Three Line Tales: Fiction – Perpetual Hunger #amwritingfiction #3LineTales

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Credit: Sam Lloyd via Unsplash

Lilly was 18-years old and despite turning a year older, hated she wasn’t able to leave their house on the lake for a city university, not the prep-college in town; Lilly’s family had for generations owned a winery near her current university in Napa. After a dull birthday party she swung to-and-fro on her treasured porch swing, and scowled at the lake — her charcoaled eyes brimming tears; Lilly wondered how much criticism she’d have to endure until she could attend any university she desired in Fall. She had achieved the SAT grades for a scholarship far from the winery and her Aunt’s persistent nagging and constant mention of Lilly’s waistline; she longed for the days could attend school far north in Canada without perpetual hunger.

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4 thoughts on “Three Line Tales: Fiction – Perpetual Hunger #amwritingfiction #3LineTales”

  1. What a repressive life she seems to have with her critical aunt. I always wonder about the other side when I hear complaining teenagers though, wondering if their parents / guardians are really so evil or are just trying to do what they think is best for the teenager (if perhaps misguided). On the other hand, if she’s so miserable, she’ll eventually have to face up to the fact that she’s an adult and is responsible for making her own choices, but she has to live with the consequences of them, too. Sounds like the start of a great coming-of-age story!

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    1. Thanks for reading Joy. You’re on point with everything you’ve said. Of course she’s barely 18 and has a bias towards her Aunt. And I would imagine her Aunt had a mother who was critical about the Aunt’s weight, so even though what the Aunt is doing is wrong, it’s likely a learned habit. That somewhat can justify her comments on this girls weight. On the other hand, being that she’s 18 an adult, she can manage her own weight & perhaps learn to stand up for herself about these types of comments before she leaves with ‘bad blood’ behind her.
      As for the university the main character longs for, it doesn’t hurt to be at a smaller institution. Better professor help etc, where’s she’s at. But, you’re right if she wants to go she needs to take responsibility for her choices & go to her Canadian school of choice that she wants & can afford it. I think she’ll be going to University somewhere in Canada. International fees though aren’t cheap, even if we charge less for a university degree education. I have an image in mind that she will return after her first semester, maybe first two for the summer, & realize home was a good place, despite her Aunt’s comments and other behaviors. Home is still home with her family’s business and beautiful vineyard and winery.
      Coming of age — exactly 🙂

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