Photo Challenge/ Music Challenge: Poem — Italian Sonnet – “Complete” #photochallenge #musicchallenge #amwritingpoetry

Thanks to NEKNEERAJ of MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie for hosting photo challenge. Thanks also to MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie for hosting Music Challenge & the song “Broken” by LovelytheBand.

Credit: Origin Eight

We’re not all whole, our lives stretch uncontrolled,

Not by forces we know or can pchange,

We’ll shuffle our decks try to rearrange;

But, the weight of our burdens are sins untold.

Perhaps, life traps us; we’re always out-sold.

Pain tears, love’s truth, my face in your hands,

Beaming eyes, loving me broken and damned.

Endeared to my loneliness, pain rife –grave.

Life isn’t love poems, no ballads of song;

Only together we heal scars, live on.

I’m tucked in your eyes, we’re lonely as one,

You’re tucked in my arms, we’re lonely souls wrung.

We’re jagged dark lines become wholesome, sweet,

We’re finding our pieces; somehow complete.

©️Mandibelle16. (2019) All Rights Reserved.


4 thoughts on “Photo Challenge/ Music Challenge: Poem — Italian Sonnet – “Complete” #photochallenge #musicchallenge #amwritingpoetry”

  1. Your work is true to the sonnet form; and I like the internal rhyme as well, say, in the first and last lines. I also appreciate the starkly-crated phrases such as “I’m tucked in your eyes” and “We’re jagged dark lines” (hey, more internal rhyme).

    I hope you’re really well. I’m grateful you continue to read my work. You do so much better than I. I lump along as best I can. I was at the doctor’s recently. I guess I’ll undergo some tests and some changes in medication. What a life.

    On Thursday my brother-in-law is taking me to my sister’s in Wilmington so that I may house- and dog-sit while the family goes to London. I’m glad I can do this much for them.

    I hope you have a happy Valentine’s.

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    1. Hi Christopher. I think your poetry is amazing and has come so far. You have this stream of conscious style, but you choose your words so carefully at the same time, if that makes sense. And you hit the nerve of these news stories — the human tole many of us forget.

      Finding inner rhyme, alliteration anything takes time to feel naturally. I had my 7 year Blogiversary this past week, & I think it’s only in the past couple of years where more poetic devices have become natural. But, some poets right of the bat, are just wonderful at this. If you’ve ever read Megha, shes blogged 1 year, but is amazing, published poems & such depth in her poetry! We all go at our pace, whatever that is. Read your first poems, you will see how far you’ve come 🙂
      I’m sorry about medication changes, those can be difficult. Especially, major ones. I hope these make a difference and come w/ few side effects. I had to do a bit myself in January, my mood was low. Upped my anti-depressant a bit, and in 3 weeks or so it’s made a huge difference. It’s interesting, my physical fatigue or concentration is usually worse off than any feeling of sadness or tears. So, again, I hope these new meds help & make you feel clearer in your mind, & that you have more physical energy too.

      Yay! You get to visit the dogs that’s very good 🙂 I think pets can always do a world of good. I know you enjoy it, despite the fact they are pests too 🐕 🐈

      End of January, was having a terrible evening. I forgot my shopping on the bus for my work trip to an event up north 4-5 hrs. I was out of matcha & it’s something that helps me a great deal w/ energy. I was in tears b/c the help desk at the city said they couldn’t do anything, I had to wait for the bus to come around to the bus stop again in an hour — I did not have energy or $ to buy more & I felt exhausted after the mall. Hadn’t slept well.

      So, I waited & it took forever, I was so tired. The bus driver was barely convinced it was my shopping bag, but I got it. The amazing thing was when I was in tears an hour before, this cat, not very old, comes slinking out & mews. He was scared, but I coaxed him over. It was getting cold out & I was sure he was cold too. He waited with me until the bus came, in the bus shelter & he wouldn’t leave me. He made me keep petting him & wouldn’t go home. When I first saw him I laughed and suddenly, I felt relieved & the tears stopped. I relaxed & the cat 🐈, he made me think about him, not my problems. He even walked part way home w/ me an hour later, and only went to his home when my mom picked me up in the car, half-way 🙂 He was a bit disturbed I left him, but was happy enough to go into his house and the warmth.

      I’m not a cat person, as you know, but it showed me that God was watching out for me, despite my fatigue and frustration (going through the sad bout this time). More obviously, it showed me why animals & pets are so important for their love, demands, & endorphins/ serotonin producing effects. I’m sure when you pet sit and house sit, you’ll notice this and it will help you. It never fails, even when I’m down in the park (when its a decent temperature). And I do think pet valentines are the best by far 🙂
      Happy Valentines to you as well, Christopher. Stay well & take care. Keep writing ✍️ whenever you can. As I said in one comment, I’m proud how prolific your poems have become. Cheers 🍻

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