Things To Do This Summer: A Bit of Everything

You may be a student, a teacher, or like me the perpetually half-ill and jobless but sometimes there is a lot of space to fill in the summer while most people are working. Consequently, you never realize how lucky you are to be able to work when you are bored at home and spending your days not doing much at all. But I try to keep busy, so here are some of the varied ways I do:

You tube Videos: Some of my favorite include ClothesEncounters with JenM, Pixiewoo makeup lessons, and Pilates intense work out videos. I also enjoy TED talks because they really make you think and consider different issues in the world. I was very excited to go to my first TEDx event in Edmonton this Spring it was awesome!

Summer Style JenM Clothesencounters

Pixie – Healthy Baby Glow Makeup

Dance with Me Pop Pilates


Ted Talks:

How To Live Before You Die – Steve Jobs

Another large chunk of my time is taken up by writing. I write creatively and for as many of you have seen my articles know, Flurt Magazine  I love writing and would love to one day write something prolific because I feel it’s something I am capable of doing. I would love to write novels and poetry books but the truth is I have really just begun to write. But here are some of my most recent articles for Flurt:

Summer Time Style

Female Succession to the British Throne

Settling For a Partner

Orange Julius Smoothy


Another thing that I love to do is spend time catching up with  my friends and family. Tonight I am really looking to have some drinks and some fun with my best gals at Julios on Whyte. Many of you Edmontonian’s know it has one of the best patios on Whyte Ave along with the greatest bulldogs and Margaritas. They also have some pretty excellent Mexican food if your inclined to eat.


There’s a handful of other things that I love to do such as walk my dog, yoga, and lift some little weights – you know I can’t do much exercise; listen to music; spend time with my guy as much as I can – I think we mostly like to eat, shop, hang out together, and just be; I like reading many articles and researching ideas for articles; I enjoy fashion magazines and Romance books, books of many kinds – books on growing up, mysteries, weird little books with all their quirks – I love to read too much; I scrapbook, I draw, and sometimes I even paint; I shop online to pin online on Pinterest -dangerous things can happen when you shop to shop online a lot; I keep a journal of ideas that I started in art class this last Winter and glue and paste and write into it anything of worth – it’s a great way to keep track of your ideas; lastly, I go out and be among people and just enjoy crowd watching sometimes there are some pretty interesting people out there and I am always thinking about characters in a book or what someone would be like – in reality I am really shy so I don’t think I’d ever go up to someone unless I was really curious; I go to movies; I plan and keep organized – routine of some kind runs my day and helps me get through it and if I know what is coming, what I am facing, I am a much happier girl – not really big on surprises just maybe the occasional one; I watch Madmen and Netflix. And that’s how you spend a summer.






More Words of Wisdom from Pinterest!

I love the little sayings that people post on pinterest. Here are a few of my recent favorites:

hoodies! Totally inappropriate but very funny! True story.  Hahah! So true  Hilarious!!haha right!? exactly.. Seriously Don't stumble over something behind this quote You can't get it perfect every time.good reminder...GodLove it!  i'm not a camper.hahaDon't hate, appreciate."Age of Worry" lyrics by John Mayer;)