Photo Challenge: Poem – Cinquin – “Blind Opulence” #amwritingpoetry

Thanks to NEKNEERAJ for hosting photo challenge.

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Cinquin – 2,4,6,8,2



Brilliant balloons,

Blown in diverse sizes.

Round orbs, dripping garland of strings.

Dangling ultraviolet —

Swaying balloons —



Tissue —

Paper crinkled.

Shaped carnations vivid,

Leaning near genuine blossoms;

Powder pink-petals soft,

Nature blends with,

The bold.



Tangy orange orbs,

Of fushia, sanguine —

Baby-blue, midnight ink balloons.

Laughing party rainbows;

Bold and vibrant,




Their getaway;

Flashy car, carousing —

Left against daring decor,

Dresses tule, frilly;





Rainbow rose-silk;

Carnations pinned to grey–

Ironed tuxes, pressed;

Garish decor blights, but

Bride, groom prefer —




Automobile —

Pink classic car that’s–

Driven fast into sunlit sky;

Opulence gone:

Quiet warmth,




Away from noise,

Drive into Cuban —

Twilight; their lives changed, but the same.

Expectations, and what ifs.

Away bright opulence —


©️Mandibelle16 (2019) All Rights Reserved.

Photo Challenge: Poem — Free Verse “Sky-Waters” #amwritingpoetry #MLMM

Thanks to NEKNEERAJ for hosting photo challenge.

Credit: Google

Sapphire bubbles float in the sky,

Dreamland ships are at port; the clouds laced with gold.

We’re journeying where I cannot know, to that unknown somewhere.

It might be difficult but there’s healing in these waters.

Davey Jones can’t escape his wretched locker,

And the seas are clear, crystal, and diamond.

And up we float from ocean to sky,

No lightening here, only the suns wayward blaze.

And breezes blow us away from the frothing,

Creatures yanking us below to perish.

Each day is fraught with the difficulty, but only a few with great pain,

And we learn to climb the mast, to let fly the sails too.

Maybe we’ll surprise the moon, let the light beam a tad longer.

Keep the darkness from falling, and the stillness of ice-cold waves —

Lovely the dawn with its orange pale-blue glow,

The waters of dew and the waves of the sun;

The storm might’ve wrecked us, but we’ll travel on.

We’ll traverse until the ship divides into whirlpools,

Or into green brilliance of atmospheric northern lit skys.

For now we ride sapphire wings shoot enemies with gold canons,

Giant fishes and vulture, both gather teeth gnashing all ’round.

Somedays grim frowns, soar backs weigh us down–

But so much learning can be absorbed in the sky-waters of morn.

Marmalade sky’s or savage seas.

It’s okay to be drowsy in sunrise,

The red horrors of morn fade, and the day somehow —

Builds endurance and progress,

Possibility, even if it’s minute.

A ray of hope jumping from skyline to shore.

Bringing tranquility though they’re be dim sights ahead,

And the black holes of brokenness.

But oh, never mind fear in the sky-waters —

For dawns brilliance is a mere moment;

But, our captain He keeps us,

In the gold-touched cloud atmosphere or watery deep;

In faithful hearts and prayer we discover profound relief.

©️Mandibelle16. (2019) All Rights Reserved.