Poem: Free Verse – “Never Say Never”#amwriting #poetry #GDGC

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Credit: The Creative Exchange via Unsplash

Never say never because you think I can’t,

Doesn’t mean I’ll never;

Or never will again.

Never say never, you’ll eat your words,

For I cannot except limitations,

Especially when they’re unsure.

Perhaps, I am usual, and change is difficult;

But every now and then I’ll throw a curve ball,

Just for my own glee;

Only to surprise you because what’s life without —

Spritely spontaneity.

I may have been easier in the past,

But I have strength you cannot conceive;

I have potential and possibility.

It’s not pride that’s hurt or my self unwilling to accept,

But your words, so sure —

Are a challenge, suppositions I won’t except.

Because in your life, you were willing to give in —

Doesn’t mean I will too.

And I will never stop pushing,

Because although I’m some of you,

A lot of me is me…

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