Fiction: As Siblings Do #amwriting #fiction #shortstory

Here’s another piece from my writing course, edited from the original.

Credit: Greg Raines via Unsplash

Jordan revs his motorcycle for the third time. He drops his helmet, running fingers through his hair. His motorcycles’ roar and grumble soothe him, as he taps his fingers against the handles, waiting for Jessica to hurry up and get her ass out the door.

The door slams and Jessica fumbles her keys, locking the front door. He rolls his eyes as she teeters down the sidewalk in red stilettos.

“You’re so stupid, Jessica. You need to wear descent boots on a motorcycle, or those heels are gonna grind off on the road.”

She punches his arm. “Screw off. I can wear what I want. Mom said you have to give me a ride to class on Thursdays, for as long as you’re living at home again.” Jessica eases a helmet over her hair. “I hate wearing helmets on this thing; it ruins my hair.”

Jordan plunks his on, revving the motorcycle to drown Jessica’s whining. He slips on leather gloves and zips down the street, off onto the freeway and towards his sister’s university.

She’s still talking to him, but he can’t hear her. He grins as her shrill voice fades. Despite her shouting and poking his side, he makes the ride to her school as jerky and frightening as possible.

At the university’s fine arts building, he pulls into a tight parking space, removing his helmet. Jessica takes hers off, hair flying from static. She scoffs.

He peers back at his dyed-blonde dunce of a sister. “You need to wear a helmet, Jessica, because I drive fast. Your head could crack open like a watermelon.”

She screws up her face, prepared to yell, but he cuts her off. “I have a job I need to be back for on time. I can run out and pick you up, but you need be ready, Fluffs.”

She attempts to smack him, but he catches her hand. “I wouldn’t if I were you. If you still want rides, keep your hands to yourself. You can do your makeup and hair at school too.”

Jessica hops off the motor cycle, placing her hand on his shoulder, digging her almond pointed fingernails into the base of his neck. Jordan swears as she balances on her stilettos.

“Don’t call me Fluffs, *sshole. I hate that nickname.”

“I’ll call you what I want. Fluff is all your heads made out of and why you’re getting a BA in Fine Arts, not a useful degree.” He throws his sister’s Kate Spade at her.

Surprising him, she catches it. “I’m an artist. Stop being such a prick, Jordan. It’s what I’m good at. My brain has more creative juice than yours will ever have.”

She pushes him hard, and his motorcycle tips. He catches it. “Grow up, Fluffs.”

It wouldn’t surprise him if she fell over and cracked her skull from wearing those whore-red stilettos. Shaking his head, Jordan speeds to work.

His divorce was through, and he needed to find a new place. Jordan was tired of dealing with Jessica. Like his ex-wife, she was a spoiled princess.

©Mandibelle16. (2018) All Rights Reserved.

13 thoughts on “Fiction: As Siblings Do #amwriting #fiction #shortstory”

      1. All good Mandi. No, have not started another one. Waiting for work permit, will take up some work from home jobs afterwards since the younger one will start school after a year.😀

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      2. I don’t think I wrote kids book, maybe I was sharing someone else’s? I would love to write one one of these days. Actually the illustrations really appeal to me. They make the books with the writing and yours were really excellent at that. I’m doing a 6 month fiction and writing course. 2 months almost done, and I’m trying to stay ahead. I’m not though, I’m a week behind, there are assignments every day and your work had to be pretty polished; that sometimes takes me more time. The next 4 months is on novel writing. I’ve done one as you know that’s still in draft form as I learn more and more. But I’m going to go back and edit it down after the course. I’ve learned so much, more than any past writing course for creative. I’m either going to start book 2 in this series or if you’ve read my fiction on Red and the Wolff (a fairytale adaptation for adults) I’m going to continue on that and build a story. Not sure which one yet. Lol. Are you doing the A to Z Challenge Nano or NaPoWriMo (poetry) in April? Also, I do freelance. I proofread and edit and also write in university courses mostly. So, example essays, articles for profs that aid their lectures, editing for students and proofreading. Also, some creative writing for different clients such as magazine type articles and poetry. I’ve also done some beauty and skincare blogging. The stuff on Botox and facial fillers was really interesting. Also I do reviews, edit poetry chapbooks or just share my thoughts as a Beta, and even proofread edit personal books, usually by people I know better. That keeps me busy. I can only do so much, so it’s part time. Btw that, the course, my blog and interviews, my music challenge every second week on MLMM, appointments/errands, the Go Dog Go Cafe, and trying to submit a poem here & there to spill words and other sites, I’m crazy busy. Sometimes I Just take a break from e/t to plan and relax or it’s too much.
        How about u? What kind of volunteer do you want to do? It sounds fun. I’d love to read with kids, that’s always fun and it helps them.

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      3. Oh, I thought Moobala Schmoobala was yours. Wow Mandi, you are managing so much. Great going! With your talent and expertise, I am sure we are going to read some great book soon. As for me, I am looking something to start and rebuild again. I have been away from everything for 8 yrs now. Your advice is good. I will look to volunteer in a local library. Keep writing and smiling Mandi!

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      4. Thanks you too. A Library or nearby elementary school would be good too. Someday we’ll do a book, it’s a lot of work and for me that’s an issue with my health. But one keeps going, doing whatever they can. You’re welcome. I like talking with you 🙂 Best of luck!


    1. Thanks Mihran. I don’t know that this one was very deep. Just full of emotion from the male perspective. Done development at the end, where you learn about Jordan’s Divorce and his wife, affecting how he perceives his sister. I’m glad you liked! I appreciate all your comments!


  1. I continue really to enjoy your narrative and especially your dialogue. You reveal so much of your characters simply in the words they say. That you write for them to say. It’s fun to read this take on siblings. I have several, so this is always an important dynamic for me. Thanks! Hope winter is winding up for you (especially if that’s the way you want it). Actually, the equinox happened at 12:15 today, here. So Happy Spring!

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    1. Happy Spring Christopher. Have you had your surgery yet? Are you feeling okay? I’m glad you like my writing. I’m in a course right now. It’s helped a great deal. I think I mentioned in. I’ve learned a lot in showing. Vs telling the reader what to feel. So dialogue and characters actions can say a lot about a character without having to add many or any, adverbs and few adjectives. But I do like dialogue a lot for ‘showing’ and I’m glad you get a lot from the siblings speech. Of course the sibling dynamic is something important,especially, if you have quiet a few. I have 2 brothers and a bit of Jordan’s behaviour is like my one brother when he’s agitated and mad lol.
      Thanks again and praying as always. Enjoy your week 🙂


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