#NaPoWriMo Day 8/100 Word Wednesdays: Poem – Quadrille – “The Apple Tree” #amwriting #poetry #100WordWednesdays

For Day 8 NaPoWriMo the prompt is: “write poems in which mysterious and magical things occur. Feel free to incorporate crystal balls, fauns, lightning storms, or whatever seems fierce and free and strange. Also, thanks to Bikurgurl for hosting #100WordWednesdays from March 14, 2018.

Credit: Annie Sprat via Unsplash

In our yard,

An apple tree,

Not forbidden.

Branches grafted,

Enchanted apples.

Not with poisons;

But, healing charm.

Our family left,

Apple’s retreated.

The new owner,

Destroyed innocent magic.

Now I know,

Why he’s cursed;

While in our garden

Nature’s verdant.

In haste,

Self-imposed drought,

His yard —

A desert weeping.

©Mandibelle16.(2017) All Rights Reserved.


6 thoughts on “#NaPoWriMo Day 8/100 Word Wednesdays: Poem – Quadrille – “The Apple Tree” #amwriting #poetry #100WordWednesdays”

    1. It was. It was my childhood backyard. It had a playhouse, big apple tree you could climb, raspberry bushes, a deck, a large garden surrounded by hedges, and few flower beds with different fliers, lilac bushes too. A year later we drove by, everything was gone. All covered in grass, but all the life gone. Too much work I guess. Thanks for reading 🙂


  1. Amanda, I love the brevity of. “The Apple Tree”. So much conveyed in so few words. It’s sad when something you cared for and nurtured is not loved in the same way by other people. Have a wonderful evening and a terrific Wednesday. ~ Mia 🙂

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    1. Thank you Mia. Yes, u get it exactly. Such good memories climbing in that tree, in that backyard. We don’t drive past it anymore, I think the homeyness and life is gone. I think I did a Quadrille. I’m quite fond of the form, 44 Words, so one must only say what’s important 🙂 Thanks Mia have a lovely rest of the week.

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