Photo Challenge/Poet’s Pub: Poem – Quadrille – “Un-Muddle” #amwriting #poetry #dVerse #photochallenge

Thanks to NEKNEERAJ from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie for hosting the Photo Challenge. I’m combining with Whimsy Ghizmo’s #dVerse Poet’s Pub Quadrille challenge on the word muddle — to confuse.

Credit: Flora Borsi

“Bring Me To Life” by Evanescence

How you stare,

Inside my soul.

Nothingness overtakes,

My core.

Where’s my soul?

My will to heal?

My ill —

Pours out, revealed.

Lead me back,

No more self-scorn,

Self-inflicted demons;

Breathe your soul,

Into mine.

Relieve confusion;

Bring me to life.

Let me not —


Let my life,

Not be undone;

Radiate warmth,

Un-muddle me.

©Mandibelle16.(2018) All Rights Reserved.


20 thoughts on “Photo Challenge/Poet’s Pub: Poem – Quadrille – “Un-Muddle” #amwriting #poetry #dVerse #photochallenge”

    1. Thanks so much Kevin. I’m happy you like my prompt responses, and the photos I sometimes choose on my own. I get a lot from a site called Unsplash. Take a peak, it’s all Photographers who’ve posted their gorgeous photos for general use, with recognition 🙂 Cheers!

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  1. This is what I wrote in my journal about your work, especially lines 5 through 11:

    “The core” is the core (of the poem), and it’s the core (of the experience). The soul that needs healing. The ill that needs to pour out. How does this happen? There is someone else involved. Someone to lead her (the speaker) back to a place of health, of soul. How is this done? One soul is breathed into the other (next two lines). As souls are spirit or breath (pneuma), that’s how they work.

    What you craft here gives me much to think about. Quite the process you describe. Thank you, Amanda!

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    1. Christopher, I’m so flattered you wrote my lines in your journal. The lines are deeply connected to the song above, but then I started to play with them. Yes her core is numb frozen, soul and heart, and another, is needed for her to depend on to breath life into her, re-ignite feeling and her life force in her soul. I like how you explained it through ‘pneuma’ . Glad you liked. Thank you again 🙂


  2. Hi Amanda, super image, “Bring Me To Life” and your words all hold hands together really well. I like the last line, “Un-muddle me”. Your conclusion is wonderful, it tells the reader so much more than, “I’m muddled”. She is sharing her situation and asking for assistance, almost as though she needs a little reprieve, and then she’ll be ready to keep going. Lovely poem about perseverance, even if we falter, we can’t stop moving forward. Wishing you a pleasant and peaceful evening. ~ Mia 🙂 💗

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    1. The Image was provided NEKNEERAJ who does the Photo Challenge Prompt on MindLoveMisery’s usually pics some awesome photos that make one think. The Evanescence song came to my mind as I looked at the image. You are spot on with your reading. If she doesn’t get help, have a place or person to rest in. She can’t take those final steps to make things less confusing and painful. The song provided neat lyrics to play with. Thanks Mia a pleasant day to you 🙂

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      1. Amanda, you’re welcome. I like that everything is tied together, it’s challenging and rewarding as a creator. Really a terrific job on these challenges. I hope you had a wonderful Wednesday so far, have a great evening. ~ Mia 🙂

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      2. Nice, beautiful. We are 29 C today and yesterday, near mid 80 F I think. It took so long to stop snowing, we really didn’t have spring until mid-May. Hopefully the summer stays warm this year. It can rain a lot in July/Aug. May and June don’t sound good there, too much rain, overcast sky?

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