Published Poem on Spillwords: “Light, Darkness, Battle, and, Glory.” #amwritingpoetry #Spillwords

Credit: Spillwords

Please check out my latest poetry piece published on Light, Darkness, Battle, & Glory.

–A.M. Eifert

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11 thoughts on “Published Poem on Spillwords: “Light, Darkness, Battle, and, Glory.” #amwritingpoetry #Spillwords”

      1. I’m so so Jade, but it’s a beautiful day outside today so that helps. That’s wonderful you were able to go home for awhile. What part of India are you from again? I
        Imagine you are visited out too 🙂 Take care!!

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      2. I am from North India Mandi, yes, it was wonderful to go back after three years and yes, we do get Visited out… It is quite good here in Minnesota too. It is always great to catch up with you. All the best with your writings… you are simply great with words❤️

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      3. Thanks Shivaji. You are too you know! I’m happy you had a great visit and vacation and glad you’re back in Minnesota to enjoy/relax in the summer. My great grandparents came from Minnesota. Great Grandpa was a Lutheran Pastor and met my great-gran Ida there, I believe.

        Take care

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  1. Our last battle is not our passing,

    I’m drawn to this line. It sounds mythic as well as spiritual. And the clock chuckling. Which doesn’t sound mythic but does sound magic.

    Congratulations, Amanda!

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    1. Thanks CE. You’ve some pretty awesome poems yourself & if you ever feel like it, you could publish on spillwords.

      Well, I think this was a further note on the Beowulf reference. The writer of the epic poem from like 1200-1400ish AD, is a Christian monk, but also has great sympathy for the pagan danish warriors such as Beowulf etc. The writer notes that these warriors’ remembrance goes on via stories telling and the legends or ’myths’ after their death. So, it works from the POV of the danish/Vikings who live for glory and also the Christian writer and audience who believe in God and want to go to Heaven.
      There’s a great series on ‘Netflix’ ‘Last Kingdom’ that shows this conflict of virtues btw religions and also battles for land/survival/remembrance etc. very well. It’s Between Utred the Danish Viking and King Alfred, who attempts to unify England into, well England as we know it more like today. I might have suggested it, but you may enjoy it if I haven’t.
      Have a wonderful weekend 🙂


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