Three Line Tales/Dverse Poet’s Pub: Poem – Lunes – “Predators” #amwritingpoetry #dVerse #3LineTales

Thanks to Sonya of Only 100 Words for hosting #3LineTales. Also, thanks to Lillian of #dVerse Poet’s Pub for her prompt on national hand holding day from August 9, 2018.


Credit: Maxim Leyssens via a Unsplash.


Soft, inhaled scent of babies;

But they’ll grow.

Teeth-bared, razors piercing flesh.


In sleep, the sweet siblings —

Snuggle, tucked beside,

Paws crossed overtop each other’s.


Perhaps, they’re hand holding? Innocence —

Deceives gashing claws;

Ripping, tearing, biting; fierce predators.



©️Mandibelle16. (2018) All Rights Reserved.


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I'm a Canadian girl who loves the local sports scene. The NHL and CFL And recently, some NFL games. Also, I’m into hatha yoga, walks in the river valley; drawing and painting, makeup, hairstyles, and the beauty niche. Also, I enjoy learning about improving my writer the other topics in seminars, classes, TED Talks, and podcasts. I’m a casual Freelance writer and worker. Both on various subjects of academia in the humanities, social sciences, business, arts, and architecture. I’ve also freelanced blog in beauty, health, skincare, and related topics. I’m an excellent researcher in most any subject. I’m also a freelancer of a different kind for a company called Givergy. Moreover, I love dogs and love hanging out with my friends and family whenever I'm able. I enjoy spring, summer, and early fall when the weathers warm and there are many festivals and activities occurring. I'm also a writing fanatic. Check-out some of my published poetry on I’ve been published on other literary sites, as well. Recently, I had a short story published in a Cinderella Anthology, Cinderella Reimagined. It’s available here: If you need to contact me or are a blogger/writer or a blogger for a cause and are interested in being Interviewed, please visit my ‘contact page’ at the top of my blog.

9 thoughts on “Three Line Tales/Dverse Poet’s Pub: Poem – Lunes – “Predators” #amwritingpoetry #dVerse #3LineTales”

    1. Hey Joy Roses. I’m doing good, just was incredibly busy with work events last week, starting a new a side business, & needing a small
      break from writing. Hoping to post more soon. How are you doing? How is your book selling? It’s wonderful, so I hope it’s selling well, and that your knee is almost healed. Has high school started for both your kids or does it begin Tues/Wed? I’m hoping to post more this week. I’ve been dog/house Sitting while doing training stuff for my second gig. I want to blog about that today or tomorrow, and more poetry etc. Just cleaning up at the house, heading home, napping, and then back too it!
      Have a great week. I have some if your posts marked to read, so I’ll get to those later too 😀😊


      1. Hi! Life does get busy , I understand! Sounds exciting about your new side business! Can’t wait to read more about it
        Just my youngest went back to school this year,seemed strange! My oldest is working full time now as she thinks about what she wants to pursue. School started here on Aug. 17th. Too early!
        I am doing well, hearing favorable reports about our book which makes my heart smile!! Thanks for your kind words. If you wouldn’t mind posting a review of the book on Amazon it would be muchly appreciated!! Reviews really help to sell books. 🙂
        Going to head to Dairy Queen soon for a blizzard treat 🙂 A cool treat on a really hot day! Have a great evening!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thanks JR. Oh wow, your oldest graduated. It’s a great idea to work while you figure what you want to take in school out. Knowledge is portable, but education being so expensive you don’t want to waster your funding (loans)or money your saving for it.
        I’m jealous it’s still hot. We’re getting cold and Fallish too fast lol. Lots of rain and some sunny periods invtween dark skies and chilly nights. Half the day we need heat, then half the day it’s too hot lol.
        I will definantly review your book right now on the Canada’s and US Site. I’m glad it’s going well.


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