Three Line Tales: Poem – Bop – “Golden Haze” #amwriting #poetry #3LineTales

Thanks to Sonya of Only 100 Words for hosting this week’s #3LineTale. The Tale became an entire poem.

Credit: Sharon McCutcheon via Unsplash.

Gold” by Imagine Dragons

Now you’re blessed, so confess all your lost dreams,

Diamonds, emeralds your curse, tearing your seams.

How do you know it’s all real, that you still feel?

How do you cry, when you’re numb and reeling?

Too much gleam of Ag, shallow and false,

You heart doesn’t thump; Midas stilled its pulse.

When everything you’ve got turns to cold gold.

Such appeal of golden apples faltered —

You can’t eat metal, push away your faults;

Hide your cursed shining touch, voices hush —

No more lies; who now can you even trust?

Everything you graze turns to gold, gold, gold.

You’re a statue bathed in it, no old —

Friends by your side; ruler of cold and stale.

No wine and meat, it’s as ash chewed, inhaled.

When everything you’ve got turns to cold gold.

Hollow, bathing in liquid gold streaming,

Trying to define it meaninglessness.

Your void in life, as you fade down the corn maze,

A woman hopeless, in a smokey haze.

Life’s no dream when your touch destroys all inane,

You’ll not escape — greed’s your ever-long shame.

When everything you’ve got turns to cold gold.

©Mandibelle16. (2018) All Rights Reserved.


7 thoughts on “Three Line Tales: Poem – Bop – “Golden Haze” #amwriting #poetry #3LineTales”

  1. Your use of mythic terms–Midas, golden apples, ash, and maze–really broaden the reach of the verse. But making it “corn maze” sets it in our regular world as well. The following line–“A woman hopeless, in a smokey haze,”–is compelling in word choice and rhythm. Overall, this is quite an indictment, old and ever-new, of greed and how it becomes an exclusive pursuit.

    I hope your week is off to a fine start. Are you going to have some summer fun? I’m house- and cat-sitting this week while friends are in England. It’s a chore, but the cats are entertaining. Cats are calm-crazy, after all.

    I trust your job continues to be good. I pray a blessed season for you, Amanda.

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  2. Thanks for synopsis and reading Christopher. I always enjoy what you see. Perhaps, greed for gold is very old such as Greek mythology, I guess. That had assonance, but I didn’t mean to rhyme lol. And I think greed is something easy to get trapped in, so perhaps it is choking like smoke for this woman. Glad u liked that line.

    Yeah, we have these giant corn mazes in farmers fields. Each year a new theme. I haven’t gone in awhile, but they are scary at night. A fun way to frighten yourselves, but if u get to lost you’ll be easily found. This year’s a hockey theme, an Oilers player and the logo beside him. It’s cool actually, intricate this year. But, back to the poem, I hope listed to the YouTube song, it and the photo very much inspired this piece on greed.

    Also. hope you enjoy house sitting and the cats. At least I think they’re less work than dogs as they wouldn’t always bark/meow to go outside? But I agree, still work involved. I have been out visiting a few friends and we have Taste of Edmonton & K-days right now ( midway, rides, craft beer tasting, beer gardens, giant market etc.), so every year I go to at least one of those. I haven’t been to K-days in a few, so I’m going to visit there I think.

    Not one for the rides, but I love the swings where you’re above the midway in the air, swinging out. After that I’m good lol. And there’s all kinds of terrible food for you, but yummy. I think I’ll head for the craft beer and a descent burger or Greek Slovakie wrap. Then, to the marketplace or sometimes there’s concerts, hypnotizes, magicians, that kind of thing 🙂

    My week off was nice, but I met todo more. I have a 1000 word part of my novel due for my writers conference. We get to speak with an editor for 12 minutes. I spent more time panicking inside, that I had to get this perfect. My friend yesterday, reminded me I don’t. I also get to do a pitch for publishing. The pitch itself is only 5 minuted, but I’m worried as only part of the novel is in 3rd draft, not yet ready. But it’s practice anyways right? At the same time, I’m trying to find new freelance work. So, I had to redo a resume for that, but have to shorten it now. 7 pages is quite to long. Down to 3 I think with references. Different freelance sites have different requirements, this separate resume is one.

    I’m house sitting/ dog sitting my little dog friend again, Jenna for 4 days before the writers conference. Then, off to that. My friend and I are dressing as flapper girls for the gala on Saturday. The theme is dress clothes through the ages.

    My job works out well, very well, but summer is a slow season right now. I have an event at the end of August, then I’m back at it most weekends.

    Anyways, hope you have a good week and feel well yourself. Hope those cats are nice ones lol.

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    1. So you’re house-sitting, too. I agree with you that dogs are more work and more challenging, overall. These cats are as amusing as they might be annoying. They have a Jack Sprat thing going on. One cat is enormous; the other is wraithlike.

      It’s exciting to hear about your writing! I can appreciate your apprehension. On the one hand, a draft is supposed to be a draft. On the other hand, there has to be enough there to respond to cogently. I’ve no doubt you will be successful. Good luck with both experiences!

      Recently, I read a long and laudatory article about Calgary. Do you get there much? I like your description of the event in Edmonton. Rides and bad things to eat. Sounds just right. Your dressing as a flapper sounds delightful. What a good choice for dress clothes through the ages.

      Sorry summer is down time for work. It’s better to have good things to do, isn’t it? Well, I hope your weather has been good. Traditionally, that’s an innocuous topic. But my friends (the cats’ parents) who are in London are suffering through record heat there. And here we’ve had several days of constant and heavy rain. Fortunately, the pump in the house I’m staying seems to be working just fine.

      I pray your health goes well. As the Buddhists say, Go easy.

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      1. Him Christopher. Yes, house sitting in a week or so, just for a few days. But I like little Jenga, she is sweet — needy, but sweet. It will be much nicer walking her as before it was mid-Feb, and it will be August, so she’ll be able to rub around in a nearby school yard, and we can sit outside in the yard. Hope the cats have been good, and that the big one lets the smaller one eat lol.

        Thanks for your encouragement Christopher. I ended up working on a draft 4 for my first 5 Chapters, and used 3/4 of the last chapter to submit. It’s polished, I’m happy with it enough. But, I figured an editor would need a short summary about what the books about. Not as big as a Synopsis, but not as small as the back of a novel. Maybe more like an inside cover? I’m doing research on it tonight.

        Sometimes I go to Calgary. It’s 2 1/2 hours away to drive, or a short plane ride. We mostly drive, and I contribute to gas $. My writers Conference is there, and yes The Calgary Stampede. It’s fun b/c they get into it more, having that cowboy theme and big rodeo. People get off of work to go there too. The rodeo is much more exciting there. I think higher caliber. But, generally, it’s better here, (we think). Nicer river valley, less chance of flooding, and the chinooks although nice, are hard to handle when you go from 15 C to -31 in Winter. Also, terrible sports teams. The Flames especially lol. We have a pretty huge sports rivalry with them. But, they do have some good places too.
        Yes, tomorrow looking for costume pieces for the flapper outfits. I have some.

        Funny, though you asked about my work, and my boss emailed me a day later. Now I have three events starting mid-August, all golf course events as expected. Glad your basement is good, but hope there’s some perfect weather too.

        How was your week? Hope it’s enjoyable. I’m preparing for the conference and next week is not so stressful so I just rest ahead of time I guess. Take care too.


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