The Best Piece of Writing Advice I Ever Received

Writing Advice via Ryan Lanz. Write as much as possible. #amwriting #writing #practice

A Writer's Path

by Meg Dowell

You don’t know which projects are going to succeed, and which ones are going to fail.

Many people assume that because I’ve been writing for a long time, I now do so professionally, and I give advice on my blog, I’m the expert who knows it all.

And with that point of view comes the assumption that I’ve already learned all I need to learn to be a successful writer.

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14 thoughts on “The Best Piece of Writing Advice I Ever Received”

      1. I find I just have to rewrite or edit above sometimes. Something makes more sense, so I go above rewrite or edit, then go backahead feeling more on track. It’s good you keep the original I think cause that’s like your creative hub, & you go back, and those ideas sometimes give a great perspective or uniqueness to your writing or sometimes you’ve gone in a diverse direction too. Maybe they fit in better somewhere else too. Have a good week Miriam and thanks again for reading. 🙂

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  1. thank you Mandibelle for reblogging this, it had a lot of honest advice from a writer. We can be so self absorbed when we are writing for a project etc that we can lose some creativity, I like the wake up call Meg writes here. Now all I need is to get inspired, been low on that recently.

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    1. You’re welcome. It’s a okay, me too. Some days are okay, others not so much. But, I think if you can find that spark, even on the not so good days, you can manage to write stuff —even if it’s the first terrible draft, or to edit/rewrite a small section. Today I’m struggling with writing a book blurb. I have one, but I need to research that more. I’m not satisfied. Glad you liked this and have a wonderful weekend 🙂 Good-luck with your latest writing projects my friend, even if that’s just blogging. You’re amazing. ❤️

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      1. my writing shifts and from lack of inspiration I tend to write more factual stuff, I have missed writing fiction and have been so uninspired. maybe reading some of my old stories will help, I did think of editing or rewriting some of them. Will see. Yes even just blogging makes up for not writing. Thank you for your encouragement. You are my inspiration my dear! I hope the book blurb is stellar!

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      2. Thanks SD! I appreciate your support and I’m glad if I can help inspire you. Actually i think reading your old pieces are a great inspiration. Sometimes you find stories that make you think of a variation or new story for certain characters. For instance, I use Alice in Wonderland (or the Looking Glass) in many of my tales. Sometimes it’s a kooky picture I find, or I go back and reread one of her old tales I wrote, and another story of my particular Alice character, pops out. Funny enough, old movies black and white and the ones that were newly in color in the 1960’s (or are still b&w) can be very inspiring or thought provoking. Old movies don’t always end happy and tend to have such unique characters. Modern movies do, but sometimes never as good as the classics — I’m not sure why that is, not the same passion always?Especially,if they’re based in literature or have become an iconic tale these old movies can create modern tales or more tales based on certain characters. Even if we go back the 1990’s and “Pretty Woman,”it’s a retelling if a fairytale and redefines prince and princess I think for one of the first time’s in movies, as do many modern movies. Merida in “Brave” curses and saves her mother — and rules w/o a Prince/husband in Scotland. Or old versions of modern stories, the little mermaid who never gets her prince and becomes a fairy of some sort to gain a soul as mermaids don’t have souls. Or people out & about in the summer can inspire you. I was waiting for a bus today, and listening to parents and kids going to the exhibition (carnival and more) with rides such as swings,roller coasters, splash mountain type rides etc, their favourite unhealthy foods, and their parents reactions are great. So, are seeing young couples who have a lot of fun or older couples who get to the leave the kids for the night, or couples who are retired w/o kids and enjoy the different shows, concerts, beer gardens, the occasional ride, and their favourite Foods too. I think the mini donuts have been around forever and everyone, no matter their age loves them. Hearing parents answer their kids questions and give them silly answers is funny. Kids ask such funny questions, but it makes me think how patient my parents were answering questions from me, and especially both my brothers. Even the high school and collage girls are interesting, there Uber “fashionable” outfits. And wishing I could wear shorts that short again lol. Or their other interesting fashion and favourite activities/books/newest “crush” or boyfriend, slang, and ways of treating each other, are all fascinating. Sometimes cruel, but sometimes I see they have such freedom and possibility, & that they can truly enjoy themselves with little responsibility. Their problems are often reminiscent of myself or my close friends at that age. Sometimes old worries are funny now, although, they use to be very real and alarming.
        I won’t ramble more, but I hope in there is something you can connect with. Hugs

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      3. oh wow Amanda, thank you from the bottom of my heart! this is like an encyclopedia of dreams and inspirations for me and you said it all in our breath, pouring out your energy for me, i am so so very humbled and grateful for you, and the wonderful soul you are. I do agree on using fairytales as inspiration and by chance Merida is my favourite heroine of all times for many reasons, mostly I identify with her fly by the pants of my seat attitude, that’s me in a nutshell! I am going to take all this to heart and really process them. all so very good thoughts and idea, I am blessed by your friendship and genuine concern. I want to write again and see how much I have done in the past, its not impossible, i will get there. thank you again!

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