#OctPoWriMo Day 14/100 Word Wednesday: Poem – Free Verse – “ A Safety Net” #amwritingpoetry #100WordWednesday

For OctPoWriMo Day 14 the Prompt is If I Were Me. Also, combing with Bikurgurl’s #100WordWednesday.

Ask yourself, “If I were me…” what would that look like? Who are you really? Have you lost yourself in being a mother, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, father?

Credit: Toa Heftiba via Unsplash

Ask for the world, typify me,

Take advantage or carve my insides;

Pumpkin gutted.

I’ve chosen to take, the high road, to believe —

To have faith.

Not to see, things not there.

To reveal the truth,

Even though, curiosity may kill me.

But I’ll be damned if I don’t configure the puzzle pieces;

I’m a writer, I love a good mystery.

So, weave me a tale and I’ll unbind it thread by thread;

Only to see it’s trembling core, where light reveals the mayhem.

I wish for sunlight, carved tables with Zinfandel,

A place to write, you next to me;

No suffocation, no squeezing in my chest,

My liberty not at stake.

Complications, deviations, things I never expected;

Truth and disbelief collide as dynamite splashes.

I am the wind, I am the great detective,

No laudanum needed to dull the senses or to dream.

I am the Amazon and I am Alice,

Slipping back into Wonderland.

And I’ve discovered that beneath facades,

Can lie a beast with scales and teeth.

Slithering, slick, slime of rust,

Questionable creature, Adam’s fall —

Eve’s mistrust; and if I can’t have all the details,

Assemble words into some order,

My decisions might break not only I,

But lives lie in the balance.

One who needs, so I must give,

Because my Lord said give all you can;

And even if you’re wrong,

Heaven will be your table in the sunlight,

Where you can write and find tranquility:

The ambience of love.

If I Were Me,

Who knows,

For she is constantly moulded,

Her Creator’s hands her safety net.

©️Mandibelle16. (2018) All Rights Reserved.


Poem: Free Verse – “Knowing Why” #amwritingpoetry #GDGC

My latest offering at The Go Dog Go Cafe. Take a look! 😊💕

Go Dog Go Café

Credit: ORIENTO via Unsplash

I don’t know why there’s disease,
Why cells kill each other.
Why our immune systems turn,
Or our brains suck too much cortisol;
Too little or too much Seratonion.
I don’t know why the world’s fractured,
And all these bad things terribly matter.
I don’t know why we love, but love’s pain too.
If it’s so real, why do we sacrifice part of ourselves, to satisfy someone who loves us — for being us?
Why do men and women cheat?
It takes two or one, at least.
I don’t know why the world’s jaded,
Why children are destructive.
Why they wish each other dead —
And parents permit such hate.
Why they don’t know say,
Love your sister or your brother —
Apologize or sit in the corner.
I don’t know why we love each other, for our faults.
Why we hate each other for our…

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