Three Line Tales/ Three Things Challenge: Poem – Lunes – “Color Explosion”#amwriting #3LineTales #poetry #3TC

Thanks to Sonya from Only 100 Words for hosting #3LineTales. I’m combining with 3TC (Three Things Challenge), and the words: fan, cool, and summer.

Credit: Ricardo Viana via Unsplash

A storm of sensation overcomes,

Syrupy colors transfix;

Summer shocks with night’s rages.


Flinging primary and secondary colors;

Paint’s acrylic pleasure,

Artistic soul awakes, heats coolness.


Force of heat fuses inspiration,

Sweat trails,

And rivulets of creativity fan.


©Mandibelle16. (2018) All Rights Reserved.


2 thoughts on “Three Line Tales/ Three Things Challenge: Poem – Lunes – “Color Explosion”#amwriting #3LineTales #poetry #3TC”

  1. “Syrupy colors”–that’s good! I enjoyed using the color scheme (primary and secondary), too. “Force of heat fuses inspiration” is strong. I can imagine “fuses” meaning both joins and sparks. Altogether, there’s great energy in this poem.

    I’m sorry I’m reading around your work (and mine) in kind of a jumpy way. I guess things are kind of jumpy now, generally, with (jumpy) cats to care for. But it’s also working with an old computer and trying to suss out a pace of writing and posting and reading and responding that works. Anyway, I hope you’re having a fine week, Amanda. I’m happy to hear you have more and good projects at work as well as your special writing activities.

    Thanks for your take on what’s happens in Calgary!

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    1. Hi Christopher. No worries about comments. I have a few of your poems to read still. It’s funny how used we get to newer and faster computers, so that the old ones are now frustrating or slow. I’m sure the cats love to take a seat in front of you too, or dart out as you type. Glad you are there though. Pets are always quirky and bring a certain humour and happiness. Talk to you soon!


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