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Amanda (Mandi)


Amanda is a writer, blogger, and sometimes student from Alberta, Canada. She began blogging five-years ago to improve her writing skills and share her thoughts on several topics including her experience with mental illness.
Over time, Amanda’s blog has developed into more than it’s original purpose. She has taken Editing and Creative Writing courses from Simon Fraser University and the University of Alberta to improve her writing and editing skills, in addition to her Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Literature received in May 2007 from Concordia University of Edmonton.

She will apply again for an online MFA in creative writing at UBC. Only twenty-five percent of students make it in this online program and Amanda is hoping to be one of these students in September 2018. 

Amanda also has taken short blogging, poetry, writing, commenting, and photography courses through WordPress. She looks to improve her writing anywhere she is able.

She adores poetry and has been learning various new forms of poetry from the website Shadow Poetry. Each new type of poetry is fun and challenging. She writes poetry from The Daily Post, monthly challenge prompts, and her own experiences. She also participates in National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo) each year in April.

Amanda has been expanding and fine tuning her writing skills in fiction and poetry. She has recently been writing short stories and submitting them to online magazines and websites. She has poems published many times since June 2016 on Spill Words magazine online and poems and short fiction in SickLit Magazine, with some short fiction. She as also published poetry in Silver Birch Press Online Magazine. 

On her blog, Amanda writes Flash Fiction for various photo and/or word prompts each week. Amanda also participates in other writing prompts such as Three Line Tales and prompts from MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie blogsite. Some of her writing uses no prompts at all. 

Moreover, Amanda is working on the second draft of her first novel called How Was Last Night? The novel has been in process for a few-years but is sitting a while to marinate and let Amanda think before further editing her second draft.

In addition, Amanda enjoys the Edmonton sports scene. She is a huge Oiler’s fan (NHL) and pleased with the improvement of the Oilers this year in their new Roger’s Place Arena. She is also a huge CFL fan of the Edmonton Eskimos who won the Grey Cup tin November 2015, and went far into the playoffs in 2016. Amanda also enjoys walking and doing yoga when she feels up to it. She loves dogs, reading, shopping, and spending time with her friends and family.

She also suffers from an Affective Mood Disorder (Depression) since 2009 as well as Chrontic Fatigue due to the Depression. She has tried countless medications and few have worked for her due to sensitivities and allergies to several medications.

The latest (and hopefully last?) medication change in July 2015, helped but finding energy each day for her to write, read, do a bit of freelance work, and other things in life, is difficult for her many days. If you would like to talk to her about her mental health issues or your own, please feel free; she is always willing to provide what help she can in that area with her experience over the past nine-years.

Eventually, no matter her health, Amanda has a desire to travel across Italy to Florence, Milan, Rome, Venice, and Tuscany. She would also like to visit Athens and Santorini Greece. France and Paris, Lion, and Capree are also on her list, as well as some cities in Germany and Spain.

If you wish to contact Amanda to write for you or if you would like to guest post on her blog, please reach her through her contact page. She can also be found on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest:  @mandibelle16.

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