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Resharing for Krista Lauren ho put together this piece on an illness called Potts, that is both physical and mental. Potts is also a symptom or often a parallel disease for those who suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/ME). I’m hoping sharing this post brings awareness! #mentalhealth #health #potts #chronicfatigue

Krista Lauren

My interest in blogging so much happened a year or two after I got sick with POTS. I’ve always loved to write and have had several different blogs or online journals throughout the years, but this is the first one that is really here to stay.

Despite today being Halloween, it is also the last day of Dysautonomia Awareness month, which is something I haven’t been able to touch on a ton since I was gone for much of October. Instead of writing about my own viewpoint, I am going to post some fun facts from the Dysautonomia International Facebook page — along with a few little comments about some of them. Also, Dysautonomia is an umbrella term for autonomic nervous system disorders, and POTS is my specific disorder.

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 10.51.16 AM All photos credit of Check it out!

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Brain fog is perhaps one of the most frustrating symptoms of Dysautonomia because…

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