Poem: Free Verse – “Forever Hope” #amwritingpoetry #mandibelle16 #mandibellesthoughts

Hey all! It’s been a long time, and I’m sorry to have been away so long. I’ve spent the last month recovering in hospital from a severe depressive episode. There’s still a ways to go to improve my stamina, but the hardest part is done. At least my diagnosis is known forsure — I suffer from Clinical Depression where I can become so depressed I have a psychotic episode. But, with new medication and the help of modern ECT (which I highly recommend), I’m looking forward to continuing through life and improving my little apartment and finding another part-time job. For now I’m at my parents working on healing a little still. Here is a poem I started a month ago, before the episode got bad, finished today.

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The writer takes a pause,

The world it spun, titled without cause.

Forgotten nights and fierce dramas played;

Yet, I stay; I pause — only for a breathe of time.

A moment to confess;

Assured that darkness can never win the day.

Although the sun is abeam and we drag our paint brushes through clean–

It’s a stronger light than you could imagine.

Eternal, brilliant, fluorescent, suffering a just fierce burst;

— Than the glow of morning wins adream.

So, that in the black pitch of fright we see;

Darkness is short, never forever.

Forever is but a moment if you realize —

Dim dankness will cease, and the night’s short minutes are minuscule gleaming beams of white.

They block out the pitch of fright;

Time that pauses pain, such gusts of cruelty cannot prevail;

Thus, we continue on —

And in life we’ve hope, despite death shrouds.

Those pollutant clouds that choke — only sweet clean air has us afloat.

Here shrill cobalt birdies fly and never die;

No lost trips in wild night, no wild wild frights or shadow‘s clawing.

Nothing but our vivid faith for tomorrow’s war won;

And in reality I find(perhaps), a better life aglow.

I hold on for brilliant light beyond the dusk, and harrowed breadth of night.

This is no nightmare or sordid dream, so hang on —

A better life bends t’ward us; And courage is a radiant resplendent breath awake.

The creators Mercy and passion still live —

If only we forget not to hope.

For a better life, for better seconds to each other give;

Forgive and hang-on-tight to the bold flashes of a sunny, light blue Friday dawn.

The battle has faded; now forever altered we move on.

Soldiers dragging our feet as swishes of paint,

Each step t’ward life’s resilience.

©️Mandibelle16. All Rights Reserved (2019).


16 thoughts on “Poem: Free Verse – “Forever Hope” #amwritingpoetry #mandibelle16 #mandibellesthoughts”

    1. Hi Cindy. So wonderful to read your words and thank you for your compliments. They mean a lot and I’ve missed you and many others who’s writing/comments I read on WordPress. Sometimes, we must be transparent where we can b/c even though a situation is difficult for us, someone somewhere is going through worse. This is not to say it’s always the easiest. But we do what we can in life. Right? How have you been?


    1. Hi Marquessa. Thank you for stopping by to say hi and for your kind wishes. I’ve missed you too and your wonderful writing. I’m taking it slow, but also making my way back into life and new challenges. Hugs to you too. How was your summer?


  1. Welcome back, Amanda. How lovely to see you here. I’m so sorry you’ve been ill. Having loved ones who suffer the same, I feel for you. It never ceases to amaze me how people who suffer so can be so brave, getting themselves up, carrying on, thriving again. I’m so glad you’re feeling better – the right medication can help, you’re right and I hope your writing helps too. All best wishes

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    1. Hi Lynn. Thank you so much for your wishes and kind words, it’s lovely to hear from you, as well. I had mentioned this in another comment, but about mid-August half-way through my ECT, I felt this feeling. All as I can say is it was great and utter happiness and the fact that I had it back. It was something I didn’t realize I was missing until it returned, then I knew what I had been missing or what had been gone. And, even though some days are harder than others, it’s still there in my heart and I’m pleased to say it remains. So, thank you for commenting and yes writing is always a kind of light 💡 no matter the situation.how have you been?

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      1. That’s a sadness in itself, not realising you’re missing happiness until it comes back. But I’m so glad you feel better. The brain is such a complex organ, isn’t it? I’m fine, thank you. Watching autumn come in, bringing rain and bronze leaves and darker evenings. But hiding from the weather is a good excuse to stay indoors and write! All the best to you

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      2. Hi Lynn. Thanks for your reply. Glad you’re enjoying Autumn. Yes, it was a bit of revelation to realize how ‘sad’ I was. But, things are going well now. Enjoy your writing. I look forward to reading some of it. 😊

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  2. I’m glad you’re back, so to say, and writing. Your work here is strong and clear, poetically, in describing both the darkness and the light.

    I’m so sorry you were suffering so much. I deeply appreciate knowing what was happening.

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