#OctPoWriMo Day 23/Photo Challenge: Free Verse – “You Might” #amwritingpoetry #photochallenge

For OctPoWriMo Day 23 the Prompt is see me.

Today’s prompt is See Me. I love the simplicity and strength of this statement. What is it that you wish others knew about you? What would you want those in your closest relationships to acknowledge? What is your truth?

Credit: Michael Matkezo

You might see me,
You might not.
You might peer behind paintings,
Under the table,
Into the cavernous closet,
Darkness swiping with claws.
You might see me,
You might not.
You might have a sense of humor,
Drifting down the hallways,
Laughter trickling, a babbling brook,
A bridge that draws me closer.
You might see my bare face stained red with tears;
You might see me in classic makeup,
Or the hollowness under my eyes —
Too many endless nights settling.
You might experience the execution of words;
Cut ruthlessly unheard.
The ruins that form a masterpiece,
If only in my dreams.
You might see me, you might not,
As the tsunami crashes in,
A wall of glass, of water hovering.
A wooden doll who’s splintered,
As mere gossamer threads support.
You might see me, you might not.
All the foreign lands I’ve wandered,
With flashlight under the covers.
Reading contemporary romance and adventure;
Classic books scattered with historical texts,
Fashion magazines and journal articles.
The fine pull of modern literary works,
As they entice in ever-altering persuasion.
You might find Milton and Donne,
Next to Atticus or Lang Lev.
E. Hanson next to Hemingway and Frost.
You might see me, you might not.
Because, perhaps, the eye of hurricane,
Isn’t a disaster storming?
Perhaps, it’s a secret hideaway,
And suddenly, after everything,
After every step and stumble;
Clarity rings as bells.
And the water rushes in,
A ruthless baptism;
A tale told by survivors.
You might see me,
You might not.

©️Mandibelle16. (2018) All Rights Reserved.

22 thoughts on “#OctPoWriMo Day 23/Photo Challenge: Free Verse – “You Might” #amwritingpoetry #photochallenge”

      1. Hi Amanda, here the link. I don’t know how to make a short link. I self-published and did everything by myself. When you want to publish, let me know and I’ll let you know how I did it. If you have time, I would like you to write a brief review on Amazon. It would be very helpful. Now I’m working on promoting the book. https://www.amazon.com/Songs-Heartstrings-Poems-Gratitude-Beatitude-ebook/dp/B07K1S47W9/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1541995153&sr=8-2&keywords=miriam+hurdle

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      2. I’ve written more than 100 poems in the last two years. I selected 100 and categorize them in nine themes. I really like the way it turn out. I still have poems for future use. I’ve seen one poetry collection has four seasons as the themes. Just let you think about it!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece!! Really loved your lines – “Because, perhaps, the eye of hurricane, Isn’t a disaster storming?” They turned into a great seed of inspiration!!! I’m posting it tonight for The Cafe’s – Promote Yourself Monday!!! Many, Many thanks!!!

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