100 Word Wednesday: Poem —FreeVerse —“Childhood Days Astray” #100WordWednesday #amwritingpoetry

Thanks to Bikurgurl for hosting #100WordWednesday.

Credit: Bikurgurl

Tears of glass splinter, threats exchanged

Paper walls structured, pretend accords signed,

I’m guilty, but I’m not alone —

I’ve learned to apologize when the stubborn refuse.

When their words of ire as fire singe,

Blacken each day with poison deranged.

Refusing to talk, barricaded in your fortress of white noise;

Pushing alliance ‘neath plush 1960 tree-green piles.

Values and assumptions, lumps and bumps,

Consider other perspectives, act beyond perceptions; no more spats without, “I’m sorry for every hurt.”

But we’ll pretend, and if I speak it, the truth doesn’t count.

Children never learn, it’s the adage that chokes you.

It’s never right to not forgive; it’s a flaw in us.

Your grudges are deep, and your reflections skewed,

Forgetting your words, a problem in a string of failures, things I can’t do.

So, you’ll impose and push, no comprehension of what’s suffered —

Boarders not to cross.

What can I do? It’s what you’ve instigated;

So, I kept myself hidden, avoided your target.

And still, we don’t deal in forgiveness, you never admit fault;

I hate you for it, because sorry heals a plenitude of wounds.

But for you it’s just a word, a paltry thing you won’t offer.

You crowd and yell, murmuring old woes, not peering past crumbs and specs;

The film catches, tulips budding now sputter,

The screen pauses, flickers and they fade.

Defective film clicks, cracked as hearts malnourished.

Every family unhappy, in a vicious cycle reacting to our childhood days.

©️Mandibelle16. (2018) All Rights Reserved.


12 thoughts on “100 Word Wednesday: Poem —FreeVerse —“Childhood Days Astray” #100WordWednesday #amwritingpoetry”

  1. But we’ll pretend, and if I speak it, the truth doesn’t count.

    I think this is really fine work, Amanda. It–you–get at how pretense stands in families and by extension any relationship or anything lacking authenticity. It’s a poem that reads effectively aloud (I tried it). I hope you’re really well today.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Christopher. I’m glad you liked this. I had left it to sit and edit, and it didn’t need a lot of editing luckily. I’m glad it reads well aloud and as usual you see right to the heart of the matter —that pretence.

      Well, last couple of days have been a bit rough. I’ve been packing and sorting to give some stuff to charity and pack most of it for my new apartment. I’m moving this coming Saturday.

      I’ve got great help, my friends, brothers, and mom are ever supportive and helpful. But, it’s a lot to do in such a short time, pretty much 2 1/2 weeks. One never realizes how much they accumulate over time & as I’ve been at home now 17 years in this house (since I was 17), how much is involved with moving and setting things up for a place as an adult.

      Good life skills, but exhausting and I’ve been ill last couple of days. Yesterday not as bad, today in bed, but I think I’ll be good tomorrow. Usually, a good sleep helps a lot and I should be good to keep packing and pick up a few needed things for Saturday, to feed and hydrate my friends and brother(s) helping me move 🙂

      I’m hoping you’re feeling better than you have at some recent times. That you have more energy too.

      How was housesitting and watching the dogs? I hope they’ve been good and that spring has come so they’ve been able to get out in the yard and run off energy.

      I’ve been reading your lent poems. I like them solemn sometimes, but also touching and meaningful. Stay well and thank you. It was great to hear from you. 🤗


    1. Sure Christy. Nice to see you. I’ve been in and out these past couple years. So busy, it’s hard to write everyday. I aim for a post or two a week, although I wish it was more. I’m doing NaPoWriMo as of April 1st. It’s National poetry month. It usually takes me a month to two to finish now, but oh well lol. Feel free to join. Just google NaPoWriMo & if it’s your thing, you can add your blog to the site 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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