Proof for Faith, There Isn’t Any

Please read this wonderfully thought provoking piece:


Proof for Faith, There Isn’t Any

(then Quo vadis?)


You want proof

There isn’t any

Maybe in the nautilus

Contemplative-minded people

Seem to like the spiral

Turning and arching toward


Lately, I’ve been looking at

Where the spiral’s going

When the photograph is stairs and not

A shell

Often, there’s a black space on

The image

Mystery, an unknown place of

Arrival, I imagine

Sometimes, the square is light

But also undefined

Then there are creative renderings

Steps made of windows,


Sometimes of stained glass

Where are we going? all the frames

Of any kind seem

To say

Quo vadis?

I suppose there is in indication


We are traveling up

Though shift a little, maybe

Going down

Perhaps there is no depth or height

And we are moving in

Into something

On to something

Maybe something good

We don’t know

The final patch is indeterminate

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