Pain And Darkness #suicide #seekhelp #suicideprevention

Important Message from Marquessa

The Next Chapter

Another day, another suicide in headline news.

You never know what pain and suffering are within someone’s soul, especially when they are always smiling.

You never know what dark thoughts are lurking in someone’s mind.

If darkness is overshadowing your thoughts, PLEASE SEEK HELP. No matter the cost and no matter the time involved, seek help.

There is only one of you in this world. You are important. And you are wanted and needed here with us.

M xoxo

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6 thoughts on “Pain And Darkness #suicide #seekhelp #suicideprevention”

  1. It’s always so terrifying to hear of someone famous and successful who has succumbed to depression and committed suicide. If someone who seems to have such a wonderful life can still be susceptible, what chance do the rest of us have? But then, depression is not a logical disease. It does not make sense, no matter how hard I might try to force it to. It is a good reminder to appreciate the life that I have and the people who love me, and to be supportive of those around me, because you never know.

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    1. I agree Joy. A good support network is crucial. Also understanding that this person was so miserable and desperate they believed their family etc would be better off without them. A lot of people say suicide is selfish, but to someone depressed and suffering, they’re not thinking logically. I would think this is the case with most suicides — the person truly believed or perceived they had no value, even to their loved or in some cases, believed they would be less of a burden to die now than later, as with the late Robin Williams. The sad part is no matter how hard we try, we can’t always know how a person is thinking. They could be planning it and no one else has any idea. Or decide it’s finally time, also shocking their loved ones. Mental health awareness is crucial, but so are health care systems where adults of all ages, in particular, have a better system of getting help or being admitted to the hospital and remaining. In North America if you are a youth up to 25 years or so, there is a network of help, but not so for many adults. It’s a difficult struggle, especially if they have no one who understands or who can advocate for them. Thanks for reading the share.

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      1. I completely agree. It’s often not possible to see that someone is gong through this, even someone close to you, or to understand it later. And yet the brain of a depressed person is telling them these horrible things, as you say, like that their family would be happier without them. It’s a tragic disease. I’m glad that at least there’s more understanding and education about it now than there was in earlier eras.

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