experience one out of five stars.