Friday Fictioneers/ Three Things: Fiction – “Even the Small” #amwriting #FridayFictioneers #fiction

Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff for hosting the Friday FictioneersFlash Fiction of only 100Words. I’ve combined with the 3ThingsChallenge and the words: mattress, golf ball, and green.

Credit: Ted Strutz

We stroll as winds of cooled-heat kiss our skin. The scorch of daylight has faded and twilight means relief, a chance to escape the apartment. Even with a fan, the heat stifles me above my mattress.

I hurry, trying to match the boys’ strides, as mint chocolate chip dribbles down my chin. In the harbor, fishing boats and small yachts reside. To our right is the country club, and an immaculate golf course with greens.

Come dusk, the club turns into the local bar. Sleek design, can’t hide embellished tales, years of laughter and midnights carousing. At night, the patrons care not for decor or social status, but to forget. At night everyone has a story worth telling — even the small.

©Mandibelle16.(2018) All Rights Reserved.


12 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers/ Three Things: Fiction – “Even the Small” #amwriting #FridayFictioneers #fiction”

    1. Thanks so well. I’m glad you liked it. Funny enough, I find most of my titles in the last sentence or line. Not always, but 80 percent. Glad you enjoyed! Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about your book. I start work events in August at my job, working charity silent auctions, so that will give me more spare cash. I want to order yours and Colin and Joyroses new book (with pictures by Jodi) on the Moonbeam farm tales with Dewey, Jacob, Odessa, and the Manservant. As beautiful and wonderful as your book is (was) to read (I have it on Kindle), their book is funny and good for kids of all ages. Jodi has a kids book she illustrated too. I’m so proud of all you. Congrats on the publisher. Also, I’ll get around to reading your recent blog posts soon. Cheers 🙂 💕🙏

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