Writing 101 – Spiders

I was 3 – years-old when I locked myself in a closet with a spider. He dangled on his wispy string and came towards me and I shot to the other end of the closet and fell asleep. That was the first time I hated spiders.

The next was when my Dad built me my room in a large pantry room in our old house. But since it was a pantry before you see, with concrete floor and large closets, and with a creaky teal door that opened up into a vast ceiling; when I first moved into that new room at the age of 8 there were spiders everywhere. I was afraid of them. I would come home from my Grandparent’s house after a sleep over and find 3 kinds of spiders sitting on the wall in the corner of my room. If my room got to messy there were spiders and one day there was this huge black spider on the wall and my Dad killed it but I was so afraid a spider would crawl into my bed that my Mom had to check the blankets in my bed for spiders. I was sure there was one in there!

Now, I’m 29-years-old and I still have this irrational fear of spiders. I can handle the little ones, but in my bathroom downstairs there has been this army of spiders this summer, and my Dad won’t kill them for me anymore but my brother took out a few when he was over. The vacuüm is heavy and hard to bring downstairs so often I just throw a book on the spiders and step on it until the spider is squished and dead.

Sometimes I just let them hide in corners but no more. The vacuüm is downstairs today and I have a spray bottle full of water and mint oil. Spiders hate mint! I only needed a few drops of the oil but I put 10 in the bottle just in case and I will vacuüm my washroom everywhere and spray ever corner with mint — under the counter, behind the door, the window, and behind the garbage can. Will this keep those spiders away? I hope so, I hate them tremendously, you have no idea, they are one of my greatest fears.