Sunday Writing Prompt: Poem – Free Verse – “Fallen Angel” #poetry #MLMM #amwritingo

Thanks to MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie for hosting Sunday Writing.

Credit: MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie

Sea Angel, transparent wings transport,

With lights of butterscotch dawn.

Your pistils and stamen,

Tangy bright, a heated encounter of self;

A falsehood perverted.

Yet, your wispy grace flutters,

Luminescence lures with —

A cobra’s venom.

Such a strange angel,

No whispered warnings.

Your effervescent petals enchant–

In the dark.

Floral and fluorescent,

A perilous Lilly,

Not one of hope on a casket,

A Lily of spite and survival engrained.

For you are ancient —

As creations dawn and Eden’s loss.

In the depths you’ve continued,

The world changes but you know little of it.

Only of your pincer teeth,

Stings of sunflower razors.

Taking your prey into pitch.

Where you’re the only light,

The only flower.

As coldness numbs, their blood turns blue,

You steal a soul, angel of despair.

You’re the harbinger of evil;

Unrecognized or understood.

Beauty is your survival, your instinct;

And you’ve not the wit or care to know —

You’re a curse, you’re a witch,

You’re without light’s truthfulness.

You’re a ghost transculent;

Your poison, the end.

With vivacious glory,

Enthralling and cursed.

You lead astray,

Such lambs of the water,

To the depths of misery.

To the finality of nothingness.

Woe to you,

Fallen Angel,

Pandemonium’s first stone.

©Mandibelle16.(2018) All Rights Reserved.

10 thoughts on “Sunday Writing Prompt: Poem – Free Verse – “Fallen Angel” #poetry #MLMM #amwritingo”

  1. I never thought of the dawn as butterscotch before. Good work! So much strong wording, not to mention strong accusation. You’re a curse, a witch, a (translucent) ghost. Leading others to “nothingness,” and then there’s even a curse upon the subject (“Woe is you, . . .). And the last word ends the poem with weight. Tough, effective composition. I want to stay on your good side, Amanda–friend, pal, buddy!

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    1. Haha 😂 very funny Christopher. I’m not mean at all. Perhaps, writing is how I get it out? This picture is a Sea Angel. She’s interesting, I don’t know what this creature does. I didn’t look it up on purpose.

      While the lady from the short story knows she does evil, the Sea Angel does not. Its actions are not based on thought or reason, but instinct, and survival as life is for many animals, especially ones with less cells etc… So, to the narrator the Sea Angel’s survival bringing down other creatures to the depths and killing them to live, is a terrible thing that makes the Sea Angel evil. In reality, the Sea Angel is doing what it must to live. It doesn’t understand its survival causes hurt and pain. It probably does not care or have the ability to look beyond basic needs, escape of bigger creatures. It causes the narrator to see it as a demon or ‘fallen angel.’ Reading and editing a piece on animal rights so that inspired me. Thanks again 🙂

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