Three Line Tales/ Saturday Mix: Poem – Lunes “Children’s Games” #amwriting #poetry #saturdaymix #3LineTales

Thanks to Sonya of Only 100 Words for hosting #3LineTales. Also, thanks to Sarah of MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie for hosting Saturday Mix’s Same Same but Different Prompt. This week’s words we cannot use and need to find synonyms for are: check, dress, hand, snake, and drop.

Credit: Alex Knight via Unsplash

Eyes bright with metal palms,

No clothing I’m —

Armoured in white-plastic overalls .


Divergent from children of skin,

No life’s blood;

But, my tablet never falls.


Curiosity, wonder; I click into,

Games, to play

Slitherers and ladders; winning all.


©Mandibelle16. (2018) All Rights Reserved.


9 thoughts on “Three Line Tales/ Saturday Mix: Poem – Lunes “Children’s Games” #amwriting #poetry #saturdaymix #3LineTales”

    1. Very much. But maybe also just to physically hold a book or play a game like snakes and ladders. It’s not the same online as working with the physical objects. It’s also that this little kid, is a different kid than others, but just like them.

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      1. Love the good old days of make believe play and constructing our own games from wood and stone etc. we learnt more form that sort of play, imaginations running wild. was just talking to my youngest son and he too misses those creative play dates.

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  1. Metal and plastic versus skin and blood. Tablet and clicking, winning games. It’s a new world, isn’t it? For children (and the rest of us), you describe it prudently as well as figuratively–and effectively!

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    1. Thanks Christopher. It’s almost a contradiction, I think the variation between ‘playing’ before vs. and ‘playing’ since the computer age. Playing computer games or chatting? Or playing outside and making up stories talking out-loud? Playing snakes and ladders and checkers in person and physically, vs on the computer vs. a computer or a stranger. Change such as this isn’t necessarily bad, we just need to consider and be aware of what are kids losing and gaining? What are grown-ups. I’m glad you enjoyed 🙂


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