100 Word Wednesday: Fiction – No OverTime Necessary #amwriting #fiction #100WordWednesday

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Greenwood’s The Angry Beaver quieted me as no place in town. It reminded me of home. Hockey was “the” sport and beavers were noble. The beer was imported Canadian — but not the moonshine most customers hid.

In Canada, we’re fond of beavers, and they’re no harmless rodent. Not when you’ve strode past their river valley dam with your curious dog. Alarmed beavers slap their tails, and snap their teeth. They swim as professional NHL’ers skate, and won’t think twice about fighting.

Danny, the bar owner’s Doberman, was never the same after a beaver ‘battle-royal’. A jersey was pulled over his head when the beaver dove with Danny into the lake. He headed for shore; had Danny fought, the beaver would’ve destroyed him. No OT necessary.

“I am Canadian” – Molson Beaver Attack Commercial

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2 thoughts on “100 Word Wednesday: Fiction – No OverTime Necessary #amwriting #fiction #100WordWednesday”

    1. Thanks, they can be vicious, especially, in water. My old dog wasn’t afraid of most bigger dogs such as pittbulls or labs, and she had such a deep bark for her medium size, so few animals messed with her. However, the park we live by has a bridge across the river, and to the side is this is a beaver dam. Sometimes Nikki would go exploring off nearer to the river and the beavers would start slapping their tales. It’s a bad sign, but she was smart enough to turn around. Other dogs on are local news are not as smart. Some are severely wounded and others have drowned. I guess, you see why the beaver is Canada’s National Animal. We look harmless, but we’re not 😉 Canadian Geese can also be pests, especially near their young. My dog was chased by one she tried to get, and got a little nip. Then, she learned. But, I’ve heard stories of these geese injuring pets worse too. My dog was 40 lbs of muscle, as she ran a lot. But the geese were bigger than her, I’d say by a good 20 lbs at least. Beavers are a bit smaller, but can be larger when older.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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